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Forks In The Path achievement in Pneuma: Breath of Life

Forks In The Path

Completed Chapter Five

Forks In The Path0
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How to unlock the Forks In The Path achievement

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    Chapter 5 - Begins at 24:31 in the video below.

    You have to complete all four paths here to continue. For path I, you first need to flip all the tiles white-side up. To do this, step forward so that you're right up against the first row. Whenever a visible tile leaves your view, it will flip. Strafe left/right to flip the two side tiles so that they are the same as the center tile. When all 3 are blue-side up, step forward so that the entire first row leaves your view and you're looking at the second.

    For the second row, you'll strafe left/right to flip the two side tiles white-side up to match the center. However, since they're correct already, when you step forward and row 2 leaves your view they'll flip blue side up. Simply step back just enough to see the full 2nd row, then step forward again to flip them all 3 back from blue to white.

    Continue this process of strafing left/right then moving forward, etc so that each row is white-side up. When the final row flips, the door to the side will unlock.

    Head inside and go to the end of the branch that has the line with an arrow at the end on the wall. Line yourself up mirroring it and walk across all the pressure plates in the floor so, starting with the 'beginning' of the line and ending at the arrow. This opens the door at the end of the blue/white tile floor hallway.

    At the top of the stairs you'll face a circular floor puzzle.

    *Painting Alert - This is painting # III for the secret achievement, just to your right when you enter this room. Keep this in mind when you return to view the 5 paintings in order.*
    Spin the circles on the floor by walking on them so that the line/barrier in each lines up with the one in the center of the ring (the only one you can't spin by walking on it). Once all the lines are lined up, the mural on the circle will be complete and the next door opens.

    The ramp puzzle in the following room is extremely difficult to describe. Check timestamp 30:39 in the walkthrough video to see what the completed room looks like from the entrance doorway. This should show you what you need to complete it. It's not hard, just hard to describe.

    Once you head to the top of the ramp puzzle and view the dais with a 'I' in it on the floor, pathway I is complete. Head all the way back to the beginning and enter pathway II.

    At the start of pathway II, use the levers to raise sections of the wall to create a staircase up out of the area. This is pretty simple but is shown in the video guide if you're struggling. In the next room, counting from left to right push buttons 1, 2, and 4 in the top row. The bottom row is buttons 3 and 4. Next just walk into the gazebo and look at the ceiling then spin in a circle to open the roof and allow light in to finish.

    For pathway III, head around the spinning globes and push the switch when the three rotating clear globes are all at 90 degrees to the left, then look through all 3 at the light in the center.

    For the next room, head behind the clear globe with a III at it's base and press right up against it, looking through it so you see 3 glowing orbs through it as well as 1 glowing orb through each of the other 3 clear ones. Following this just circle-strafe around the large silver globe to spin all its rings into place and complete pathway III.

    For pathway IV, the raised pathway mimics the puzzle wall to your left as you enter. See timestamp 36:15 in the video for the solution. Complete the puzzle and walk across the raised walkway, going backwards up the stairs around the pillar in the next room lest they retract into the wall if you try to walk forward.

    Head back out and through the main door, onto the dais to complete the chapter and unlock Forks In The Path.

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    P33MannMine just says "Done... Unlocking!" Woot..
    Posted by P33Mann on 03 Nov 15 at 10:07
    xCRiMZoNxI usually don't like to use walkthoughs on puzzle games but that tile bit was ridiculous! Thumbs up.
    Posted by xCRiMZoNx on 04 Dec 15 at 05:47
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    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

    You can view a full video walkthrough with commentary of the game below, and Chapter Five begins at [21:05].

    -- Path I - [21:05]
    -- Path II - [27:57]
    -- Path III - [29:53]
    -- Path IV - [32:25]
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    z71foxGreat video
    Posted by z71fox on 13 Mar 16 at 01:34
    SPEC 0PS 69what worked for me ( on the "floor puzzle in path one) was: looking straight down at the floor and walking only one row up at a time in the middle square. I would then move the camera to the left or right to get all 3 squares in the row to match and then making sure that row was all grey before starting work on the next row (may have to go back and forth one or two times depending on if that row is grey or blue when you finish with it.) that puzzle made me basically rage quite the game for so long but now I just did it last night to get through level 5 and again today to do this soul puzzle
    Posted by SPEC 0PS 69 on 01 Feb 18 at 23:02
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    The 5th level is split into four parts with different puzzles in each area.

    Area I

    The first thing you will come across is a floor with a tile pattern and you need to make all of the patterned tiles disappear to get passed the first door, the way you do this is by taking the tile of your screen then putting it back that makes it disappear or re appear depending on what it was before you took it of the screen. The way I did this is by working on one line at a time then spin round at the end and looking at whole floor at once. This is more of a skill game that a puzzle but you will get there in the end.

    If you make all of the tiles disappear then the door on the right will open. In that room you will find a pattern on the wall if you walk around the room following the pattern on the wall the next door will open.

    When you go through the next door you will find a picture on the floor that is split into different parts, if you start on the second one from the middle and work outwards you will find it easy. The easiest way to do this though is to line up the golden lines you will find on each segment. If you line all the parts correctly it will open the gates into the last area.

    In the last area you will come across 4 tall buildings that you can spin to make a path to the top, so starting with the pillar you first come to on the left spin the bottom one 3 times the middle piece 3 times, the next pillar that’s on the right spin the bottom piece twice and the middle piece once and the top piece once, then the far right pillar the middle piece twice and the top twice and finally the far left pillar spin the top piece once. Now follow the path right to the top and press the button to finish the first area.

    Area II

    There will be a few leavers in front of you each of them will raise a stair in the area behind the levers, if you pull each one a little bit more than the last one you should be able to judge it to be able to climb the stairs and get to the next area.

    The next part will have two walls the right hand side has some buttons pressed in but the left wall has all of the buttons not pressed, if you copy the pattern on the left wall then the gate will open to the last area.

    In the last area if you stand in the middle of the building, look to the ceiling, then spin in a clockwise direction, a light will start appearing and when you make that light as big as you can that will complete area I and light it up back in the main area.

    Area III

    The first puzzle has 3 spinning glasses, a light and a button, to open the gate you need to look through all three glasses at the light at the same time. You can do this by pressing the button when all of the glasses line up 9 O’clock position if your standing at the button. If you time it right, you should be able to see the light through all of the glasses at the same time open the next room.

    The next room has 4 big globes, if you look at the floor you will see three of them have I under them and the other has III under it, this represents the amount of lights must be seen through the globe to activate. You can do this puzzle by standing directly behind the globe with a three under it and make sure all of the other 3 globes are in your view, this should activate all of the globes and let you into the last area.

    In the last area all you have to do is walk round the silver ball in a clock wise direction the ball should start revealing more and more layers until you can see a big light in the middle, when this has happened it will complete the 3rd area and you can move to the last area.

    Area IV

    The first puzzle will have a maze that lets you spin the piece’s around if you start on the middle right piece spin that twice, then the piece under that spin once, then spin the bottom left corner 3 times, then the middle piece once, then the middle top piece twice and finally the top left piece once. Doing this will open a path round the maze to get you to the other side.

    The last room has a stair case that has a stair case that moves in and disappears if you walk forward. All you have to do is walk backwards around the stair case which will let you press the red button to end the IV area and if you now go back to the middle area you will be able to go through the big door to end the level.

    If you need help with anything I have included a video below

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