12-Sided Die achievement in Evolve

12-Sided Die

Reach Elite status on all Hunters

12-Sided Die+2.0
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How to unlock the 12-Sided Die achievement

  • kegonomicskegonomics914,276
    24 May 2015 10 May 2015 29 Jul 2018
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    In addition to all of the other solutions, here are the Mastery milestones and descriptions:

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    Ham Man 89Here is an spreadsheet for anyone who would like it. Some of the requirements have been lowered since this guide was written. It's still a grind though.

    Posted by Ham Man 89 on 01 May 20 at 00:13
    Sina117You can get two Lazarus Device charges during one Personal Cloak if you activate cloak just before the progress bar completes on the first Lazarus Device use AND you have the reloads are 30% faster perk on.
    Posted by Sina117 on 08 Jun 20 at 18:00
    otaku1412A lot of these can be done using Defend to farm tiers for most of the characters and you can use the Kraken or Goliath to get headshots on most of the characters. With defend you know where the monster will be and can use this to your advantage. If you're going at it solo, definitely outfit the remaining team to your advantage (e.g. Abe to slow the monster, Cabot to boost your hits, and Val for healing/slowing the monster).

    With all of the medics, you will want to play Rescue eventually to get your healing tiers done (especially Lazarus). For those tiers that are slower to get done (Revives, Hank's shield, Acceleration field) you should boost with a group to make it faster.
    Posted by otaku1412 on 16 Nov 20 at 16:00
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  • BeatstersBeatsters372,814
    12 Mar 2015 12 Mar 2015
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    This achievement takes a lot of time, and most of the mastery requirements will simply take regular play to unlock, but there are some good strategies for completing certain requirements quicker.

    Headshots: I found Kraken to be the easiest Monster to face when going for headshots. Goliath is also viable, and easier for some characters. Easiest with Abe as the Trapper because his grenades will keep the Monster relatively still.

    Reviving: All reviving requirements can be met with survivors in Rescue. This includes Maggie and all three Medics. When going for these as a Medic, make sure that your Trapper isn't Maggie because Daisy will steal revive opportunities, and when going as Maggie make sure the Medic isn't Laz.

    Distance: Some masteries have a distance requirement (usually 40-60m). Easiest to achieve on the Defend maps with high ground (e.g. Colonial Power and Water). Use waypoints (click the right stick) to judge distance.

    Stage 1 Monster (tier 3 for Griffin, Cabot and Bucket): Set a custom Hunt match on a map that allows the forcefield effect to limit the size of the map. Change the wildlife settings to low so that it takes longer for the Monster to evolve. In Cabot's case, take the reloading perk so that you can use his dust more often.

    Markov/Hyde tier 3 Lightning Gun and Flamethrower: This does not have to be on the Monster; target wildlife and minions.

    Val/Hank tier 3 Medgun and Shield Generator: This is worded kind of poorly. According to the official forums, you need to heal/prevent 100% of a Hunter's full health. It does not need to be all at once, but the count is reset when the Hunter is incapped. Set up a custom Hunt match on any map that allows the toxic clouds effect. Steer your AI allies into the cloud so that they take damage, and then apply the heal/shield. This strategy also works well for Caira's tier 3 healing grenade challenge (heal multiple teammates).
  • Keyser Soze0000Keyser Soze0000592,522
    17 Aug 2015
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    Best way to do a lot of these, especially healing ones etc would be to have 2 people, one hunter and one monster but this guide is for solo only.


    If the mastery DOES NOT say MONSTER then you can damage anything, DEFEND is the best for this with the minions.

    RESTART, if the MONSTER is about to die then RESTART, saves a good few minutes and all you stats count as they happen.

    If you have the RELOAD perks then you should be using that.

    Revives can be done on RESCUE though remember if you need them with DAISY, don't have LAZ and visa versa, ALTHOUGH you can hotswap if somebody gets too close and wait till DAISY gets there and hot swap back. If it says 2 revives in one match then as soon as you get the allotted number restart.

    As mentioned by others, the KRAKEN is best for headshots, specially on DEFEND.

    If its just hit then use the BEHEMOTH (use the the red skin if you have it, it makes it easier to spot).

    Again as others have said make sure you use custom match and unless stated put low creatures and whatever map perk suits you. Also favor HUNTERS.

    If the MASTERY isn't based on feats in 1 match try and focus on 1 thing, it makes the MONSTER last longer which over time equates to a whole less loading.

    If you swap characters you do not seem to get stats for mastery on both, only the character you chose.


    Best way to level up MARKOV is solely in defend. This should not be too hard.

    Best way again is DEFEND. Residual burn will take a bit of time but in DEFEND you get 2 minions every couple of minutes to burn up.

    DEFEND, no surprise.

    RESCUE for anything DAISY related. Tier 3 restart after you get 2 revives.

    GRIFFIN (In Process)
    SOUND SPIKES/GAUSS - DEFEND - With the sound spikes I focused only on sound spikes, hotswap and take down the SHIELD if the monster is highly damaged. GAUSS self explanatory.
    With LEVEL 1 MONSTERS some people say to use maps with FORCE FIELD but I chose BEHEMOTH and CLEAR SKIES. But also spend alot of time on one map and you will learn the layout. If you try and get 2 spots before you trap the monster you can possibly get 5 before you have to restart.

    DEFEND, you can achieve all of ABES easily in DEFEND.


    HANK (in process)
    DEFEND or MAPS with TOXIC CLOUDS for shielding damage. TIER 3 SHIELD has to be cumulative, but if the players becomes incapped it restarts. This will be easier online IMO.

    HUNT - UAV just focus on this. TIER 3 you can hopefully TRAP the MONSTER after the second UAV and then get 3 whilst it is trapped, then you can average 5 a restart. Follow the MONSTER so you are kinda close but not close enough to trap, also as soon as you have UAV fly it straight out and be ready to tag the MONSTER as soon as its untagged. Everything else can be done in hunt, specially TIER 3 as when it levels up you can focus on the damage side, but if your struggling with SENTRY/MISSILE the use DEFEND.

    CABOT(in process)
    DUST TAGGING - TIER 1 change custom settings to have high wildlife. TIER 2 easiest in DEFEND. TIER 3 I used CLEAR SKIES and BEHEMOTH, the BEHEMOTH can get from one side to another quickly so use other MONSTERS if you prefer, BEHEMOTH is just easier to spot.

    DEFEND or maps with TOXIC CLOUDS. TIER 3 HEAL is cumulative, but if target dies then its resets.
    Everything else can be done in DEFEND.

    LAZARUS DEVICE - RESCUE - use hotswap to stop teammates rescuing people. TIER 3 RESTART after 3 saves,
    PERSONAL CLOAK - RESCUE - again hotswap to get better stats, TIER 3 - restart after 3 saves.

    CAIRA (in progress) Most likely best online.
    HEALING GRENADE LAUNCHER -RESCUE /maps with TOXIC CLOUDS. (Hotswap to get better stats)
    NAPALM - DEFEND or whilst doing ACC FIELD in HUNT.
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