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Roadkill Rampage

Halo 2A MP: In Anniversary matchmaking, earn a total of 100 Splatter medals.

Roadkill Rampage0
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  • YoDzYoDz494,090
    20 Sep 2015 10 Oct 2015 14 Oct 2015
    30 1 5
    Legit method: This must be done on a Halo 2 Anniversary map, a splatter is when you kill a enemy with direct impact from a vehicle, they are simple and fun to get. The only maps with vehicles are Remnant(ghost,warthog,gungoose), Bloodline(hornet,ghost,banshee,warthog,gungoose), Stonetown(ghost,warthog,gungoose) and Zenith(only 1 banshee), going about this legit will take time, but can be done in a week if you are lucky. try doing this with warthog with a team mate on the turrent, you will be a heavy force and have a good chance of splattering your enemy, the hornent works wonders if you slam on the enemy from the air, most dont expect it. if you are looking for the quick way keep reading....

    best boosting method is to get two teams of 4 search in H2A playlist, the ideal game mode is 1Flag CTF on Remnant, why you ask? well as long as at least 1 player from either team is holding the flag the game can go for hours, so long as the flag never leaves a players hand for more than 5 seconds, any longer and the game will end. you will have more than enough time to get the kills you need. as far as i know this method only works in H2A, Not HCS or H2 Classic. in my boosting session we got all 8 of us this achievement in 2 ½ hours. just take turns, we made it so each player from blue team each got 4 splatters then red team does the same then blue then red....you get the idea, and when 1 players unlocks it have him just die for the others who have not, that way when only 2 players left need it they can unlock it faster. you can use this method with a wide range of MP achievements(killjoys, grenade kills and so on)
  • oO Link X007 OooO Link X007 Oo252,132 252,132 GamerScore
    27 Jan 2015
    36 21 10
    Just a heads up for every one going for this achievement. You do not have to use vehicles for this. You can also get splatter kills from the falling ice on Lockdown.

    However, it is not always accurate as in each kill will not give you a splatter, but it can be time saving to combined the two achievements.
  • Bluehedgehog92Bluehedgehog92311,821
    04 Jun 2015 03 Jun 2015 04 Jun 2015
    13 3 3
    With the most recent updates (title 3 and odst) you may have noticed some changes to the multiplayer playlists. I thought when I finally rounded up enough controllers I was going to be able to get my splatters in h2A champion playlist but thanks to ranking and making the the best playlists for this achievement unplayable with guests I felt screwed. Thankfully there is another way I and xinsanextwitchx found today.

    First find a friend preferably the same or close level in H2A Team anniversary (shouldn't be much of a problem thanks to the rank resets.. joy)
    Next set each other as rivals we noticed better chances of finding each other and most importantly getting on the opposite team. and try to search for each other at the same time in H2A Team anniversary
    Then hope you get a map with vehicles and objective game type though slayer works as well. Our best map has been remnant on 1 flag and 1 bomb we took turns splattering each other each round. Our best game ended with a total of 29 splatters between us.

    That's about it best of luck.

    EDIT: We finished the splatters tonight so two days work. An interesting thing to note is if you and your friend get matched up and you got bad maps or same team one person can press the home button, highlight halo mcc, press the "start" button and choose quit. This will cause that player to close halo mcc and be on the dashboard, and the rest of the players will go back to searching which allows you to press B before the 8th player is found. This must be done before the countdown finishes.
  • RodrigosteelersRodrigosteelers215,616
    02 Oct 2018 02 Oct 2018
    6 1 0
    With the most recent update, there's only one H2A specific playlist: Team Arena. Which sucks since only three maps have vehicles.

    1 Banshee on Zenith
    2 Ghosts, 2 Warthogs, 2 Mongooses on Stonetown
    1 Ghost, 1 Warthog, 1 Mongoose on Remnant

    You'll only get those maps 50% of the time and you'll more likely to be targeted in a vehicle since its 4x4.

    I got this achievement by playing Big Team Battle. Out of 36 maps, there's only 3 H2A maps.

    2 Hornets, 2 Warthogs, 2 Ghosts, 2 Mongooses on Bloodline
    2 Ghosts, 2 Warthogs, 2 Mongooses on Stonetown
    1 Ghost, 1 Warthog, 1 Mongoose on Remnant

    While maps might show up less often, I found it way more consistent to get splatter kills in Big Team Battle since there's more players to divert attention away from you. Especially on Bloodline, I would get around 5-15 splatters a game compared to 1-3 on Team Arena.

    Your main splatter machine will be the ghost. I would usually hang back and wait for the best opportunities to charge in, try to circle around them and splatter them from behind, or wait for teammates to keep them busy. You really want to avoid being too aggressive so you don't get shot at from all angles. You'd be surprised how easy you can get shot out. If you're one-on-one with a player, fake like you're going to boost towards them and wait for them to jump and catch them on the way down.

    The hornet on Bloodline was also a decent way to get splatters as well if no ghosts were available. The hornet is big so its hard to avoid but beware that getting hijacked is also likely to happen.

    Of course, use the Warthog if no ghosts are available. More difficult to splatter since you don't have a boost, but you could still catch unsuspecting players.

    The Mongoose is not very good and should be your last resort. Your best option though, is to wait for another ghost to spawn.
  • Delta4907Delta4907247,859
    03 Feb 2019 16 Mar 2019 21 Mar 2019
    3 0 0
    With the match composer being added to the game this achievement is a little easier to obtain, just takes a little bit.

    I got it this achievement playing H2A Big Team Battle (8v8 player count). Bloodline and Remant are your best bets to get this achievement using a Ghost.

    On Bloodline, a ghost will spawn on the right side of the base (when facing towards the center of the map) at each base. On Remnant only one ghost spawns at the defenders side (back of the base) by the shore. Be careful though, the Ghost can be destroyed with single shot to the weak point on it's left side. You'll find yourself getting blown up instantly if a few people are shooting at you, so it's best to catch people by surprise.
  • LiquidDeath911LiquidDeath911124,246
    20 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
    2 0 2
    *Best Method as of July 2019*

    Me and my partner tried for HOURS to get a map/gametype that had a vehicle on it with no luck.
    We found the perfect method.

    This solution will net you multiple achievements and is the easiest and quickest method that I found. Some of the other solutions either don't work anymore or are not as fast since some of the Playlist Updates in MCC.

    This is a boosting method

    For best results, have 2 people with 4 controllers each.
    Go to the "Social Games" area in Multiplayer, have your partner join your party (should be 8 total now) and select these options:
    Halo 2 Anniversary, Slayer, Action Sack.
    That's it. Just those three.
    Also set it to be 8 Player FFA.
    Now start searching and hope for the best (this method still relies on luck).

    If you don't get one of the following maps then you should dashboard and force MCC to quit. Then set back up and try again.

    Here are you options:
    (* = best option)
    Bloodline with Rally* (mongoose)
    Remnant with Rally* (mongoose)
    Stonetown with Rally* (mongoose)
    Zenith - Fiesta (banshee)
    And possibly one of the newer custom maps that have been added (Heatstroke I think).

    If you get Zenith then its pretty self explanatory, have someone grab the banshee and start splattering players. Since it is FFA they can splatter any players, even their own. The non-banshee player should focus on moving their players to the top of the map so that it is easy for the banshee to splatter them. You can either trade at half the kills, or have one player get splatters per game.

    If you get a map with the Rally gametype then you are in luck! This may not seem "easy" but once you get the hang of it, it should only take 2 or 3 Rally games to get this achievement.

    So in Rally you can get off of your mongoose (it is random what side of the mongoose you get off of), but it will automatically force you to get back on after 6ish seconds and the respawn timer is like 2ish seconds. So what you want to do is pick *ONE* of your dummy players and have them get off of their mongoose so that you know which player you are controlling. Now take you main player and line up your mongoose either in front or behind them, BUT make sure you are backed up a little bit so that you can gain speed. Now make that same dummy player get off the mongoose and then drive and splatter them.
    *PRO TIP*
    You can shoot the player that you are going to splatter and make it easier to splatter them, since they will be damaged. But be careful as it is easy to kill them from shooting them.
  • LordSuprachrisLordSuprachris366,071
    05 Jun 2019 09 Jun 2019
    0 0 0
    We found the easiest boosting method with friends. Forget vehicles and big maps, just find 3 friends and make two teams of 2 players (or 1 friend with 2 controllers if you have two too) and search in Social games, 2v2, H2A, Slayer, hoping to get match to your partner(s).

    There are only 3 maps in this playlist : Warlord, Temple and Lockdown, the one you want to play on. There are 3 ice blocks you can shoot down to make them fall on the enemies. Have both players from the opposite team (called here "the victims") standing right under an ice block and shoot it down. While pieces of ice are falling, the victims must SLIGHTLY move their joystick to position themselves EXACTLY under a piece of ice. If they're killed instantly, 75% of times you'll earn a Splatter medal. If they lose their shield on a first strike and then get killed on a 2nd strike, you'll only get Environmentalist.

    We were able to get 15+ Splatter medals on numerous occasions, unlocking the achievement in a couple of hours for each of the four player.
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