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Spree Master

Earn a total of 100 Killing Spree medals in matchmade games.

Spree Master0
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  • Serious X DevilSerious X Devil1,020,913
    13 Jul 2015 26 Jun 2015
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    Easy to achieve,
    A Killing Spree Medal is earned in any game mode in multplayer matchmaking when you achieve five kills in a row without a single death, Do this another 100 times and the achievement is yours.

    For the average Halo player this will not be a problem to them however if you are struggling to get spree medals, I would advise you vote against slayer game modes where the opposing team will seek you out for points to win the match and move onto objective game modes, Therefore the attention will not be on you most of the time but on the actual objective within the map itself.

    For example in King of the hill game modes stay out of sight and kill players on the other team trying to take points from the hill from a long distance, therefore racking up kills fast without being seen.

    Earn 100 times and the achievement will unlock in game, Killing sprees medals can be earned on all versions of the multiplayer 1,2,2A,3 and 4. Good luck!
  • Poopdog M60RiotPoopdog M60Riot337,427
    21 Feb 2019 21 Feb 2019 26 Feb 2019
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    For anyone who’s not the best at shooting I’ve come up with an alternative way of getting this pretty easily. You will want to play Griffball on Halo 3. This will take some time to master the nuances of timing but can become a fun way to attain this. I typically ignore the ball and just go for kills. The interesting thing about this game mode is that if the bomb gets armed and you are nearby you will get kills for nothing. Many times I’ve gotten double kills, killjoys, killing sprees and even exterminations just for being in the vicinity of the explosion. Take advantage of enemy afk players for even more kills and this will come in time. While going for sprees you typically will gain a lot of progress for Double kills and only moderate progress on the other medals I mentioned.

    Just a note Griffball on Halo 4 will not cause an explosion after arming a bomb. Also just to be clear, think of the bomb explosion medals as a bonus and not the main way of obtaining them.

    Here’s a clip showing you what I mean about being near the bomb and getting free medals.
  • LiquidDeath911LiquidDeath911124,238
    18 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
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    *Best Method as of July 2019*

    This solution will net you multiple achievements and is the easiest and quickest method that I found. Some of the other solutions either don't work anymore or are not as fast since some of the Playlist Updates in MCC.

    This is a boosting method

    For best results, have 2 people with 4 controllers each.
    Go to the "Social Games" area in Multiplayer and select these options:
    Halo 2 Anniversary, Grifball
    That's it. Just those two.

    Now time your search with your partner and it should be pretty easy to connect with each other.

    So here are the achievements that you can get:
    Party Pooper - Get a killing spree and have your partner kill you, easy peasy (and vice versa)

    Domination - You can get Killionaires very easily, both people can farm each others spawn areas (and you don't have to pause after a killionaire, just keep killing).

    Spree Master - Killing Sprees (self explanatory)

    Double Trouble - Double Kills (self explanatory)

    Best Method Tips
    Just run across to the other side of the map and start spawn killing the dummy players. I can't remember how high the streak goes, it might cap at 40 of 50. So every once in a while you might have your partner kill you and you kill your partner.

    *NOTE* Me and my partner made our characters look like elites so that it was easy to distinguish which players were the dummy accounts.
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