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Title Update 2

Catch This achievement in Halo MCC

Catch This

Earn a total of 500 Grenade Kill or Plasma Kill medals in matchmade games.

Catch This-0.2
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How to unlock the Catch This achievement

  • ZleekZleek
    21 May 2015 21 May 2015 07 Apr 2017
    Edit: There is no longer a Rumble Pit playlist, but these rules and general strategy still apply. The playlist doesn't really matter, although the principal of more enemies means more kills still applies.

    There's a number of ways to do this, and it also depends on how you go about getting these multiplayer achievements.

    If you want to boost:

    Use the methods in other solutions to get in a game with a boosting lobby. I'd recommend boosting Executions by tossing a few nades in a group of 4, pick up nades from the fresh bodies, and repeat. If everything goes well you'll have around 400 kills once you hit the 100 legendary medals. Simply boost a bit more to mop up.

    Natural play:

    Figure out how much health you need to throw a nade at someone to kill them. Even a singular perfectly placed grenade can kill a full shield enemy. I'd recommend popping someone at least twice with a BR, Pistol, etc, depending on the game and throwing nades trying to depict their path.

    Otherwise, use something called prenading, where you toss nades in popular areas or around corners to at least lower enemy shields.

    As always plasmas are your friend as a well aimed throw ends in a stick and guaranteed kill. Also take any advantage in finding an AFK player to kill them for an easy kill.

    Lastly, I'd recommend you play Rumble pit. 8 players means lots of grenades from bodies, lots of duels leaving weak players for your picking, and in general more enemies means more targets means more kills. Personally Halo 1 Rumble pit finds me the most success. Simply pop an enemy 1-2 times with a pistol and place a frag near him. Or just stick him. Thankfully you get 4 plasmas in Halo 1 and 2 so you have extra ammo to toss around.

    Any feedback or questions let me know. This is a pretty straight forward achievement, just thought I'd add a guide for anyone looking for extra tips. Thanks for reading guys!

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    ZachVZachVGamertag is ZachVZachV

    Looking to boost matchmade achievements - Domination, Party pooper, Roadkill rampage, Environment kills etc. Have 4 controllers. Send msg on XBL if interested.
    Posted by ZachVZachV On 04 May 22 at 14:25
    JerakkoLooking to boost matchmade achievements. Add GT Jerakko
    Posted by Jerakko On 17 Apr at 07:01
    GalgaldrLooking for 4 more players/controllers to boost the matchmade achievements. We are 2 already with 2 controllers each.
    Posted by Galgaldr On 24 Apr at 00:38
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  • Spay001Spay001
    17 Dec 2015 18 Dec 2015 18 Dec 2015
    Just a little information aboutgrenade kills on H2 Classic and Halo 3:

    While going for the 250 Killjoys achievement, we noticed that in Halo 2 Classic (not on the anniversary maps) we didn't get credited a grenade kill if we stuck a plasma grenade on someone. However if you throw a plasma or frag grenade just near them in a way that it kills them but without stucking them, that kill will count towards the achievement.

    On Halo 2 Anniversary maps you can kill with grenade by stucking your enemies or just throwing 'nades near them, it doesn't matter.

    Any grenade kill doesn't seem to count on Halo 3.
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    Manb3arSquirrelSame. Thank you.
    Posted by Manb3arSquirrel On 20 Jul 17 at 01:40
    What about Halo 4 ?
    Posted on 09 Oct 19 at 13:20
    ronnie42Also don't count to Halo Reach either.
    Posted by ronnie42 On 10 Sep 20 at 17:47
  • theEtrain75theEtrain75
    08 Mar 2021 09 Jun 2016
    Just some information for this, if you can find the game type select, Halo 2 gold rush, if no-one plays the objective you can stay in the game indefinitely
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