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Well Travelled

Unlock every encounter card.

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How to unlock the Well Travelled achievement

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    Note - if you buy the DLC, you'll need all DLC cards if you haven't unlocked this prior.
    This also means you'll need to do the Apprentice and Warlord cards even if you don't own the DLC, as you have them by default.
    Note - Since first writing this guide there has been a new Title Update that has added more cards. If there is anything difficult about these cards that makes it so this guide does not suffice I will add to it.

    To unlock more equipment or encounters, you want to use cards that have the little token symbols at the bottom. This means, if you play the encounter right, you unlock more cards. Some of the harder encounters require quite a bit of food/money/luck or some combination therein. As the wiki does a good job of explaining individual cards, I would recommend using that.

    My main purpose for writing the guide is to state that it would likely be best to work on this (or at least your last few harder cards) on Apprentice difficulty. Playing on apprentice does not stop you from unlocking more cards, and as it is easier, you'll generally have more resources for the resource intensive cards.

    Some cards have really weird outcomes to reward the token (one I can remember requires you to fail and then huge success.) Look for the outcomes that say 'Rewards a token.'

    I'd recommend using
    Hand of FateLord of WarThe Lord of War achievement in Hand of Fate worth 299 pointsComplete all Warlord encounters.
    for the Warlord cards, although even when the achievement unlocks there are still a couple more cards after it.

    Most easier cards I just focused on during the 'story'. While the same Warlords guide suggested doing Jack of Skulls for certain encounters, I found myself more often than not ending up against two bosses just about every fight. Most cards other than the Warlord ones where you need to have certain equipment I'd recommend endless mode.

    I tried doing Blacksmith (from Warlord 3) on Jack of Skulls but I just never had any decent supplies by the time I found it. The first time I found it in endless I beat it. I mean mainly it comes down to luck, I'm sure some people will do fine retrying Jack of Skulls for it. For some reason if you go back to older court cards it seems to keep the farther ones in the deck, so you can end up against harder bosses or even the boss you're supposed to be looking for. But on endless mode you only start with 2/3 of dust and then he adds cards from there.

    Note - I couldn't get Huge Success to show up for Wheel of the Gods on Apprentice. Wheel of the Gods is a normal encounter AND a Warlord encounter when you unlock it, so you can play on Warlord for 2 chances at it.
    Update - Lockie has stated you must play on Warlord for Huge Success to even appear.
    Step by Step
    1. Focus on getting tokens during the 'story' - use the wiki for token outcomes, some aren't obvious.
    2. Endless Apprentice for most of the rest. Or Jack of Skulls if you prefer restarting when you can't find what you need.
    3. Warlord encounters, use the guide for that specific achievement.
    4. Blacksmith - I recommend endless Warlord personally.
    5. Post-Blacksmith - Endless Apprentice again. (Only a couple cards) Or you could do the Jack of Skulls retries since there aren't too many assuming you've unlocked everything else.
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    McGubbaloWarlord and Apprentice are required. They are part of the Title Update, and not part of the DLC.
    Posted by McGubbalo on 17 Feb 16 at 17:13
    Rickr304Annnnnnnnnnd game save was lost.

    Wow. Lost all my progress. Just by turning on my xbox.

    I was two cards away from both 100 point achievements.

    Patch has already been submitted by the developer, but it wont give me back my progress. Not happy right now.
    Posted by Rickr304 on 18 Feb 16 at 03:30
    McGubbaloYou have to be REALLY careful when dashboarding to save your butt. Easy when picking success/failure cards, but tricky when losing a battle. If you can't pause before dashboarding, you are at a MUCH higher risk for corrupting your save. Don't wait until your final death blow; if you are below 10 health, pause and dashboard.
    Posted by McGubbalo on 18 Feb 16 at 17:40
    JalutajaThe 3rd update/dlc ads automatically new encounters and equipment to 100% list.
    Posted by Jalutaja on 24 Feb 16 at 09:17
    BUZZARDBAIT1974make sure you have the band card you get from the lonely bard.
    Posted by BUZZARDBAIT1974 on 05 Mar 16 at 06:33
    Elite1111111111Is that needed? You don't actually get it for the deck.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 05 Mar 16 at 07:29
    Greenshell48I just wanted to give my advice for people having trouble with Blacksmith. I find that the artifact Feathered Ice is a really useful card as it can freeze most of the enemies around you, giving you a chance to really go to town on specific enemies (I'm looking at you King of Plague). However the best advice I have is to try to get the armor the Depth of Night, which lets you completely redraw the monster cards from an encounter. I don't know if it's the same all the time but I used it here and it gave me a minotaur and some lizardmen to fight, making the encounter a lot easier.
    Posted by Greenshell48 on 10 Apr 16 at 06:48
    LockieGood guide, just thought I'd mention that for the Wheel of Gods encounter (post-Blacksmith) you have to play on Warlord mode otherwise it doesn't give you the Huge Success choice required for its token.

    I managed to defeat Blacksmith encounter fairly easily with the Blood Crescent sword, just took out both bosses with its LB ability then cleaned up the minions. Also I found the Clairvoyant helmet useful for some of these encounters since it marks one of the Failure options for you.
    Posted by Lockie on 24 Apr 17 at 14:47
    Elite1111111111Thanks Lockie. I had a note related to this in my other guide, but must have forgot to put it here.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 24 Apr 17 at 14:49
    LockieNo worries. I tried twice and got 2 Success 2 Failure, so was a bit confused about it because it's not mentioned on the Wiki, so googled a bit and found out the reason why on another forum. I wonder how many other cards are altered by difficulty like that. laugh
    Posted by Lockie on 25 Apr 17 at 02:49
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