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Maximum Overdrive achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

Maximum Overdrive

Destroy 2 tanks by ramming them and survive.

Maximum Overdrive0
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How to unlock the Maximum Overdrive achievement

  • Herps McGirpsHerps McGirps875,186
    22 Mar 2015 16 Jan 2015 30 Mar 2015
    18 4 10
    Realistically any solution at this moment for this godawful achievement would fall flat but looking at the achievement objectively would suggest your best chances to get the achievement without boosting someway is to prepare by getting the following:

    A heavy tank
    Equipping it with a spall liner.
    Get the skill Controlled Impact.

    (optional equipment/skills: Brother in Arms and Improved ventilation. Both increase skills by 5%)

    Do not fret if you do not have Controlled Impact or Brothers in Arms on your tank. Recently, 3/8/15 free gold was awarded to many players. I don't know how or why but everyone I have spoken with received at least 600 gold. For only 10 gold you can swap out learned skills with others at no loss. So say you have a 100% camouflage and 100% repair you can spend 20 gold and replace them with a fully trained Controlled Impact and BiA.

    Ramming damage depends on a myriad of factors but two key factors is tank weight to engine power ratio, meaning they lay down the ramming hurt. The following tanks are the ones that weigh the heaviest but also have decent engines and power for their tiers.

    Tier V: T1 Heavy
    Tier VI: M6
    Tier VII:T29
    Tier IX: E-50
    Tier X: E-50M

    However, any tank that weighs more than the one being crushed can be effective. The Tier V M4 Sherman can easily crush other tanks even though it is a medium. Even a lower tier tank can work. The Tier III BT-7 has incredible speed as a light tank but skilled and equipped like mentioned above it does adequate ramming damage with little self damage. But you'd ideally want to try ramming artillery, or lightly armored Light Tanks, or destroyers.

    The Spall liner is great because it reduces the damage taken when ramming but also being rammed. It also gives a protective health boost to crew members while slightly helping to mitigate HE shell damage.

    One technique is to try and land on top of another tank as yours takes almost no damage and theirs is slowly crushed over time.

    Now all you need is the map, and two saps to let you ram them. But at least you can stack the deck better in your favor.

    *Edit* Apparently since patch 1.9, the map requirement for this achievement has been turned off.

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    KennyannydennyAchievement description is updated and the map requirements are indeed removed smile
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 02 Jul 15 at 19:08
    IcedoveI can confirm T1 Heavy is the way. Had the spall liner, all upgrades, but without controlled impact. And a lot of luck, of course. smile
    Posted by Icedove on 06 Aug 16 at 10:26
    GsO LightI got this with the M2 Light, just shot the opponent until they had little health left and then rammed them, the tank has great mobility and after 2 easy ram kills, just hid somewhere while they captured our base
    Posted by GsO Light on 12 Nov 16 at 21:56
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  • OXYMAN80OXYMAN80321,893
    28 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015
    10 0 0
    These can be achieved on any map now. The 1.9 update opened this to all maps.

    We used tier 1 tanks on the European server and were able to unlock this achievement and "not in my house" for 10 guys in under an hour. We played at midnight PST which is 07:00-09:00 in different parts of Europe. Very easy to boost as we only had 7 people per match. 5 boosters and 2 random on each team.

    When the match starts just stay in your base and allow the randoms to fight it out. Coorindate with the other team on the random peoples locations so they can be destoryed. Once your map is clear than its time to boost. Have two people from each team start the flag capture and the person going for the achievement should shoot them till they're low in health. Once the other tanks are low in health then ram them till they die. Very easy to unlock now. Enjoy!
  • kingrich06kingrich061,718,505
    16 Jan 2015 16 Jan 2015 16 Jan 2015
    11 2 24
    I am in the process of making the guide on how to equip and the tactics involved
    Here are the tanks I used to try and get the cheevo. I found every single one on that list was able to net me 2x ram kills on normal maps, not Steppes/Highway.

    The tank which got lucky and popped the cheevo for me on Highway was the PZ III/IV
    I tested out Mediums, Lights and Heavies and found that each class has its own tactic to ram kill.
    X E50M MT GER
    VII Auf Panther LT GER
    VI M4A3E8 MT USA
    VI M4A3E2 MT USA
    VI MT25 LT RUS
    V M4 MT USA
    V T1 Heavy HT USA
    V KV1 HT RUS
    V T14 HT USA
    V Chaffee LT USA
    IV M5 Stuart LT USA
    Lights and Mediums who are heavyweights but quick and not real good scouts but good flankers are good to chase other Lights/Mediums and Arty.
    Heavies make good rammers if you follow your team and steal kills by ramming them.

    I would suggest having an assortment of tanks which have natural ramming capabilities. Equipment should be Spall Liner, Enhanced Levers( so you don't track yourself while ramming) and Vents.
    Your crew skills should Controlled Impact, Brothers in Arms , Off road driving, Clutch braking, Smooth Ride. Note that you will not be shooting(only shoot at targets to track them or to withen their HP down so you can finish off with a ram) or having to look for targets so you won't need optics/binocs, Follow your team around and basicaally steal the ram kills.
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    kingrich06i think he meant grousers ..something for the tracks lol
    Posted by kingrich06 on 24 Apr 15 at 01:12
    x RepoUK xYeah, I guessed that, just was funny thats all laugh

    I got this today in a T-15, didn't have Spall Liner or Controlled impact. Found two Tier 3 arties at the back of a map, shot the first one twice and then rammed it, killing it. Repeated with the second one. Opfor were pretty much dead by then so it was easy to survive.
    Posted by x RepoUK x on 23 May 15 at 14:07
    GraymawrDo you have to survive the whole match it just survive the two ram kills?
    Posted by Graymawr on 18 Jul 20 at 16:59
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