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Planting A Flag achievement in Halo MCC

Planting A Flag

Earn a total of 250 CTF Mode Specific medals in matchmade games.

Planting A Flag0
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How to unlock the Planting A Flag achievement

  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite
    09 Jan 2015 10 Jan 2015 08 Mar 2022

    So, how do you get it in two minutes? It's very simple...

    First, you want a group of at least four people, a maximum of six, including yourself, and all of you need to be in a party and be able to communicate with each other.

    You need to designate one player as 'The countdown guy'.

    All players need to go to 'Find Game' in multiplayer, and highlight the Halo: CE playlist, but do not select it yet.

    The countdown guy needs to do a small countdown of "3, 2, 1, NOW." When the countdown guy says "NOW", everyone needs to press cn_A to search the Halo: CE playlist. It is EXTREMELY important that EVERY player searches at EXACTLY the same second, as this will increase the chances of you being matched up considerably.

    Luckily, Halo: CE has a maximum of 6 players, and a minimum of 4, which is perfect for what we're trying to do.

    In the party, when you're searching, you want to call out the searching lobby's status changes, e.g. 'Players Found', 'Joining Game', etc. If you're getting the same status as your friends/boosting partners at exactly the same time, it's highly likely you're in the same game.

    When you're mostly together in the Halo: CE matchmaking, choose any CTF game.

    You now want to split into pairs, with a red player and a blue player being in each pair.

    Each pair goes to a different flag.

    You will now need to designate players;
    The person who is the SAME COLOUR as the flag, is the 'flag retriever'.
    The person who is the OPPOSITE COLOUR as the flag, is the 'flag grabber'.

    The 'flag retriever' needs to stand EXACTLY on the flag spawn/'home' point for the flag.
    The 'flag grabber' needs to stand next to the 'flag retriever'.

    You will notice the 'flag grabber' picks up the flag when standing here. Now, face the 'flag retriever', and rapidly press cn_RT* whilst facing the 'flag retriever'.
    *If you do not have RT as your 'flag throw' button on your control scheme, substitute RT with whatever button you have as your 'flag throw' button.

    The 'flag grabber' needs to press his 'flag throw' button as fast as he can and they'll find that they will get multiple 'Flag Taken' medals very quickly. The 'flag retriever' will be getting multiple 'Flag Returned' medals very quickly. Keep doing this until the achievement pops in game.

    It's THAT easy.

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    ZachVZachVGamertag is ZachVZachV

    Looking to boost matchmade achievements - Domination, Party pooper, Roadkill rampage, Environment kills etc. Have 4 controllers. Send msg on XBL if interested.
    Posted by ZachVZachV On 01 May 22 at 05:39
    MORBSTAOk mate yeah I will
    Posted by MORBSTA On 03 May 22 at 20:46
    JerakkoLF people to boost this with who are on Xbox. Im on PC so if you have multiplayer controllers you can use that would be great. Add me. GT is Jerakko
    Posted by Jerakko On 17 Apr at 06:27
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  • MehticulousMehticulous
    05 Jul 2017 06 Jul 2017 24 Apr 2019
    April 24th 2019 - EDIT: 343 keep updating/changing the playlists, which means I have to keep updating this solution to point to the correct playlist to get this in. Originally you could get this in Halo 4 ranked, but Halo 4 doesn't have a ranked playlist anymore so the best way to get this is in social matchmaking now.

    As of 15/04/2019, if you want to do this the legit way rather than boost for it, go into the custom games browser under social games, choose the game as Halo 4 (be sure to deselect all the other titles), and select the game type as CTF. This will make every game a Halo 4 game on CTF (so it's actually much easier to get this achievement now than it was before the update that included the custom games browser).

    In Halo 4, you get flag medals far easier than you do in Halo 1-3, as there are additional flag medals that don't exist in the older games such as "Flag Defender" and "Flag Assist." This means you can get flag medals just for killing enemies whilst standing near your flag, as opposed to having to actually capture the enemy's flag, or kill a flag carrier.

    Once you're in a Halo 4 CTF game, just stand near your flag and kill anyone who comes near it. You will rack up flag defended medals like this, and some flag assists as well when your teammates capture the flag, which all count towards your progress on this achievement. If you get CTF on Monolith, you can beam rifle people from across the map who are nowhere near your flag, yet because you killed them whilst standing near your flag, you'll still get flag defence medals.

    This is by far the easiest way to work on this achievement if you're doing this alone and not boosting. I averaged around 18-25 flag medals per game, but if you totally dominate a game, you could get as much as 40 flag medals like this. The higher your skill, the faster this achievement will go. Poor players can expect around 10 flag medals per game doing this, which means even someone bad at the game can expect to get this in around 25 CTF games of Halo 4. Good luck!
    01 May 2021 01 May 2021 01 May 2021
    I've been overthinking the non-boost way to do this for days.

    Best way I found to do this is 4v4 Halo: CE. Sneak to the enemy flag (CE has no radar) and grab it then immediately throw it wherever the enemies are and hide near the flag spawn. Once they recover it, pick it up from spawn and throw it at them again. You get a medal every time you pick it up and CE has instant flag return. I would get like 12+ a game depending on the enemy team's skill and map. Works best on maps with hiding spots like hang 'em high or wizard. Bonus points for killing an afk with it first
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    CaranthialWorks like a charm! Appreciate it tho
    Posted by Caranthial On 15 Dec 21 at 01:45
    invader134This worked amazingly
    Posted by invader134 On 27 Jan at 08:13
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