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My Perspective

Completed Chapter Six

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How to unlock the My Perspective achievement

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    Chapter 6 - Begins at 38:28 in the video below.

    Head forward and an opaque walkway will appear before you. Cross to the left side into the room with white globes on the floor. Stand over the center one and jump to complete the puzzle. Leave and go straight across to the far side, and simply stare at the sundial for ~25 seconds to complete this puzzle.

    Go back and take a right across the magical bridge. When you reach the tall tower, push the button to flip it, showing a III in the doorway. Head in and you'll find two pressure-plate puzzles, one on each side. You need to make the floor of each side match the wall on the far side's room to complete them. Just step on/off the tiles to switch them from white to black. To see this in action, check timestamp 41:00 in the video.

    Head out and hit the button to rotate the III tower again. On the far side is probably the trickiest puzzle in the game. You'll find a small room with a pillar in the middle that has a vase on top and multiple buttons on it. We shall number them clockwise from the one closest to the door you enter from originally. Remember this, because we will always use this orientation for the numbers, so this numbering is always in relation to how you FIRST inter the room with the button pillar.

    So from where you first enter, the button closest to the door you came from is #1. The button 90 degrees to the left (the next one when going clockwise around the pillar) is number 2. The one on the far side is number 3, and the one to the right is number 4.

    Press number 1 followed by number 2. Then press number 1 a few times (or number 3 one time) to rotate the door so that you can walk through it. In this area there will be several clear globes, one of which has a blue flame you must drag back to the button pillar room.

    *Painting Alert - First though, drop off the side of the 'rolling bridge' and walk toward it to spin it away, revealing a staircase going down. This is where you'll come to start and finish the 5 painting sequence. Head down the stairs and hide behind the far bench to the right so that none of the 4 eyes can see you. This will open the door. Quickly walk out from behind the bench and through the door. The next room has both painting I and painting V. Painting I is above the door from which you entered, and painting V is above the far side. Go ahead and turn around facing back the way you came and pan your camera up to view painting I. It should turn dark when you look at it. Be careful not to look back at painting V before you leave.*

    Head back to the spinning bridge and up the stairs to the side. Cross over it and head up to where the blue flame is. You must look 'through' a nearby clear globe so that you're viewing the globe holding the flame through the lens of a different clear globe in order to 'pull' the flame to the globe you're near. Continue to do this, pulling the flame from globe to globe until its across the bridge and in the globe below the platform in the button pillar room.

    Push the buttons in this order: 4, 4, 1, 1 (again keeping in mind their location is relative to how you first entered earlier, not to where the door currently is). This opens the path to the 'final' orb. Pull the flame to this orb in the same way, then look at the blue eye that comes out of the opening above and follow its movement until it lands above the far door on the other side of the button pillar room.

    Head back into that room and push the buttons in this order: 2, 1, 4. This will align the door with the exit. Head through and onto the dais to finish this final chapter and unlock My Perspective.

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    The Ol n DeThe video and the solutions are good,
    but what in the world is the logic for the puzzles at the tall tower III ???
    One side is inverted, and not the other one ?
    That's just .......
    Posted by The Ol n De on 12 Nov 20 at 18:55
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    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

    You can view a full video walkthrough with commentary of the game below, and Chapter Six begins at [35:25].
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    When you start the level just head forward towards the big hole in the floor and when you get close enough you will notice a rotating bridge, if you go to the middle of that bridge and turn left you will get to the first puzzle. In the first puzzle all you have to do is stand next to the middle ball and then jump. Now head back to the bridge again to the opposite side where you will find the second challenge. In the second all you have to do is watch the dial until it has done one full rotation, don’t look away or it will reset and you will have to do it again. Once that has been completed head back to the main area and the door to go to the next area should be open.

    To complete puzzle 3 the first thing you have to do is hit the red button to spin the clock tower around. Now go into the clock tower and each side will have a painting on the wall you have to replicate the paining in the opposite room you will know when you have done it right because a little bell sound will go off when they both match. Now go back to the red button and press it again which will allow you access to the last puzzle.

    In the last area you have to rotate the box in front of you to face the right hand side, you can do this by clicking the far button first then the one on the right then the closest button from when you first came in. Go along that path until you get to the bulb with the blue light in. You now need to get that light back to the box room you started at, you can do this by looking through another bulb at the blue light which will move it to that new bulb. The order of bulbs are really obvious but if you get stuck with any of them there is a video below. When you get back into the box room you want it to face the opposite side you can do this by clicking the far button twice then the left button twice from when you entered the room. Now move the flame to the last bulb which will open a set of gate above the bulb if you look at the open space an eye will fly, you have to follow the eye on your screen until it reaches the destination if it goes of your screen at all it will reset but just look at the gates again and it will pop back out. Finally head back into the rotating room and click the far button, then the left button, then the closest button in relation to where you came in again and head out of the door and walk ahead. All you have to do now is wait for the last door to open and the end of the level will be there.

    If you get stuck with anything I have included a video below

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