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Bringin' the Heat

Kill 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power.

Bringin' the Heat0
19 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Bringin' the Heat

  • SubatomicCamd97SubatomicCamd97527,202
    23 Jan 2015 23 Jan 2015 28 Feb 2015
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    The Buff is a Superpower and the element you need for this achievement is Fire so you want to equip the Superpower-Buff and the Element-Fire.
    The easiest and fastest way to get this is to go to the Alien controlled area in Steelport (South of New Colvin and East of downtown should also be white on the map)
    Fully upgrade the heavy mini-gun (or a gun you are more comfortable with) and the Superpower-Buff. Activate Buff and kill enemies with the mini-gun dont kill enemies if you dont have that fire wall around you and dont get to close to aliens when you activate it because it wont count as a kill, and dont shoot cars because they do not count as kills if they kill aliens.

    "There's a virus upload side quest in Pierce's quest line that has one wave of 101 enemies in Genki's suit to kill. I used this quest to do all my kills-related challenges. Just kill about 90+, leave, wait for mission to expire, and then restart mission.~(neeker75)
    Hopes this helps pm me or comment if you have any questions or anything to add to the solution. If you give me a negative vote please comment or pm why so i can fix it.
  • prokopprokop208,411
    17 Jun 2017 17 Jun 2017 04 Nov 2017
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    The other solution is 100% false. You can just set enemies on fire with the fire buff for it to count.

    Go to the fight club in Loren square (middle of the map). It's the hard difficulty one.

    Beat the first wave. The second wave is king of the hill, go stand on the main floor away from the control spot. Tons of enemies with bats will come and attack you. Just turn on your fire buff and watch the enemies burn. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

    I also did my other superpowers here and just let the timer run out. Lots of quick and easy kills here.
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