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Party Pooper achievement in Halo MCC

Party Pooper

Earn a total of 250 Killjoy medals in matchmade games.

Party Pooper0
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How to unlock the Party Pooper achievement

    17 Jan 2015 17 Jan 2015 29 Dec 2017
    Here's the way we did it.
    -Two players 3 controllers each
    -Halo CE playlist ( Join the game by searching at the same time or any other strategy out there that helps you connect to each other.
    -Game type to choose Classic CTF (20min games)
    - Maps: The number of killjoys varies for each map do to the length for example; The map Hang 'em High you would get 12-15 killjoys each player, Derelict 17-19 killjoys each player
    Taking turns go to the opposing teams flag and kill all of them. When spawned, kill the two dummy players and verify you have the killing spree. Give the signal to your opponent to kill you and he will be going to your spawn.

    On the way to your flag you should have spawned and your opponent will have all ready have one kill. He will get the triple kill making the count 4. Once the spawned he will kill a dummy and signal you that he has the spree. You will kill him and repeat the process heading over to his base.

    -You will get the Killing Spree achievement doing this method.
    -You can get a lot of Double Kill medals doing this method.
    -If one person gets the achievement, have that player just do all the killing sprees. Keep in mind that you can move the dummies accounts to the opposing player's flag for sprees to make the most of the time.
    - Thanks to BarriedU for making this method efficient and helping me get the achievement.

    EDIT: The max players has changed for Halo CE. It is only 2v2 now.

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    GalgaldrLooking for 4 more players/controllers to boost the matchmade achievements. We are 2 already with 2 controllers each.
    Posted by Galgaldr On 24 Apr at 00:38
    Sock of CoalGT : Sock of Coal, I have three controllers and looking to boost
    Posted by Sock of Coal On 14 Jun at 04:03
    LostFlametigerI need to boost this achievement as well I have 3 controllers but at this point im down to do 1v1 and grind it out. my GT is LostFlametiger. Shoot me a message whenever
    Posted by LostFlametiger On 14 Jul at 23:39
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  • RadZakpakRadZakpak
    20 Jan 2020 20 Jan 2020 20 Jan 2020
    There is a new method for people that don't have extra controllers and don't have boosting partners, where you can get 2 killjoys in under 10 minutes.

    Now in social matchmaking you can choose a 1v1 mode for any games. Just select 1v1 Slayer and whatever games you are most comfortable with (I chose CE). Then search and let the random player kill you 5 times, kill them, let them kill you 5 times, kill them, then let them kill you until they have 15 kills, and the game ends. Rinse and repeat. This may also be a good boosting method if you only have one partner and no extra controllers. Games are quick and so are search times. I went from 79% to 90% in a little under two hours doing this.

    Hope this helps, and this playlist sticks around.
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    TarvuThis is the best method for people on PC.

    I've been using Reach for it, partially because I think it is the least popular.
    Posted by Tarvu On 27 May 20 at 10:16
    Fristi61Using this method on xbox, so far I've only managed to get into 100+ ping lobbies after a 10 minute search time, against extremely proficient players that immediately use the cheesiest strategies possible to make sure that you can't even get a single kill.

    Maybe it's that I'm on xbox, or maybe the playlist deteriorated in popularity since this guide was posted, but until they start dishing out achievements for going 0-15 every match, this doesn't seem to be a very good method.
    Posted by Fristi61 On 29 Sep 20 at 08:19
    bvrgvndyIt was an especially hard grind because I’m playing from Australia. Being up against american lag and some high skill players. But I got there eventually 7mins per game 2 kill joys each. Knocked out my last 85 over the last two days! Actually a great solution!
    Posted by bvrgvndy On 07 Dec 20 at 01:50
  • jackster and dhjackster and dh
    12 May 2015 13 May 2015 14 May 2015
    This achievement requires you do get 250 killjoy medals in matchmade games. Killjoy medals are obtained when you end an opponent's killing spree (5 kills or more). This achievement used to be quite simple with a glitch explained in Spoof Ex's guide, but unfortunately, the April 21st update fixed this glitch.

    Extra Information

    My guide will center around two people boosting with four controllers. Boosting with eight people is just too inefficient. Gamestop offers a weeklong return plan for used items. This allows you to purchase three other controllers, finish multiplayer achievements, and return them for a full refund.

    I would highly recommend completing every other matchmade achievement before focusing all your efforts on this one achievement. However, while getting all the other matchmade achievements, get killjoys whenever possible. For example, when you and your partner are focusing on Domination (Earn a total of 100 Legendary medals in matchmade games), get a killjoy for every two exterminations your partner gets. Basically, just try to kill your partner when he's up to a killing spree.

    Guide (Setup)

    Both you and your partner are going to be searching in the Team Hardcore playlist. Start searching at the exact same time. If the game says "Players Found" and "Connecting Session" at the same time, you know you've been matched up with each other. Back out immediately if not.

    The map you will want is Midship on CTF or Assault. There are only five maps in the playlist, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it.

    At the one minute mark, have one dummy take the flag/bomb and stand up at the top at sword. Standing up at sword allows for less confusion. If someone is holding on to the objective, the game will never end.

    Guide (Grinding)

    In a condensed form, you and your partner will be running around with a guest, getting a killing spree, and dying by the hands of your main account. It's inefficient to earn killing sprees with your main account. Other than that, its mostly tips to save time. Make sure to have the other team hold the flag/bomb when you're getting too far ahead. This will balance things out.

    Communication is the most important part of getting killing sprees. When a guest spawns in, make sure to call out the location. Feel free to make your own callouts. The callouts I used were:
    Top (initial spawn - top part of base)
    Bottom (bottom part of base)
    Pink (pink part of the map off to the side)
    Pink Top (above Pink)
    Silver (opposite from pink, domish, and slightly silver)
    Silver Top (above Silver)
    Outside (outside part of base, close to middle)

    When a guest gets a killing spree, put them down in the middle by shotgun or in front of your partner's main account, and call it out so your partner can get a killjoy.

    Other than that, its mostly practice. Expect the first few to take longer than others, but you will develop a rhythm. If any of this didn't make sense, please leave a comment. I try to be fast to reply. Credit to Mutantkilla for being my partner for this achievement and helping to create this method. Both Mutantkilla and I managed to get this done in around 3.5 hours of boosting, granted we both had about 30% of it done from the other achievements.
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    UnInfamousGhostCheers on the Midship playing Assault or CTF call out. This saved me a lot of time wasting searching and getting idle banned playing on my own with eight controllers on two boxes!

    I would also notate that the playlist has since been updated to include Halo 3 maps, and the Heretic variant of Midship will end the game after going into a 1:00 additional sudden death with CTF.
    Posted by UnInfamousGhost On 20 Apr 17 at 05:33
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