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Around the clock in White Night

Around the clock141 (50)

Finish the game on a full Moon day, read all the books and the articles from the Boston Daily News

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amenazamenor JF
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amenazamenor JF
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Posted on 09 March 15 at 01:31, Edited on 25 March 15 at 22:27
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This achievement has a good bunch of requirements. This is what it asks us for.

- Read all Henry's Books.
- Read all Margaret's Books.
- Read all Selena's Books.
- Read all William's Books.
- Read all Boston Daily News Articles.
- Complete the game in a full moon day (which also unlocks the last Boston Daily article).

The achievement doesn't say anything about the other 2 types of collectibles (Victim's letters and News articles), but Victim's Letters have an associated achievement, so you'll have to pick them up anyways. The 10 News Articles aren't needed for this achievement (thanks to Omega Doom for the confirmation!).

Given that the collectibles carry between playthroughs, I reccomend two playthroughs for this achievement (in case that you are starting the game from scratch, that's it), with the first one centered on enjoying the game and collecting all the stuff, and a second one as a speedrun that would bag us three "big" achievements.

Also, as some people confirmed, it's not necessary to complete all requirements in a same playthrough. You can complete the game on a moon day, and then get all the collectibles in another playthrough, or whatever combination you like. As long as you met each requirement once, your achievement will pop when you complete the last one.


So, let's go. In our first playthrough we should try to obtain all the collectibles (except for the final one). Check these videos by PureRuby87 for help. All credit for the videos goes to her.
Each of these sets of collectibles will give you an achievement.

Also, here's a text guide for all of these collectibles, thanks to bobby trippe

Chapter 1
IMPORTANT Don't forget to kick the bucket at the well before entering the house.

Save room
Margaret diary. 1/24 #11 After opening first door, search the room near the entrance to the library
Margaret diary 2/24 #12 In the same room but to the right of the door you came in.

Margaret diary 3/24. #19 In the bottom left hand corner of this room on a bench.

Gramophone room
Margaret 4/24 #18 On a small table with matches.
Selena 1/15 #1 Near the record player in the corner.
William 1/25 #12 In the corner opposite to Selena's
William 2/25 #10 On a table next to the save chair

Fireplace room
William 3/25 #9 In the next room, go to the upper right hand corner and find this near some matches.
Selena 2/15 #2 In the trunk

Margaret 5/24 #1Continue along this same wall.
Margaret 6/24 #2 Right next to 5/24 This was also my 10th book
William 4/25 #3 To the right of the skull with the knife.
William 5/25 #7 In the center of the library is a table with a lamp that can be moved. On this table is the William diary.
William 6/25 #1 Ok, so there are two rows of book shelves in front of the lamp table. Go to the one on the left and you will find the William diary on the shelf.

William 7/25 #21 Along the counter, you can see this book while looking at the entrance.

William 8/25 #13 To the right of the Selena portrait
Selena 3/15 #3 On a small table near the Selena portrait.

Hallway/corridor (You can come back here later when it is safe too)
William 9/25 #14 You have to use the corridor switch from the kitchen to turn a light on. In the corner to the left of the boarded door, you will find it on a small table.
Victims note 1/10 #3 In the middle of the floor in the light.

Victims 2/10 #1 on the table near the lamp.

William10/25 #8 On the other coffins
Victim's 3/10 #2 On the ground near the second light switch.

Chapter 3
Henry 1/3 "Henry to Margaret" Near the coffin with the pelican.
William 11/25 #6 Turn down another hallway. On the right hand side on a small dresser.
William 12/25 #17 Past a door on the right side on top of another dresser.
William 13/25 #18 At the end of the hallway you will another branch. Near an open door on a chair.
Henry 2/3 "Henry to William" Near the window in same area as William 12/25
Victim 4/10 #7 Sneak past the ghost. As the view changes, search the ground.
William 14/25 #20 Near the last victim note on a box in the corner.

Light with drawstring room(child's room)
William 15/25 #4 Enter the open door that opened by itself. After the short dream sequence, you will be in a room with a light attached to a drawstring. On the shelves you will find the book. There are two more in this room but you cannot get them yet. You will get some matches very soon though.
William 16/25 #19 On the same shelves
William 17/25 #23 By the stool near the window.

Margaret 7/24 #14 On the floor
Margaret 8/24 #13 On the tub

Save room
Selena 4/15 Found on the bed.
William 18/25 #15 On a small table near the matches on the floor.
Selena 5/15 #4 On the floor near the light switch.
Selena 6/15 #5 Near the save chair on a table.

Flies room
Henry 3/3 "Last Note" On the left-side of the bed on a nightstand.
Margaret 9/20 #15 As you work your way back to the doorway you came in at, it will be to the left of a shelf full of African artifacts.
Margaret 10/24 #16 In the center of the room on the table

Secret door room
Margaret 11/24 #10 After giving the comb to the ghost, enter the wardrobe in the room. As you enter the room, there will be a table in front of you with a skull.
Margaret 12/24 #9 On the same table.
Margaret 13/24 #8 Near the locked door under a big painting.
Margaret 14/24 #17 Behind the table, on the floor, near the clock.
Margaret 15/24 #20 On the right side of the curtain area on a small dresser.
Margaret 16/24 #7 On the same dresser

Piano room
William 19/25 #22 After you use the key you have found, enter the piano room and go left. It is on a dresser.
William 20/25 #11 On the back wall of books.
William 21/25 Selena 1 Found on a chair near the wall of books.
Selena 7/15 #6 On the table by the piano.
Victim 5/10 #4 On the floor between the piano and the fireplace.
Selena 8/15 "Norway" On the balcony on a table.
Selena 9/15 "Lost Letter" Solve the planets puzzle.

Chapter 4
William 22/25 #16 In the main hall of the attic

Striped room
Margaret 17/24 #23 To the left of the open door
Margaret 18/24 #24 To the right of the clock
Margaret 19/24 #22 Behind the paintings on easels. Along the wall near the photo
Margaret 20/24 #21 On back wall by the large painting

Attic Gramophone room
Selena 10/15 #8 On the shelf near the chair
Selena 11/15 #7 In front of the window
Margaret 21/24 #3 To the left of the window next to a support beam
Margaret 23/24 #5 In the back right hand corner of the room near the power switch
Margaret 22/24 #6 Way in the back on the left hand corner by the ladder
Margaret 24/24 #4 Past the bed, on the wall.
"Rope" - After turning on the lights, it is near the Debussy record and it will appear after turning on a switch near the post.
Victim 5/10 #5 On the ground near the post

Wheelchair room
William 23/25 #5 In the room that has a wheelchair in front of it. From the entrance and go right and it will be beside a chair with matches.
William 24/25 #2 On the ground near the telescope.

Striped room
Victims 6/10 #6 After turning on the light, it is near the large painting

2F Hallway
"Psycho" Answer the phone after you come down the stairs

1F Hallway
"North by Northwest" Close the door by the coffins as you come downstairs.

Chapter 5
Victim 7/10 #8 To the right of the valve handle

Victim 8/10 #9 On the way to the boiler near a pile of shoes. This one is pretty hard to find.
Selena 12/15 #9 On the kegs

Boiler room
Victim 8/10 #10 On a chair near the boiler

Selena 13/15 #10 You will come to a tee and choose to go up. The book is on the ground
Selena 14/15 #11 Another fork will appear if you keep down this path. It is on the ground at this fork.
Selena 15/15 #12 Go left at this fork and it will be near by on the ground again.
"Five Points of Christ" I do not even know how to describe this area. I would suggest watching the video for this one. It is down in the maze part but before the area with the coffins and the shadow puzzle.
"Bucket Found" Find this on the giant clock puzzle if you sent in down in the beginning.

Chapter 6
William 25/25 #25 When going through the spotlights, you will be presented with a choice of two lights to the left and right. Choose the left path the final book will be in the second light.

Now, check my text guide for the Boston Daily News:

1 - At the start of the game, after activating the switch in the light post, walk to the gates. Just when the camera changes check the floor there.
2 - Check the mailbox by the gate.

3 - Once inside the gate, check the bucket in the well. This step is also required for another achievement later.
4 - Go to the stairs that lead to the porch. Check the statue arm in the floor there.
5 - Glass and chair on the front porch.
6 - Check the front door. You need to do this before taking the key, or you'll miss it.
7 - Go back down the porch stairs and then left. Check the grave with the little fence and stones.

8 - Obtained automatically upon entering the house.
9 - Check the shovel leaning against the wall, left of the front doors.

10 - Obtained automatically after sitting in the armchair.
11 - Check the statuette on the table in front of the armchair.

12 - Obtained automatically the first time you see an "enemy".
13 - Check the women shoe on the hallway.

14 - Music box in the corner of the living room near the armchair.
15 - Check the glasses, lipstick and cigarrettes on the table in front of the dining room armchair.
16 - Check the gramophone before picking up the disc.
17 - Chest by the kitchen door.
18 - Automatically obtained after putting the disc in the gramophone.

19 - Kill your first enemy by flicking on the switch.
20 - The painting with a strange symbol that is leaning against a shelf.
21 - Take the kitchen key from the recipe book.
22 - Look at the image with 3 crosses and women names in one of the back shelves.

23 - A picture of Margaret in one of the walls.
24 - A picture of Selena in one of the walls.

25 - This is the room behind the secret door in the Library. You can find the First Floor Map to your left as you enter, on the floor.
26 - Look at the photos on the desk.
27 - Automatically obtained after solving the lightbulb puzzle.

28 - After exiting the office, check the coffins.
29 - Before going upstairs, go a little further. Turn on the two light switches, and push the cupboard out of the way. Then, check the closed basement door.
30 - Automatically obtained for going upstairs.

31 - Look at the boarded door with a crucifix near the bird statue.

32 - Enter the first of the two bathrooms (first door on the left on the hallway that comes toward the camera) and look around for the Second Floor Map.

33 - Turn the lights on using the wall switch, then interact with the ghost that appears.
34 - Check the nude women drawings on one of the walls.

35 - After the strange spotlight sequence you will be in a dark room and your matches will be useless. Turn the lights on and check the drawings on the floor.

36 - Check the "moon" from the puzzle before opening it.
37 - Automatically obtained when you play the piano and the ghost goes outside. You may have to interact with her.
38 - Automatically obtained by solving the planet puzzle.

39 - Automatically obtained by opening the music box from news 14.

40 - Automatically obtained when playing the piano with the right partiture.

41 - Obtained automatically when following the ghost.

ATTIC (10 news):
42 - Try to turn any of the lights on.
43 - After following the ghost on the big room of the attic, when she sits on a chair, follow back the cable a few steps until you can examine it.
44 - Enter the door that is near a ghost in a wheelchair, that gives access to a room with a projector. Look for the Attic Map on the left as you enter.
45, 46 - Check all the images from the projector. There are four of them.
47 - Examine the window with drawings in the projector room. You have to examine it BEFORE moving the painting that is blocking it (thanks bobby trippe for the confirmation).
48 - Examine the painting leaning against the post in the projector room.
49 - Obtained automatically when you move the big painting in the room full of paintings, on the other side of the circular window.
50 - Obtained automatically when you find the basement key under the floorboards on the projector room.
51 - Obtained automatically when going back to the stairs.

52 - Pick up the phone just after coming down from the attic. You'll need to turn on the nearby lamp.

BASEMENT (3 news):
53 - Check the chains and handcuffs near the stairwell just as you enter.
54 - After opening the first door inside the basement, look at the map in the opposite wall.
55 - Check the boiler before turning it on.

ENDING (5 news):
56, 57, 58, 59 - Obtained automatically by progressing in the final part of the game.


After this first playthrough we should have all collectibles except for a Daily Boston News one, which requieres completing the game on a full moon day, which is what we are going to do now. What does this mean? Well, you must complete the game while the moon is in full state in the real world.

There are a few moments where you see the moon in game, and it reflects the current state of the moon, for example, this image is what the game shows as I am writing this:

External image

Said moments are: the opening cinematic, the crack in the wall required for "The Shadow Of Doubt" achievement and the ending cinematic. For this achievement, you have to watch the ending cinematic while the moon is full. But if we complete the entire game on the same night, we'll get another achievement. Given that this is our second playthrough and we already have collected all the secondary stuff, we can breeze through the game, which will only take between 2:30 to 3:30 hours.

So, you can do the achievement in two ways.

- Use a lunar calendar (like this one: http://stardate.org/nightsky/moon ) to now when the next full moon is, and wait for that day. Just start playing that night and complete the entire game. I don't know which are the start / end times for the period while the achievement is valid, so I'd start at midnight just to be sure. If you don't want or can't be up late, change the time zone in your console so you can "play at night" at any time of the day. Use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html for time zone equivalences.

- If you don't want to wait for the moon, disconnect your console from the internet and set your date and time to a day of full moon. For example, use March 5th, 2015, 00:15h. Complete the game while offline, and then reconnect. Wait a few minutes and the achievement will pop. Also, if you have all the other collectibles at the moment of finishing the game (except for one Boston Daily entry that requires finishing the game in a full moon day), you'll get the following achievements.

NOTE: If your console doesn't let you change time and date, you have to turn the console completely off (by holding power button for around ten seconds) and then turning it on while offline (ethernet cable must be disconnected, or if you automatically connect via wifi, you'll need to delete the wifi connection that you use, before restarting). When turning the console on while offline, it should let you change date and time.

By completing the game on a full moon day, you will obtain a different ending and the last Boston Daily News article.

60 - Obtained when finishing the game on a full moon day.

And also, the achievement:

White NightSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in White Night worth 131 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

And this, for completing the entire game in one night:
White NightWhite NightThe White Night achievement in White Night worth 142 pointsFinish the game in just one night

Also, in case that you get all the collectibles and everything in your first playthrough, you won't need to do a mandatory second one. As bobby trippe explains:

You only need 1 playthrough to do this. I believe you can change the clock back to a few hours after you first started the game to trick the game into thinking you beat it in one night. I did not go about this in a truly scientific way, but the order of my achievements suggest this is true. I changed the day and time back to 4 hours after I started which just happened to be a full moon night.

So, gather all collectibles, beat game, go offline change date to full moon day, beat last chapter, change date to a few hours after starting, beat last chapter and that should be it.
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