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Tyrannical Training

Completed training with Frieza!

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How to unlock the Tyrannical Training achievement

  • O for oVRO for oVR145,801
    26 Feb 2015 02 Mar 2015
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    Training with Frieza: Beat the Frieza Saga, finish training with Master Ginyu, and reach level 20.

    Quest 1 - Reduce Frieza's health to a certain amount
    Reward: Death Beam
    Notes: Reduce Frieza's health to 1/2.

    Quest 2 - Defeat all of Frieza's underlings
    Reward: Death Crasher
    Notes: You must defeat 3 waves of 3x each of Frieza's henchmen while maintaining health above 30%.

    Fetch Quest: ???
    Reward: ???
    Notes: ???

    Quest 3 - Defeat 3 Ginyu Force members
    Reward: Emperor's Sign
    Notes: You will fight in 3 individual fights against Burter, Jeice and Ginjyu, in that order.

    Quest 4 - Reduce Friezas health to a certain amount
    Reward: Supernova and "My power is 530,000" Z-Soul
    Notes: When you reduce Frieza's health to 1/2 he will transform to his Final Form.

    Quest 5 - Sparring (optional)
    Reward: "That offer's expired..."
    Notes: When you take Frieza's health down to the second bar, he will transform to Full Power and regain all of his health.
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  • Magnificent XMagnificent X1,002,218
    03 Mar 2015 03 Mar 2015
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    I found a way how to do every trainer achievement in like 30-45 minutes !!!!

    First of all you must have unlocked Parallel Quest 43.(i think you unlock this bye completing story missions)

    second equip the move(s) you got for your trainer and take him twice with you on PQ 43...

    You dont need to hit anything or do any of his tricks.

    All you need to do is collect the 3dragon balls and the mission is over (takes like 30-60second)

    Keep doing this mission over and over and your progress for your trainer will go up really fast :) !!!
    Doing this method i lvl up 3 trainers to MAX in about 2 hours...

    Here is a video of someone doing it (exept he is not taking his trainers with him like you schould do )
  • SanadaSanada665,876
    08 Mar 2015 08 Mar 2015 08 Mar 2015
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    You can only begin training with Freiza if you see him wandering around TokiToki city after completing your training with Ginyu. You must also be level 20 or higher, though leveling a bit more will make the lessons that much easier.

    The first test is like any other. You simply whittle down Frieza's health until he concedes and accepts you as a student. This will grant you the skill "Death Beam". Now that he has accepted you as his student, you will see that he stands before you after each mission in front of the statue.

    If you haven't already, press cn_start and equip your new skill. It's not necessary you have to use it, like they say, however it does help to have it on. You'll then wish to start completing Parallel Quests in order to boost the bond. You'll want to pick "Freiza 1st Form". It's been disputed that the others do or don't work, I found it went slower if I picked the others which leads me to believe it doesn't. It doesn't make much difference anyway, so you may as well play it safe and choose the first. Play these quests and speak to Freiza each time for a chance of an item and a boost to your bond. You'll know you've unlocked another training session when he has a blue question mark above his head.

    Training 2 gives you Death Crasher, a Strike ability. As you did before, equip this one and resume questing. He'll also ask you for an All-Regen Shard. You can find these laying about on the ground in the lower, level PQ's. These are marked with a red question mark and you can find them with your scouter (Left on the D-Pad during battle). After giving him the item, resume your training as you had before.

    Training 3 gives you Emperor's Sign. This skill offers varying effects by race. I didn't find it particularly useful, but I still equipped it for the sake of boosting the bond gained. Repeat the process once more until the bar has filled and you see Freiza is ready to offer you the final lesson. You will face him in combat in his first form. Once you lower his health to half, he'll transform in to his Final Form with a new health bar. Deplete this to approximately 10% and you'll complete the training and be awarded your achievement, the ultimate attack "Supernova" and one of his Z-Skills.

    As with any training, once this has concluded you can find a new master and replace the skills you had equipped. If you wish to stop mid-training and find a new master, you'll keep the bond you had already gained. If you wish to hasten the process, PQ 43 is a good option as Magnificent X has posted. Personally, I'd suggest just working towards this while trying to get the various skills you'll have to obtain for the 100% however the decision is yours to make.
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