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Master Craftsman

Craft all the items available in the game.

Master Craftsman-1.6
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How to unlock the Master Craftsman achievement

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    Master Craftsman Complete List!

    ***I recommend you use this list and make items as you play through the game. As soon as you see something you need to make things, just make it and toss it away if you don't need it! I also recommend you snap the achievements and verify the tracker counts any item you make!***

    Important note: I wasted a huge amount of time trying to make something from the "Dice" and "Speaker" items as they both say they are components. Unfortunately this is incorrect and as far as this achievement is concerned they don't make anything!!!

    Another important note: It seems a few people have been stuck at 98% and have had to re-craft things they have done before to get the achievement to pop. To save you some trouble I would suggest to snap your achievements and verify that the "Master Craftsman" achievement progress bar moves up whenever you are creating something for the first time. If it does not go up, make it again and if it still doesn't make a note of the item and come back to it later probably on another level. So far I haven't encountered anyone who has not been able to get this achievement so it's not a huge issue, just something to make a note of.

    Handy Tip: "Fooga" has said in the comments that you can reload your save after making an item and then make another item. For example if you have one putty and 5 keys you can make one key mould then reload to get the putty back and then make a different coloured key mould. This won't give you all the key moulds of course it is just to save time towards your achievement. I would suggest doing this as one of your last achievements as you will need to make most things anyway throughout the game. If you want to get the achievement out of the way or find yourself missing a few items that use similar components this tip may help you. "Fooga" has said that he did this successfully and got the achievement without any issues. Thanks Fooga! :)


    Tool Handle = File + Timber
    Flimsy Pickaxe = Tool Handle + Crowbar + Duct Tape
    Lightweight Pickaxe = Flimsy Pickaxe + Timber + Duct Tape
    Sturdy Pickaxe = Lightweight Pickaxe + Timber + Duct Tape
    Flimsy Shovel = Tool Handle + Metal + Duct Tape
    Lightweight Shovel = Flimsy Shovel + Metal + Duct Tape
    Sturdy Shovel = Lightweight Shovel + Metal + Duct Tape
    Flimsy Cutters = File + File + Duct Tape
    Lightweight Cutters = Flimsy Cutters + File + Duct Tape
    Sturdy Cutters = Lightweight Cutters + File + Duct Tape


    Toothbrush Shiv = Press cn_X against a wall with item selected. (Doesn't count for the achievement but very useful to give people to improve their opinion of you).
    Comb Shiv = Press cn_X against a wall with item selected. (Doesn't count for the achievement but very useful to give people to improve their opinion of you).
    Comb Blade = Comb + Razor Blade
    Sock Mace = Sock + Soap
    Super Sock Mace = Sock + Battery
    Knuckle Duster = Razor Blade + Duct Tape
    Nunchucks = Timber + Wire + Timber
    Whip = Timber + Wire + Razor Blade
    Cup of Molten Chocolate = Cup + Lighter + Chocolate


    Overalls = Inmate outfit + Bleach (This won't work if your inmate outfit is upgraded so make sure you have a fresh inmate outfit).
    Guard outfit = Ink + Overalls (This was my last one! Stupid Dice and Speaker had me trying stuff for hours before I thought of trying this!)
    Cushioned Inmate Outfit = Inmate outfit + Pillow + Duct Tape
    Padded Inmate Outfit = Inmate outfit + Book + Duct Tape
    Plated Inmate Outfit = Inmate outfit + Metal + Duct Tape

    Concealment Devices

    Fake Wall Block = Paper Mache + Paper Mache + Ink
    Fake Vent Cover = Paper Mache + Paper Mache
    Fake Fence = Wire + Wire + Wire
    Poster = Magazine + Duct Tape (Use this, not the wall block)
    Bed Dummy = Sheet + Pillow + Pillow
    Contraband Pouch = Foil + Duct Tape


    ID Papers = Feather + Ink + Unsigned ID Papers (Only available in the jungle. Head North to the Barracks to get this before going south once you escape).
    Grapple Head = Crowbar + Crowbar + Duct Tape
    Grappling Hook = Grapple Head + Rope
    Sheet Rope = Sheet + Sheet (You can tie the guards up with Sheet Rope, Duct Tape and Rope)
    Candle = Battery + Wire
    Paper Mache = Toilet Paper + Glue
    Molten Plastic = Comb/Toothbrush/Plastic Knife,Spoon or Fork + Lighter
    Putty = Toothpaste + Talcum Powder
    Key Mould = Putty + Key (You can make one for each individual colour - The achievement picture for "The Escapist!" shows 6 keys, however there are only 5. Red, Yellow, Cyan, Purple and Green. Each colour is required for the achievement)
    Plastic Key = Molten Plastic + Key Mould (You need to make every colour to get the achievement)
    Timber Brace = Timber + Timber
    Unvarnished Chair = Timber + Timber + Timber
    Sail = Timber + Bed-Sheet (Despite being possible to get these components on the first level you can only make this on the 6th level, HMP Irongate.
    Raft Base = Balsa Wood + Balsa Wood + Rope (Balsa Wood is only available on the 6th level, HMP Irongate)
    Makeshitft Raft = Raft Base + Sail + Rope (Only on HMP Irongate)
    Stinger Strip = Nails + Duct Tape (Nails only available in the San Pancho level).
    Hat, Vest, Shorts, Underpants and Sock = Needle & Thread + Fabric. *These can only be made while working in the "Outfit Making Position". Combining the components provided will make a random piece of clothing so make sure you make all 5!

    NOTE: Balsa wood can be bought from other inmates on HMP Irongate. It looks like a pale version of timber. Every few in game hours the inmates who are selling will change so keep checking their stuff. Tip: Press Y on any inmate to cycle through their inventory, stats and items for sale (if applicable). If anyone has found balsa wood anywhere else please let me know and I will add it to the guide.

    There are 57 items to craft in total. If you don't count 57 remember the Comb and Toothbrush Shiv aren't part of the achievement and the keys and Moulds have 5 each. I'm also including the full list of stuff from the PC version that is not in the Xbox One version so you know for sure you don't need these if you hear it anywhere else.

    Craft Items NOT in the Xbox One Version:
    Powered Screwdriver
    Cutting floss
    Glass Shank
    Wooden Bat
    Spiked Bat
    Infirmary Overalls (Just called Overalls on Xbox One)
    Cushioned/Padded/Plated POW Outfit
    Durable Contraband Pouch
    Die (You can find it but you cannot make it)
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    JayD101 Also it doesn't necessarily have to say "Done! Unlocking" for you to have this issue. Sometimes it just won't pop! Just double check you are sure you have done the requirements, then search to check if there is a common bug that could be the reason for it not unlocking and if all good then you can follow the directions in the above link or just move on to something else and it will pop soon!
    Posted by JayD101 on 24 Oct 16 at 02:52
    Seitzz Great guide
    Posted by Seitzz on 25 Nov 18 at 02:52
    MatanjahPL This moment when you miss one thing and it is... pants... But guide is great.
    Posted by MatanjahPL on 27 Oct 19 at 06:19
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