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Experimental Tech

Kill 25 Aliens with each: Dubstep, InflatoRay, Bounce Gun, Disintegrator, Abduction, and Black Hole.

Experimental Tech0
19 November 2019 - 1 guide

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    Killed 25 enemies with each of the best toys.

    Abducto-O-Matic is obtained my completing the "Complete one other challenge" Challenge.

    -For this gun; use it on large groups. The kills that actually count for the achievement require the enemy to reach the top of the beam and then die. If they come back down it won't count.

    Bounce gun is obtained during the story mission "Ghost in the machine".
    -You get this gun while getting C.I.D a body. The guns bullets bounce off of anything including enemies you just killed by shooting directly at it. I went for head shots and the bouncing would sometimes snag another head shot or critically wound the enemy. This weapon is best in enclosed spaces or places with a lot of scenery to bounce off of.

    Dubstep gun is obtained after completing "Campaign Trail of Destruction".
    -Not a super effective weapon damage wise; but direct hits and headshots still do pretty good damage. Dubstep guns kills that earn in the loyalty mission where the use of the gun is required does not add up to this achievement but will add to the challenges required kill count. (Thanks k2345 for that last part)

    Disintegrator gun
    -This gun comes along while saving Shaundi from her simulation, you can get a good amount of the kills needed for this one by using the gun on each of Veteran Children's clones. The gun takes a few seconds to charge but is a 1 hit kill no matter where it hits the target.

    Inflato gun - Fun trumps all side quest from Pierce.
    -Each one of these kills need to done with the actual expansive and explosion of the target. If an enemy dies from side effects of the explosion and wasn't the target of the the ray it won't count.

    Singularity Gun - WWGD Side quest from Gat.
    -Because of the really slow recharge time for the base gun, I would recommend doing Gat's 2 other side quests before starting to work on this one. Once its upgraded you will be able to get off a lot more shots faster. Use this in a large group of enemies and it will kill quite a fwe at a time.
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