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Be the first to destroy an enemy in a match on Highway or Steppes.

09 May 2015 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for First!

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    (Said in sarcastic monotone) Wargaming decided they'd do something everybody loves and introduce map-specific achievements to World of Tanks. This achievement is annoying for two very big reasons: you have to be on one of two maps in a game where you have no control over map selection, and you are essentially playing against everyone in the game to kill someone on the enemy team. As the achievement says, you have to be the first to kill an enemy, not the first on your team. Also, you have to kill an enemy and cannot use an artillery to team-kill a tank on your own side.

    Something to note is that certain maps require you to be a certain tier to play on. For example, the Providence map is one of your possible map choices if you're either tier-I or tier-II. After tier-III, you won't ever play on it again. On the other hand, I only started playing El Halluf once I was tier-IV or above. I personally started encountering Highway and Steppes once I hit tier-IV, and I began playing these two maps much more often once I went above tier-V.

    If you're going for 100% completion on this game, you'll have a lot of opportunities to get this achievement, but here are some tips and tricks to tilt the odds in your favor so you can unlock it sooner rather than later. Each type of tank has its own advantages and disadvantages when going for this achievement, and a lot of this will depend on your play-style and some luck. Pick whichever tank your comfortable with and keep at it.

    General tips:
    1.) Be aware of your situation and where your allies are. Even though you don't want your comrades getting the kill before you, you don't want to be alone. The enemy will gang up on you and make your life very unpleasant and very short.
    2.) It's good to "cherry pick." You don't have to deal the most damage, just the important damage, i.e. the killing blow. Wait for your allies to weaken the enemy and only shoot when you're 100% certain your shot is the one that's going to kill it.
    3.) Aim for the weak points on the enemy tanks. For most tanks, that's the sides and the back. German tanks are particularly weak on their underside, where their front armor angles backwards. The hatch on top of the turret, the view port beside the main gun, and the gas tanks at the rear are all good targets. Although powerful, German tanks have a nasty tendency of catching on fire if you hit them in the side, just behind where their turret is, or in the rear, where you see the exhaust pipes. Setting your opponent on fire or hitting their ammo rack is a good way to get you the kill.
    4.) Conversely, keep your own weak points hidden. Before going into battle, hit Y on the controller to see where your own armor is thickest. Keep those areas pointed to the enemy, and try to angle your armor for a better chance to ricochet incoming fire.
    5.) Rushing forward usually means you'll run into the enemy first, which is good. It also means you're the first they run into, which makes this tactic a double-edged sword. You only have to get the first kill, though, so even if you die, if you kill an enemy first, you get the achievement.
    6.) The opposite of #5, waiting back for your enemy to come to you will keep you out of danger and let you wait to get the killing blow by "cherry picking." Wait until you're sure your shot will kill them, then fire away. If one of your team rushes forward, though, you'll probably lose your chance because they kill someone or someone kills them.
    7.) Premium ammo is a good way to penetrate the enemy armor and deal some massive damage. You have to spend gold on it, though, and I personally will hate you and may even make voodoo dolls to punish you for your transgressions.

    1.) Artillery, or self-propelled guns (SPGs), pack a real punch, and with the proper gun they can one-hit enemy tanks. Since your allies are likely to weaken an enemy while you line up your shot, even if the enemy is half health, you're likely to score the kill. The artillery's firepower is the main reason to choose this class.
    2.) Since you'll be in the back, you won't run the risk of getting hit and losing your chance. You can fire with relative impunity since the enemy is less likely to spot you from your hiding spot.
    3.) Unlike regular tanks, an artillery almost never has to worry about their shots ricocheting or not penetrating. Even indirect hits can deal damage, which means landing a shot next to the enemy could potentially track or set them on fire. You also have the advantage of indirect fire, meaning you don't have to worry as much about hills, rocks, and buildings.
    4.) If you're feeling lucky, you can aim at the enemy spawn points at the beginning of the match and hope to hit and kill one. You probably won't be doing anything for the first 20-30 seconds anyway, and you could score the jackpot and kill an enemy without even seeing them. This probably won't happen, but hope springs eternal, right?

    1.) Artillery are just slow tanks in general. They don't move fast and have to get into a good position to protect themselves from enemy scouts. Not only that, they take a while to aim and their shots can take a while to reach the target. Reloading also takes a lot of time, so you won't get many chances to deal the final blow. Still, the sheer amount of damage you can deal in a single hit can make up for their low speed.
    2.) Even with indirect fire, it's pretty easy for enemies to obstruct your shots. Enemies in hiding are something all tanks have to deal with, but you don't have the option to circle around to hit them behind cover. This is more of a problem on Highway than it is on Steppes, though both maps are fairly open, especially in the center.
    3.) Even when their reticule is at its smallest, artillery can be pretty inaccurate. Being centered on a target can still mean you miss entirely. In general, Germans are the most powerful but with the smallest splash and tend to be the least accurate with the longest loading times. In my experience, slowest to fastest by nationality, it's Germans, Russians, French and American (very little difference), then British artillery. In terms of damage, strongest to weakest, it's pretty much a mirror image with Germans being the most powerful, then Russians, American, British, and French. For accuracy, most to least, it's French, American, British, Russian, and German. As for splash damage/radius, it's Americans, Russians, British, French, and then Germans. This is my experience, anyway, so some may disagree. There are also certain artillery that bunk the trend, but this is largely how it goes.

    Light Tanks:
    1.) They're fast, so they're probably the first to run into the enemy. This gives you first dibs on them and can help you get the kill. With their speed, they can even circumvent the enemy and find some of the squishier targets, like other light tanks or enemy artillery.
    2.) The higher maneuverability you get in a light tank lets you flank the enemy and get to their weaker points. Tracking your opponent, especially tank destroyers and artillery, will protect you from counterattack.
    3.) Light tanks have a quick rate of fire and quick reloading times. Even though you might not deal a lot of damage with each individual shot, you can still hit for a lot by the sheer number of shells you're putting out.

    1.) Light tanks, naturally, have lighter armor and less health. You're generally just as likely to die as you are to kill the enemy. You'll be relying a lot on your allies for fire support, and even then, the enemy could still kill you by the time you're ready to shoot.
    2.) Even with their higher rate of fire, light tanks don't have the best of guns. It's not uncommon for their guns to be below-tier. A tier-IV or -V tank might only have a tier-III or even a tier-II gun. Even if you wait for the last sliver of health, your shot might not even penetrate and just ricochet away for no damage. Aiming for the weak points is more important for light tanks than any other class.

    Medium Tanks
    1.) Not as quick as light tanks, they can still go fairly fast. In higher tiers, usually tier-VI and above, it's not uncommon to have no light tanks on either side, making this class the fastest in those matches. With their thicker armor, they stand a straight-up fight or have the health to survive until they find the artillery for an easy kill.
    2.) As I mentioned above, they have much better armor and health than light tanks. Enemy fire, even from other medium tanks, have a decent chance of bouncing away if you keep your weak points hidden.
    3.) Being medium tanks, these guys can have pretty decent guns. A medium tank almost never has to worry about ricocheting off a light tank or artillery. Make sure the reticule is red when you fire.

    1.) Again, not as fast as light tanks, so they probably won't be the first to see the enemy. They'll have a harder time flanking the enemy to get to the weak points or skirting around to get to the artillery.
    2.) Their guns are more powerful but slower. You won't have to wait for the enemy's health to be too low, but you won't always be fast enough if your shot doesn't kill them when it hits.

    Heavy Tanks
    1.) With the thickest armor in the game, it's not uncommon for heavy tanks to get Steel Wall. Enemy fire is more likely to ricochet or deal minimal damage. A heavy tank's survivability is probably its greatest asset.
    2.) Heavy tanks have incredibly strong guns. It's not uncommon for a heavy tank to have an above-tier gun, which will help with dealing damage and penetrating enemy armor. Heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery all have the possibility of dealing one-hit kills.

    1.) These guys are the slowest tanks of all. Chances are you won't be the first to see an enemy. Since you're slower than light and medium tanks and even tank destroyers, you need to make sure you have a commanding view of the map so you can hit from farther away.
    2.) Their guns are slow. At higher tiers, some heavy tanks fire as slow as or slower than artillery. For example, the E-100, a tier-X German tank, can fire three shots per minute, which amounts to a 20-second reload speed. And unlike artillery, heavy tank shots can ricochet. Do not fire unless you're the only one who can hit the enemy or you're sure you'll deal the killing blow.

    Tank Destroyers
    1.) Tank destroyers are basically the snipers of the tank world. They've got good range and powerful guns. Like heavy tanks, they can have above-tier guns. They're also the most accurate of any tank class.
    2.) As a tank destroyer, you'll most likely be in the back, away from the front lines. This means you're less likely to take enemy fire and risk blowing up.
    3.) Additionally, tank destroyers have pretty decent armor, often just below heavy tanks. If attacked from the front, they can be almost invincible from incoming fire.
    4.) Tank destroyers offer more variety with their gun types than any other tank. You can have weaker, faster guns or stronger, slower guns. It's up to you to choose which is best for you.

    1.) As a tank destroyer, you have to position yourself carefully. You don't want rocks, buildings, or hills getting in your way. You can shoot through brick walls and have a pretty good chance of hurting a tank on the other side, but the above obstacles will obstruct your fire and prevent any damage to the enemy. Make sure you've got a wide range of view.
    2.) A lot of tank destroyers have a fixed hull, meaning you'll have to rotate your chassis if an enemy is to either side of you. Doing so greatly decreases your accuracy. This limited field of vision is probably your greatest disadvantage. Having a commander with the Smooth Ride, Clutch Braking, and/or Snap Shot perks will help alleviate this disadvantage.
    3.) Tank destroyers are incredibly vulnerable from the sides and rear. If enemies manage to flank you, you're dead. They'll track you so you can't turn, which compounds the problem with your fixed turret. Clutch Braking for faster vehicle rotation will help, if only a little.
    4.) With stronger guns come longer reload times. If you do opt for stronger guns, you can be just as slow as a heavy tank. In some cases, you'll be even slower.

    That's all you really need to know. From this point on, it's up to you to pick your favorite tank and tier. If you have one, pick a tank commander with perks and skills that match your play style. Don't be afraid to spend silver for equipment and consumables. Repair kits, first aid, and fire extinguishers will increase your longevity. Equipment to give you faster reload and aiming speed will also help, as will toolboxes and other items that give you passive boosts.
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