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Roadkill Rampage achievement in Halo MCC

Roadkill Rampage

Halo 2A MP: In Anniversary matchmaking, earn a total of 100 Splatter medals.

Roadkill Rampage0
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How to unlock the Roadkill Rampage achievement

  • YoDzYoDz
    20 Sep 2015 10 Oct 2015 14 Oct 2015
    Legit method: This must be done on a Halo 2 Anniversary map, a splatter is when you kill a enemy with direct impact from a vehicle, they are simple and fun to get. The only maps with vehicles are Remnant(ghost,warthog,gungoose), Bloodline(hornet,ghost,banshee,warthog,gungoose), Stonetown(ghost,warthog,gungoose) and Zenith(only 1 banshee), going about this legit will take time, but can be done in a week if you are lucky. try doing this with warthog with a team mate on the turrent, you will be a heavy force and have a good chance of splattering your enemy, the hornent works wonders if you slam on the enemy from the air, most dont expect it. if you are looking for the quick way keep reading....

    best boosting method is to get two teams of 4 search in H2A playlist, the ideal game mode is 1Flag CTF on Remnant, why you ask? well as long as at least 1 player from either team is holding the flag the game can go for hours, so long as the flag never leaves a players hand for more than 5 seconds, any longer and the game will end. you will have more than enough time to get the kills you need. as far as i know this method only works in H2A, Not HCS or H2 Classic. in my boosting session we got all 8 of us this achievement in 2 ½ hours. just take turns, we made it so each player from blue team each got 4 splatters then red team does the same then blue then get the idea, and when 1 players unlocks it have him just die for the others who have not, that way when only 2 players left need it they can unlock it faster. you can use this method with a wide range of MP achievements(killjoys, grenade kills and so on)

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    Yurgi WinduThis is no longer correct. In H2A the 4v4 (team) playlists do not have any maps that have vehicles besides Zenith which has one banshee and won't be very good for this. The only other H2A 4v4 playlist that has a map with vehicles is Action Sack which has Bloodline but it is 1 of 7 maps and again not a very efficient way to do it if you need to cycle to find that map. The only way to consistently get maps with vehicles is to play 8v8 playlists. Not ideal for boosting since you will need 16 pads but every playlist in 8v8 on H2A has vehicle maps. If you can get 8 players to line up, you basically need to run over all 8, 13 times and it will be done. Think a lot of these MP guides are out of date since playlists have all changed.
    Posted by Yurgi Windu on 16 Feb at 01:45
    i Bright xLmao Yurgi.. I just did this very easily with 8 controllers H2A FFA on Zenith with the Banshee.

    The spawns are easy to learn after 1 game, and it takes less then 3 minutes each game. Took me 4 games by myself to do this.

    You're wrong about the Banshee not being good for this. It's the best for this. Fast, and super easy to get a splatter.

    Simply go slow until you're 2 feet away, boost and they're dead.

    Also, very easy to get the Environmentalist achievement as well with this playlist, especially if you actually have 8 players and not doing it by yourself like me. I've done 2 games on Lockout and I'm already 50% done it.

    Not to mention that you don't have search for each other, you can have 8 players in a FFA pregame lobby to begin with.
    Posted by i Bright x on 23 Feb at 15:23
    LostFlametigerif anyone is looking to boost for this still hmu at Lostflametiger. I am nearly completed only 55 more.
    Posted by LostFlametiger on 14 Mar at 00:15
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  • oO Link X007 OooO Link X007 Oo
    Locked 27 Jan 2015
    Just a heads up for every one going for this achievement. You do not have to use vehicles for this. You can also get splatter kills from the falling ice on Lockdown.

    However, it is not always accurate as in each kill will not give you a splatter, but it can be time saving to combined the two achievements.
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    Yurgi WinduThis is incorrect. Close to 100 environmental medals on Lockdown and not a single Splatter.
    Posted by Yurgi Windu on 16 Feb at 01:49
    SOUZA117No Yurgi this is correct, I myself got this achievement and got a few splatter medals from the falling ice on lockdown. The issue is there has to be a specific condition met which is that the player that the ice is falling on has to jump into the largest chunk of the falling ice at the right time. Had a boosting partner and we consistently got splatter medals this way.
    Posted by SOUZA117 on 05 Mar at 07:38
    DrvnnnYep splatters are definitely obtainable via falling ice. It’s not consistent every time, but if you’re positioned well enough you’ll definitely be able to get a few splatters.
    Posted by Drvnnn on 06 Apr at 03:10
  • Dingus McKahDingus McKah
    14 May 2020 14 May 2020 14 May 2020
    As of May 2020 Update BEST METHOD

    This achievement takes a lot less time than you might think.

    Search 8 player FFA Zone Control Halo 2A. There's only 3 maps in this playlist.
    Lockdown, Zenith and Shrine.

    I did this with 1 other person and 4 controllers each. I promise you this will take about 1-2 games

    Get the Zenith map and grab the banshee. The banshee is located on the left side of the sky bridge
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    Toski2Is anyone willing to boost this with me? Add me "Toski2"
    Posted by Toski2 on 16 Aug 20 at 20:51
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