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Bio-android Training

Completed training with Cell!

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How to unlock the Bio-android Training achievement

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    28 Feb 2015 02 Mar 2015
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    Training with Cell: Beat the Cell Saga and reach level 30.

    Quest 1 – Reduce Cell's health to a certain amount
    Reward: All Clear

    Quest 2 – Defeat 3 Cell Jr.
    Reward: Gravity Impact
    Notes: Once 2/3 of the Cell Jr. are defeated 2 more will arrive to take their place.

    Quest 3 – Defeat Cell with Gravity Impact
    Reward: Perfect Shot
    Notes: Gravity Impact is fairly strong and knocks back enemies pretty far as well as blocks super and ultimate attacks so it should be easy to use. Cell will not be KO'd unless you use the move on him so don't be afraid to do as much damage as possible.

    Quest 4 – Reduce Cell's health to a certain amount
    Reward: Perfect Kamehameha, "Get mad and show me your true power!"
    Notes: When Cell is down to 1/2 health he will transform to Full Power and regain all of his health. Take him town to near death and the mission will end.

    Quest 5 - Sparring (optional)
    Reward: "A power-biased transformation..."
    Notes: When you strip away Cell's first health bar he will transform to Full Power and recover all of his health as well as become more powerful.
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  • Magnificent XMagnificent X1,002,225
    04 Mar 2015 03 Mar 2015
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    I found a way how to do every trainer achievement in like 30-45 minutes !!!!

    First of all you must have unlocked Parallel Quest 43.(i think you unlock this bye completing story missions)

    second equip the move(s) you got for your trainer and take him twice with you on PQ 43...

    You dont need to hit anything or do any of his tricks.

    All you need to do is collect the 3dragon balls and the mission is over (takes like 30-60second)

    Keep doing this mission over and over and your progress for your trainer will go up really fast :) !!!
    Doing this method i lvl up 3 trainers to MAX in about 2 hours...

    Here is a video of someone doing it (exept he is not taking his trainers with him like you schould do )
  • CTM AudiRS6CTM AudiRS6408,412
    03 Mar 2015 03 Mar 2015 06 Mar 2015
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    Ive been able to go through trainers from start to finish in less then 2 hours each. Not doing any story missions, and not trying to level up.

    Equip every move they give you, and then go to a PQ and choose them for both allies. Do their moves as much as possible. If you have Super Saiyan, just keep spamming their moves. Also use their move as the finishing move as often as you can.

    After you do a few PQs pause, go to player data and hit LB to see your progress bar with them. It should be moving up (small amounts every 2-3 matches).

    Video of full training.
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