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Superhero Training

Completed training with Gohan and Videl!

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How to unlock the Superhero Training achievement

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    Training with Gohan and Videl: Beat the Buu Saga and reach level 40.

    Quest 1 - Reduce Videl's health
    Reward: Eagle Kick
    Notes: Videl is very low level and easy to defeat.

    Quest 2 - Reduce Gohan's health
    Reward: Ki Blast Cannon
    Notes: You team up with Videl to take on Gohan. Half way during the fight Gohan turns Super Saiyan.

    Fetch Quest: "I...I'm Okay" z soul
    Reward: - "You got An ally of justice in Hercule City" z soul
    Notes: See below on how to unlock the required z soul

    Quest 3 - Defeat all enemies
    Reward: Hawk Charge
    Notes: There are 6 of Frieza's henchmen you must defeat. Great Saiyaman and Saiyawoman show up towards the end to help.

    Quest 4 - Reduce Videl's health
    Reward: Justice Combination, "That's it! That's Ki!", "An ally of justice in Hercule City!"
    Notes: Videl is very low level and easy to defeat.

    Quest 5 - Sparring (optional)
    Reward: "I won'y forgive you, scum!", "No way I'll give up...",
    Notes: This fight is a 1v1 tag match against Gohan and Videl. Once Gohan loses a bar of health he tags out with Videl. Once Videl's health is reduced to the final half, Gohan returns to finish the fight.

    "I...I'm Okay" z soul. Can only be received from PQ 47. This quest is extremely difficult and almost only possible by doing it online with other powerful players. You must complete the quest within 10 minutes and you end up facing all the saiyans multiple times, all at once, at their highest transformation.

    First part is Piccolo, Tien and Yamcha. Once 2/3 are defeated, Krillin and #18 show up.

    Second part you take on Hercule and Videl. They are very quickly delt with. Half way through the fight Fat Buu shows up. Take him out to progress to the next section.

    The next part is Kid Trunks and Vegeta. both super saiyan. Half way through the fight Future Trunks shows up, also super saiyan.

    The next zone is a space area that has a portal to the supreme kai planet. This portal is very tricky to find given the blackness of the space, it is above you and to the left from where you exit. There is nothing here other than the portal.

    Fourth part you face Goten, Goku(both super saiyan) and Majestic Gohan. Gohan is actually the main opponent in this area as he has 2 life bars and doesnt flinch much.

    Once you beat them, Goku gets back up and goes SS3, and has 2 health bars. If you manage to defeat him then there is a chance that a new challenger will appear. Go back to the space zone to start the fight.

    The final part of this quest you fight SS Gotenks. Half way through the fight SS2 Goku AND Vegeta show up to the party. At this point you are fighting 3 very aggressive and high level transformed saiyans at the same time...... good luck with that.

    FINALLY, after you defeat these 3, SSJ Vegito shows up. Immediately after, Gotenks gets back up and transforms to SS3. If you manage to survive all of this, you get the Ultimate Finish and a chance to unlock the Z soul that Gohan has requested.

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    O for oVRI sure hope you are right b/c this mission is pretty insane to have to go through just to satisfy a master!
    Posted by O for oVR on 02 Mar 15 at 05:56
    HarrySon9You'll still have to beat the mission unfortunately but being able to retry if you don't get a drop from videl might make some people a little more sane afterwards.
    Posted by HarrySon9 on 02 Mar 15 at 23:34
    SakoriAchievement got stuck after I finished it. Didn't have any trouble getting the pq 47 item, but it's gonna suck if I need to do it all again to unlock.
    Posted by Sakori on 09 Jun 15 at 13:44
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    Ive been able to go through trainers from start to finish in less then 2 hours each. Not doing any story missions, and not trying to level up.

    Equip every move they give you, and then go to a PQ and choose them for both allies. Do their moves as much as possible. If you have Super Saiyan, just keep spamming their moves. Also use their move as the finishing move as often as you can.

    After you do a few PQs pause, go to player data and hit LB to see your progress bar with them. It should be moving up (small amounts every 2-3 matches).

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    INeedTogepiNegative vote because you didn't include anything related to when Videl asks for the "I...I'm okay!" Z-Soul.
    Posted by INeedTogepi on 22 Jan 19 at 03:44
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