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Double Trouble

Earn a total of 250 Double Kill medals in matchmade games.

Double Trouble-1.4
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Achievement Guide for Double Trouble

  • ParadoxReal8ParadoxReal8692,610
    15 Jul 2017 15 Jul 2017
    8 0 0
    I just got this one and Killing spree while playing griffball Playlist and I really recommend it.
    Based on my experience, that method is even better than boosting it in session for those 2 specifics achievements.

    Just try to get to the other side while moving not in front of you, but pushing on one side of the stick and always looking at the center of the map. That way, you'll see everyone and notice if someone come at you.

    Once on the opposite side, just spawn there and hit player who spawn in front of you with your hammer. Sometimes, you can even find non playing guest who won't move, which will make things incredibly easy to get kills quite fast.

    There is still a lot of people paying it depending of the time of the day, so you shouldn't have much problem to find a game.
  • Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity317,667
    24 Feb 2019 07 Dec 2019 16 Dec 2019
    5 0 4
    The new best method to earn this achievement is by playing Firefight Arcade matchmaking on Halo: Reach.

    This pits you and 3 other players against 15 waves + 1 bonus wave of covenant NPCs on Normal difficulty. All medals you earn count towards matchmaking medals. You will be earning around 50+ double kill medals easily through these games. You can also boost headshot, assists, legendary (killionaire), and other medal achievements this way as well.
  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck407,876
    02 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017 16 Jul 2017
    3 0 0
    A good way of racking up Double kills is to play Infection (Living Dead).

    Depending on which Halo game the lobby chooses. Halo 2 and 3 is the easiest for getting double kills, since the pistol on 2 and 3 is OP and can 1 shot zombies if you aim for the head.

    Good maps to play for getting loads of Double Kills are as follows....

    Halo 2

    Cadre - You'll want to camp on the beach with duel wield pistols and a shotgun, there pistol ammo near the grav lift on the right side of the beach.
    External image

    Zenith - You'll want to camp near the edge of the map where the Banshee spawns in slayer. The zombies can only come from in front of you and up the stairs on the left. There's pistol ammo at the bottom of the stairs.

    Stone Town - Good spots to go are in the beach area, it's wide open with not lots of places the zombies can hide to try and pounce you. Also near the beach you can get on top of where the sniper spawns in regular slayer. Just jump onto the pillars and jump across the platform and the zombies have to jump up the same way you did.

    Halo 3
    Snowbound - Camp near the plasma turrets on the right side of the map out in the open. When you run out of ammo walk outside the map to get killed by the turrets to respawn with full ammo.
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    The Pit - As you spawn turn right and grab the turret then go to where the active camo spawns and camp there with the turret. There will be huge boxes behind you so it will take the zombies ages to break through from behind.

    Isolation - You'll want to grab the mini turret on your right from spawn then jump down into the area where all the fusion coils are.

    Ghost Town - As you spawn you'll want to keep heading forward until you get to a ramp that leads to a small platform. There's a fusion coil on it that you can move to the bottom of the ramp to get a Double kill or two.

    High Ground - You'll want to camp where the Mongoose spawns in regular slayer, inside the base and on top of the anti air missile turret. There will be lots of boxes and fusion coils in the main entrance. Use this to your advantage and wait for zombies to go near it before blowing it up.

    Last Resort - Exactly the same map as Stone Town from Halo 2. Camp near the beach area and on top of the tall stone pillar near on the beach.

    Longshore - You'll want to camp inside the building near where the Long Shore skull spawns. The building will be shut so you'll want to jump on the ledge and crouch jump to get inside the room. Once inside the zombies can only get in through the window. This will be harder for the zombies since they jump higher.

    Rat's Nest - You'll want to camp outside on the cliff edge in the open. There's Fusion coils nearby for you to abuse on the infected.

    Standoff - You'll want to grab the mini turret on the side of the map where the edge of the cliff is behind you. The turret will be on a mounted platform. Once you have the turret camp in the open as the zombies can't take cover and mow them down.

    Overall this achievement isn't that bad if you're decent at Halo. I played infection loads on Halo 3 (Xbox 360) and on Halo Reach so hoping that my experience of playing this, will help other people.

    If you think I could add anything else then let me know. Also If you're going to - vote then please comment so I can improve this.
  • LiquidDeath911LiquidDeath911128,905
    20 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
    1 0 0
    *Best Method as of July 2019*

    This solution will net you multiple achievements and is the easiest and quickest method that I found. Some of the other solutions either don't work anymore or are not as fast since some of the Playlist Updates in MCC.

    This is a boosting method

    For best results, have 2 people with 4 controllers each.
    Go to the "Social Games" area in Multiplayer and select these options:
    Halo 2 Anniversary, Grifball
    That's it. Just those two.

    Now time your search with your partner and it should be pretty easy to connect with each other.

    So here are the achievements that you can get:
    Party Pooper - Get a killing spree and have your partner kill you, easy peasy (and vice versa)

    Domination - You can get Killionaires very easily, both people can farm each others spawn areas (and you don't have to pause after a killionaire, just keep killing).

    Spree Master - Killing Sprees (self explanatory)

    Double Trouble - Double Kills (self explanatory)

    Best Method Tips
    If you need the Domination achievement then just go for killionaires and don't worry about double kills. You will get at least 100 double kills, and then while going for Party Pooper (if you use my method on that achievement) you will get the other 150 double kills easy.

    If you only need this achievement somehow, then just farm your partner's dummy players and get a double kill, wait a few seconds, then get another double kill, wait, etc. Rinse and Repeat.

    *NOTE* Me and my partner made our characters look like elites so that it was easy to distinguish which players were the dummy accounts.
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