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Title Update 2

Airborne achievement in Halo MCC


Halo CE: Launch a Warthog for at least 5 seconds and have it splatter an enemy.

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How to unlock the Airborne achievement

    10 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015 07 Aug 2017
    This can be completed solo with a spare controller using a guest account
    (2 controllers 1 xbox using guest) Video Below

    Like the Guides above go to MULTIPLAYER, CUSTOM GAME, DEATH ISLAND
    Set the Vehicle Respawn time to NEVER so your vehicles do not disappear

    Now simple park the Tank on top of the Red Base an make sure the back tracks of the tank are on the raised area.. Now park a Ghost in front of the Tank.. You can also put the Ghost half on the Tank so it makes more of a ramp but it doe not always stay there..

    Put your GUEST ACC below an Drive up the Ghost/Tank in the Warthog so you pop up into the air..
    Then switch controller to your GUEST ACC an stand under the Warthog..
    I got this in less then 15mins an just after the Game Finished!!!

    Here is the Video of my successful attempt right when the game finished!!!

    Different link added: -

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    Kilix061Got it after a couple of tries :-) thx!
    Posted by Kilix061 On 14 Feb 22 at 18:12
    InterracialMaka's guide worked perfectly. Took me 3 attempts, turns out im poo at driving.
    Posted by Interracial On 06 Jul 22 at 00:35
    AlteredScotsmanJust got this first try. Quite suprised this worked that well. laugh
    Posted by AlteredScotsman On 14 Dec 22 at 19:53
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    26 Apr 2015 26 Apr 2015
    Guide with commentary to make this annoying achievement easy!
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    TheDude722Love the intro song. I remember when Jockbox by the Skinny Boys came out. I'm OLD.
    Posted by TheDude722 On 19 Jul 17 at 14:56
    xBrayskiNice, got it on my 3rd or 4th try thanks dude smile
    Posted by xBrayski On 20 Aug 18 at 15:55
    TheSpeedyCreadyThis was the best version on this achievement. Easy setup. Got it first try. But didn't have to mess with grenading myself or whatever lol. Perfect, thank you!
    Posted by TheSpeedyCready On 14 Dec 21 at 08:19
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy
    09 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015 14 Jan 2015
    My group did it just fine on Death Island, thanks to Fear Epidemic's instructions.

    If you're not host you will most likely die if you get a high enough launch before you hit the ground, so it's best to have the person going for the achievement be host.

    Death Island, slayer, no time limit, infinite grenades, rocket launcher starting weapon, friendly fire turned off, banshee spawns turned off. One person drives the hog over the ghost at red base. One throws a grenade right in front of the ghost (timed to launch the hog as it ramps off the ghost), and fires a rocket right under the rear of the hog as he hits the ghost. Player 3 (and any above 3) on the beach below red base to get splattered (they walk under the hog as it falls). If the hog launches end-over-end you've done it proper and just need to tweak your timing if you're not getting the achievement. The hog should land close to, or on, the sandy part of the beach usually if it's a good 5+ second launch.

    The video below shows this method but without the rockets or disabling friendly fire. Those two additions will make it even easier to get the required height. Just make sure the person going for the achievement a) is host and b) splatters the opponent before hitting the ground.
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    luke the bladeI just did this solo with two controllers, and my second controller (the one getting splattered) was signed in as a guest. Its possible to do by lining up a tank with the back part on the slightly higher part of the platform, and the front half on the lower part.

    Then you have to line up the ghost in front of the tank to let you drive over the tank and it will launch you up for just over 5 seconds.
    Posted by luke the blade On 07 Feb 15 at 16:04
    OoGREG0RYoOAnyone still need to do this? Contact me and we can arrange it.
    Posted by OoGREG0RYoO On 16 Mar 15 at 15:31
    DifficuIt DaveI did this solo with two controllers using the tank method worked great splattering a guest acc.
    Posted by DifficuIt Dave On 16 Mar 15 at 22:26
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