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    Chapter 2 - Begins at 06:05 in the video below.

    Head forward and look at the eye to the right, backing away to raise its platform. Head up the stairs and make sure flame #1 in the stand at the top is lit when you leave (it turns on/off each time you look away and look back at it).

    Through the next door you'll see flames #2 and #3 beside the door as you enter, as well as the flame door to the left that will open for an achievement once they're all lit. Make sure both flames are lit before you head downstairs (or leave them for when you come back to the door).

    Head toward the door and look to the left just before you enter it for flame #4. Back away from the next door looking at its eye to open it, then look at your feet as you go toward it and through. Around the next corner to your left is flame #5. Make sure it's lit, then head back to the flame door, ensuring that flame #4 is lit as you pass. When you return, you may turn off flame #2 and/or #3 so make sure they're lit and enter the now-open fire door.

    The bridge raises and lowers with you when you jump if you're looking at the eye. Look away and jump, looking back at the eye as you fall to lower it to your level. Get onto the bridge and do the opposite, jumping while looking at it and looking away as you fall. Once you raise it up and get to the sign, you'll get the Spirit achievement.

    Pneuma: Breath of LifeSpiritThe Spirit achievement in Pneuma: Breath of Life worth 74 pointsCompleted the Spirit Puzzle

    Head back downstairs past the flames and through the two doors with the blue eyes in them and through the 3rd door with the blue eye beside it (keeping the eye in view). In the next room, go down and turn the bridge by looking at its eye and moving about its base, then look away when its in position.

    *Painting Alert - Just after this first bridge that you rotate, you'll find Painting #4 to the left. Keep this one in mind for when you come back and view the 5 paintings in order later for the final achievement.*

    In the next room you'll have two more bridges you'll need to rotate into place by looking at their eye and moving around the base. Once they're in position head back up and across both. Next you'll need to lift a bridge into place and cross it. Look at its eye and strafe to your left to raise it, then look away and head across it backwards, keeping its eye out of view all the way across.

    For the floating platforms, they rotate as you look at the eye and turn your camera. They're lopsided, so rotate the eye away from the next one you're jumping to, then look at your feet and jump across each one. The final room has an eye on the ceiling. Just look up and rotate it 180 degrees to open the door to the dais and exit. You'll unlock Center of the Universe.

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    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

    You can view a full video walkthrough with commentary of the game below, and Chapter Two begins at [6:18].
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    Kapitel 2

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    The first thing you will come across is an eye on the right hand side if you look at the eye and then walk away from the eye it pulls a bridge out, so pull them all the way out then keep the eye of the screen and walk across the bridge.

    The next thing you will come across is 2 doors with eyes on them. The first eye opens the door as you walk towards it and the second eye closes the door as you move towards it. For this puzzle you have to walk to the second eye then walk backwards until the door is fully open then look down to the floor and walk through the door.

    The next room you go to will have a bridge facing the wrong way, the bridge has an eye on the other side that won’t let you look at it so if you walk round the bottom of the bridge it will move it to lock into place so you can cross it when you go back up the stairs.

    Room 4 will have another two bridges that are facing the wrong way. If you jump down to the floor the first bridge will be able to be pulled out to the right place by walking backwards when looking at the eye. The other bridge will spin into place by walking towards the eye which is located on the right hand side of the bridge.

    Room 5 has a flat stair case which lifts higher by looking at the eye and then going down lower you can do this by jumping down the stairs to your left. Be aware though because if you go higher while looking at the eye it will take the stair case down so make sure you don’t look at the eye when going up the stairs.

    Room 6 has 3 disks that spin as you move the camera left and right while looking at it. The aim of this one is to move the disks so they line up and allow you to walk across each one, in my opinion this room is more of a skill challenge than a puzzle.

    Finally, the last room is a round room with only one door, for this one all you have to do is look the middle of the ceiling and then spin the room 180 degrees doing this will reveal another room you can walk into which will have the teleporter to allow you to end the level.

    I have done a commentated guide which I have included below if you need anymore help.

  • GunflameGunflame435,023
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    Hey everyone, this video is a guide for the prologue up through chapter 2. Hope it helps!
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