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The Universe's Machine Epsilon

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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,247,681
    27 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015
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    Chapter 4 - Begins at 22:16 in the video below.

    Looking away and back at the eye near the first door will raise/lower these first two doors. Get close to the first door with it raised, then look away/back at the eye to start the 2nd door raising and run through the 1st quickly.

    In the next room look at the eye to open the first door and head through and up the stairs to the left. From this ledge you can look back at the eye to close the first door and open the 2nd. Cross over the ledge above the 1st door to the other side, and head along the wall to the left. Look down through the small crack in the wall to see an eye, which will lower the 2nd door while keeping the 1st lowered, as well as activate a beam of light.

    With both doors lowered, head back to the entrance of the room and look a the first eye to open both doors, allowing the beam of light through, which will open a set of bars (a portcullis-style door) nearby. Continue down the narrow hall behind it. Simply rotate the portions of the next pillar so that all 5 eyes are on the side facing the exit, and back up to get all 5 in view which will open the door. Head through and onto the dais to finish and unlock The Universe's Machine Epsilon.

  • Maka91Maka91989,621
    25 Feb 2015 08 Mar 2015
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    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

    You can view a full video walkthrough with commentary of the game below, and Chapter Four begins at [18:10].
    28 Feb 2015 14 Jul 2015
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    Kapitel 4

    07 Nov 2015 12 Apr 2016 13 Apr 2016
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    The first puzzle of the level you will come across two doors one will open while the other shuts to trigger the changing of opening and closing you have to look at the eye on the left of the first door. if you leave the first door fully open then look at the eye to make it start to close, quickly walk through the first which result in you being in the corridor while the second door opens to let you through.

    The second puzzle will be in a big room with two gates if you look at the eye on the right it will open the first gate but shut the second gate. What you have to do is look at the eye to open the first gate, go into the second area and go up the stairs, now from the top of the stairs look at the eye again to close the first gate, this will now make a little bridge from the wall and gate you can cross, if you cross that bridge then go to the right and look at the eye a 3rd time to open the gate again, lastly you want to walk all the way to the end of the wall where there is a little gap, look down the gap but do not jump down, this will open the second gate letting a light beam go right across the room and onto the light activated switch which will allow you into the next room.

    In the last room you will come across a tower full of eyes, if you spin all the eyes twice starting from the bottom working to the top, then spin the second bottom eye twice again then the bottom one once more they will all be facing the door, if you stand at the door and look at all of the eyes at the same time the door behind you will open just walk backwards and you will have finished the level.

    If you get stuck on anything I have included a guide below.

  • GunflameGunflame435,023
    02 Nov 2015 28 Aug 2018
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    Hey all, just a quick video showing how to get through Chapter 3 and 4. Hope it helps!
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