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Well Equipped

Unlock every equipment card.

Well Equipped-0.4
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    Note - if you buy the DLC, you'll need all DLC cards if you haven't unlocked this prior, this would also include the cards from the Title Update.
    This also means you'll need to do the Apprentice and Warlord cards even if you don't own the DLC, as you have them by default. I don't think Apprentice has any, but Warlord does.
    There was also a Title Update that added more cards. If you didn't get the achievement before that came out, you need those as well.

    To unlock more equipment or encounters, you want to use cards that have the little token symbols at the bottom. This means, if you play the encounter right, you unlock more cards. Some of the harder encounters require quite a bit of food/money/luck or some combination therein. As the wiki does a good job of explaining individual cards, I would recommend using that.

    My main purpose for writing the guide is to state that it would likely be best to work on this (or at least your last few harder cards) on Apprentice difficulty. Playing on apprentice does not stop you from unlocking more cards, and as it is easier, you'll generally have more resources for the resource intensive cards.

    Some cards have really weird outcomes to reward the token (one I can remember requires you to fail and then huge success.) Look for the outcomes that say 'Rewards a token.'

    I'd recommend using
    Hand of FateLord of WarThe Lord of War achievement in Hand of Fate worth 280 pointsComplete all Warlord encounters.
    for the Warlord cards, although even when the achievement unlocks there are still a couple more cards after it.

    Step by Step
    1. Focus on getting tokens during the 'story' - use the wiki for token outcomes, some aren't obvious.
    2. Endless Apprentice for most of the rest. Or Jack of Skulls if you prefer restarting when you can't find what you need.
    3. Warlord encounters, use the guide for that specific achievement.
    4. Blacksmith - I recommend endless Warlord personally.
    5. Post-Blacksmith - Endless Apprentice again. (Only a couple cards) Or you could do the Jack of Skulls retries since there aren't too many assuming you've unlocked everything else.

    Note - I couldn't get Huge Success to show up for Wheel of the Gods on Apprentice. Wheel of the Gods is a normal encounter AND a Warlord encounter when you unlock it, so you can play on Warlord for 2 chances at it.
    Update - Lockie has stated you must play on Warlord for Huge Success to even appear.
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