Dragon Slayer achievement in Hand of Fate

Dragon Slayer

Equip all the Dragon Relic items at once.

Dragon Slayer+1.4
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How to unlock the Dragon Slayer achievement

  • xTMx VoytekxTMx Voytek843,170
    28 Mar 2016 28 Mar 2016 23 Oct 2019
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    First off, you'll need to unlock every dragon card, these cards are:
    Dragon Ring - Already owned
    Dragon Claws - unlocked by "Petward Monk"
    Dragon Helm - unlocked by "Petward Monk"
    Dragon Shield - unlocked by "Petward Monk"
    Dragon Breath (artefact) - unlocked by "Petward Monk"
    Dragon Tongue (sword) - unlocked by "Petward Monk"
    Dragon Armour - unlocked by "Petward Monk"

    In order to get the "Petward Monk" encounter, you have to start from "The Tavern" encounter. In the spoiler below is the whole progression to get to that point:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    For this achievement I tried Endless, but it took forever to get even half of the dragon relics (potentially due to awful luck, but moving on). So I recommend playing King of Plagues on Adventurer difficulty (IT WILL NOT UNLOCK ON APPRENTICE) with this setup:

    Equipment Cards:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Encounter Cards:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    While playing, focus on stopping at every shop and don't be afraid to backtrack and hit a shop twice. If you see the Mage's Shop, then you have to stop there until you get the Dragon Ring because that's the only shop that it appears in. Everything else should appear in all the other shops/tinkerers (besides Healer and Priest shops since they don't sell items). If you make it to the floor exit before stopping everywhere, pay attention to what your "Ring of Hindsight" is revealing and backtrack if necessary.

    Also pay attention to what cards are being discarded; for example if you landed on "twisted canyon" and got to draw your weapon but it was on the bottom of the deck, the game would discard every card picked before it picked the sword. That would make it so you'd have to wait until your equipment deck was reshuffled before you'd draw the necessary dragon relics from 'gain equipment' cards. If early enough, it might be worth it to forfeit and restart the King of Plagues.

    A little bit of luck and patience is necessary. Quit to the dashboard and quit the game to restart it if you ever fail an encounter, die or just want to reload the shops for a better chance at getting the equipment you need. Each run through shouldn't take very long, especially if you skip/breeze past most encounters.

    Good luck!!

    *Updated High Priestess Card to 6 blessings, not 4.

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    Elite1111111111As far as I can tell, you don't actually put the Dragon Ring in your deck. I have all the cards and I couldn't find it anywhere. The Traveling Mage just always sells it. Their stock is independent of your deck.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 11 Jan 17 at 17:39
    InquisitorZacGood guide.
    **UPDATE: The High Priestess Card is now SIX blessings** 🤮
    Back to the King of Skulls level for this beaut.
    Posted by InquisitorZac on 21 Oct 19 at 13:16
    xTMx VoytekInquisitorZac yikes, that doesn't sound fun.. I'll update it thanks!
    Posted by xTMx Voytek on 23 Oct 19 at 16:44
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  • IcyThrasherIcyThrasher744,597
    25 Feb 2015 03 Mar 2015 01 Mar 2016
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    Yeah, so I see you have all equipment unlocked (Don't bother with achievement if you don't or aren't close). I'm going to assume you're good at the game lol.

    Play 'King of Plague'
    Have all the dragon relic item's in your deck + innocence (shield) + every ring in the game.
    You shouldn't have any other items in your deck.
    Pick the cards that give you rewards (I can list the deck I used but I figure by now you know the cards pretty well)
    The main cards to have are:
    'Twisted Canyon' (allows you to draw you're only sword)
    'A Merchants Favor' (allows an instant 100 gold)
    'Treasure Chest' (Allows equipment and gold)
    'Loan' (never give 40, only ever 20 or 10)
    'Tavern Wager' (usually gives equipment even if you don't have enough to wager)
    'Shop' (Adds another shop lol)
    'Royal Treasure' (Godly card! you need to succeed, it's a must)
    'Blacksmiths Gratitude' (Another way to receive your only weapon...I think)
    'Stranger in the Shadows' (Easy way to earn gold as long as you have the health to spare)
    'Cursed Treasure' (Risky depending on what curses you get, but most of the time worth it)
    'Dead Kings Hail' (Risky cause sometimes the game is a dick and awards you impossible enemy's)
    'The crucible' (Very risky, if you're not good at the combat in this game without a shield don't put this card in your deck lol)
    'The lizard dome' (pretty decent rewards)
    'Ambush' (Go back and steal after the fight)

    Any other cards are up to you to add, the ones I listed are the ones I found most rewarding.

    Next play through getting the best rewards for each card.

    IMPORTANT!! If you come to a 'Mage Shop' Stay there reloading the game over and over until you get the Dragon Ring. This is the only shop in the game I have ever found the ring to spawn at.

    For the rest of the items you're going to need to buy them at pretty much a combination of the 'mage shop,' 'Tinkerers Shop,' 'Jewelry Shop,' and 'Shop'

    I would recommend amassing a large amount of gold and then sitting at a shop later in the game entering and exiting back and forth. Reloading the game as often as you want to conserve food.

    IMPORTANT!!! ...through the game you need to pay attention to what cards are discarded. If any of the dragon relics are discarded you will literally need to buy everything in the shop until it will reshuffle the cards that were discarded back into the shops items to choose from.

    That's not as scary as it seems trust me. I ended up buying all 40 equipment cards plus the dragon ring.

    Good rings to have:
    'Bashing Ring' (Remember to bash every combat)
    'Ring of Reward' (REALLY GOOD to have, it allows you to draw 3 equip cards and pick one)
    'Guild Ring' (Discount on all the items you'll be buying)
    'Ring of Enlightenment' (Allows you to get a ridiculous amount of gold as long as you've been
    collecting blessings)
    'Master Ring' (1 gold per ring per encounter)

    Reloading trick...dashboard, press start on game, then quit. Then reload the game right where you left off. I did this over 300 times throughout my entire play of the game and I never lost any save data, let me know if you have. I use it mainly to get the best rewards for each card and to find the items I need at shops.
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    UpgradePolecatDisregard that, it was simply slow in unlocking. I can confirm it unlocks on Warlord.
    Posted by UpgradePolecat on 20 Feb 16 at 08:46
    ForbiddenJobuI'd add the Master Ring as a good one to have - it gives you 1 gold per ring per encounter. Considering that you'll probably have a lot of rings anyway, you're looking at a lot of "free" gold. I was getting 7 gold per step in the run in which I finally got this achievement.
    Posted by ForbiddenJobu on 01 Mar 16 at 06:39
    OldMateClownMight be good to list how much each item costs in the shops both with & without the guild ring so people can plan ahead easier? I will keep tabs on how much they cost as I try to find them.
    Posted by OldMateClown on 16 Dec 16 at 06:30
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