The Bright Lord

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The Bright Lord

Lord of the Ring achievement in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Lord of the Ring

Complete all objectives in the Test of The Ring.

Lord of the Ring0
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How to unlock the Lord of the Ring achievement

  • D34dBodyManD34dBodyMan338,711
    09 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015
    81 5 38
    Fast solution summery. If you have any question ill go into more detail

    1. soon as the timer start press cn_left on the D-pad and summon your Uruks, Dominate them and get 12 locations on the map that are not in conflict,

    2. Fast travel to Uduns Crossing Tower (Bottom of the map) Press cn_LB and spin around and look for a Graug. If there is not one there fast travel again. ( you dont have to leave the tower just press cn_X on the map and fast travel again.) This can take quite a few attempts but is still very fast in the long run.

    3. Once a Graug Spawns shadow strike / mount it . Now like the Lord of the hunt Trial. use the graug to kill the 12 captains. If any are afraid of Graugs and run shadow brand them as they run (you dont have to get off the graug to do it) cn_RB get intel and kill.

    4. Once the 12 are dead Go to all the conflict areas and Brand the remaining. use lintel on the war chief first and with what ever is left uncover the captains if needed. If you have to repeat step 1.

    5. Hunt down the War chiefs. Any mission that requires you to kill Uruks to draw out a captain. Run into the Green zone on the map summon your 5 Uruks cn_left and press cn_down to kill them off. Do this as many times as needed.

    My first attempt i completed it with 9 mins left. I Also screwed up and kill a 13th captain because i just could not brand him, so i had to get killed to bring up a new Uruk in the ranks. in return some of my branded captains became bodyguards too so that add a smaller amount of difficulty because they need to live. But took almost no damage in a battle

    pressing cn_down this will consume your uruks but not your captain

    Use the ring on combat masters only and warchiefs, every other captain can be beat by using cn_B to stun and cn_Xcombo or, cn_A to vault cn_X combo, or cn_B to stun, cn_A to vault, then cn_X combo.

    If there are any loose uruks around when branding a captain use cn_X cn_A to brand everyone before you try to brand a captain.

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    SirMrRealityManThis helped out massively. Nearly got it first go, but realised too late that I could use the Graug on Captains that grouped up. I noticed on both runs, a good amount of captains spawned mostly on the right side, and the rest spawned seperately on the west side of the map, with one area only having two. The areas mostly populated by captains should be focused on using the Graug. It helps a lot.

    I did mess up once or twice on the second run, but got a little lucky with the captain that came in had no enemies near by and wasn't a combat master, so just went to town on him with flurry attacks and executions.

    Having the Broken Mind rune(s) (I had lv. 13 and 16 equipped on the bow) that has a chance to give back elf shots on brand helped out massively as I could shadow brand captain or warchief mobs and make it easier to deal with them
    Posted by SirMrRealityMan on 29 Dec 20 at 16:53
    gL1tcH cwbThis method works fine to me today, with 57 minutes hehe.
    Posted by gL1tcH cwb on 03 Jan 21 at 22:08
    OnsidicSide note : achievement is linked to the objectives/ final warlord boss kill, not the leaderboard. This achievement still pops. (at least 10 people have got this achievements after Dec 31st)
    Posted by Onsidic on 04 Jan 21 at 15:16
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  • RemekiRemeki2,812,924
    24 Feb 2015 24 Feb 2015 25 Feb 2015
    71 14 38
    This will likely be the hardest achievement in the dlc, but take comfort in knowing that it's much, much easier than the Test of the Wild. That said, you're still going to need a little luck, but knowledge and skills play a much larger role this time around.

    For starters you'll need to remember that Celembrior plays a bit different than Talion as well as how he did in the dlc's campaign. Thankfully he's more like Talion in Test of the Ring, but he does have differences you need to note.

    For starters when Celembrior aims his bow he does not get Focus, meaning time will not slow down while aiming. To compensate he doesn't need to charge his arrows, so each one shot will always be fully charged automatically. He also gets access to Shadow Brand (cn_LT + cn_B), a move like Shadow Strike except it uses three elf-shot instead of two and brands the target. Like Shadow Strike, Shadow Brand can be chained to other uruks.

    Secondly, Celembrior can summon five branded uruks to fight for him by pressing cn_left. This can also summon branded captains as one of the five if they are nearby. He gets health when you use Consume (cn_down). However, Consume WILL NOT KILL branded captains or war chiefs. This is very important, because Celembrior can't issue commands to branded captains and war chiefs. This means you can't start murders or riots, meaning you have NO reason to brand war chiefs in this trial. If you do brand a chief, you'll need to kill him by beating on him, since you can't use Consume. This will waste valuable time, so don't brand war chiefs.

    Edit: As The Allslayer stated in the comments you can dominate, interrogate, and then kill war chiefs. This can help aid in gathering information. Just be very, very careful to select kill after interrogating if you chose to do this.

    Thirdly, where Talion had three special meters he could fill for stealth, bow, and executions Celembrior has one. This is The One Ring, which combines all three abilities into one. Thus you'll have infinite fire arrows, executions, and become invisible when you use it. It also has the added bonus of negating the immunities of captains when used. To charge it up you'll need to dominate uruks. Any action that can brand works, so you'll have a lot of options. Branding caragors and graugs will also fill it.

    By understanding Celembrior's abilities you'll have a much easier time with the challenges. The main goal of the challenge will be to kill 5 war chiefs and 12 captains. You don't need to worry about having them dead all at once thankfully. I killed one war chief and then took a No Chance arrow to the face. A branded captain filled the vacant spot, but even though five war chiefs were in power my tally still showed 1/5 war chiefs killed. Thus you just need to get the total needed number of kills.

    You'll have three bonuses you'll need to meet. You'll need to brand a combination of eight captains and war chiefs, brand 50 grunts (any non captain uruk counts), and finish in 60 minutes. Remember that Celembrior can't kill captains and up with Consume, so don't brand the war chiefs, as you'll need to kill all five for the main objective. You'll have 20 captains running around, which should give you enough for the eight brands and 12 kills that you will need. Be mindful that you need eight branded captains/war chiefs at the end. You can't brand and then kill something, as that will only count towards a kill for the respective class.

    Branding the 50 grunts will be done as you progress through the trial. You'll be branding to help refill The One Ring, and you'll likely brand quite a few to act as meat shields while dealing with captains. I would advise making use of Wraith Flash (cn_A + cn_X when combo meter is red). When fighting captains, especially in forts and strongholds, you'll have a lot of uruks around. Two Wraith Flashes used back to back can convert a lot, which helps add to your total and creates more distractions, making it easier to deal with captains. In short, don't be to concerned about this objective, as you'll likely hit it with ease.

    The 60 minute time limit is again the hardest condition, as you're going to feel pressured because of the clock. Still, you're going to have a lot more breathing room than in you did in Test of the Wild. Be mindful of it, but focus on kill/branding captains and war chiefs.

    The trial itself is fairly straightforward. The map is smaller, and captains are much easier to find then they were in Test of the Wild. Be mindful that they are much stronger though, as they'll have power levels of 21+. You won't be able to take much punishment, so be mindful of their attacks.

    Like in Test of the Wild your time stops while looking at the map and Sauron's army. You're going to want to get the intel on the war chiefs as soon as you can. Since you can't start riots you'll need to flush them out via their missions and you need to know what those are. Some will take very little time while others will take more. You need to know what you'll have to do so you can budget your time. War chiefs will not start with bodyguards, from my experience, so unless you die or fast forward time you should only have to deal with them you go for the kill.

    When you go to kill a war chief always go with a full The One Ring bar. Once you flushed them out use it. I only used executions, and was able to kill Tumhorn, Skak, and Rug before it wore off while leaving Gorfe and Akoth near death. I completely forgot about fire arrows, so you may want to try spamming those instead, but it shows that fighting with The One Ring available makes the war chiefs cake. Keep in mind that all starting war chiefs will be vulnerable to combat finishers, so you can make use of those if you don't kill them when using your special.

    Once you kill one war chief go off and kill/brand captains until you fill The One Ring again. Dominating uruks will also help towards your brand 50 grunts objective. Once it's filled go kill another war chief. Be mindful when attacking though, as you can run into captains while fighting the chief. The One Ring helps mitigate this a bit, as you can focus and kill the chief and then work on the captain, but if you can kill the captains in a fort/stronghold prior to starting a war chief mission you're highly encouraged to do so.

    You're going to be going after captain's quickly, as speed is key. If you see one in a fort or country side kill him. I'd recommend beating him until he gets the green circle and then grabbing with cn_RB and dominating with cn_A. Immediately grill him for information and revel a war chief, if you're missing them, or another captain if you've got all five already. Once done kill him or brand him. Keep in mind that you only need 8 captains branded and you can't kill them with Consume so try to balance your action between the dominating and murdering. If you notice any power struggles involving two captains, like an execution or duel, take advantage of it.

    Finally, you may find yourself coming up short depending on how things have gone. I had one war chief left, with one branded war chief (I died and the captain was promoted) and six brand captains. I needed one more captain kill and one more brand, but I had no more captains, and fast forwarding time wasn't bringing in any replacements. If this happens to you simply find a group of uruks and let them kill you. This will promote one to captain. I had to do it twice on my successful run, so be mindful that you can do this if you're coming up short.

    That's about it ladies and gents. You'll still need a little luck, and you may have to try the challenge a few times. Since you've had the patience to read to the bottom of this you undoubtedly have the patience to clear this trial. Give it a go, learn from your successes and failures, and before you know it you'll have another achievement to add to your collection.
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    bloodlands 666Do no new captains come lost two branded captains am i screwed now tryed to advance time did not help
    Posted by bloodlands 666 on 01 Dec 20 at 23:01
    IRL Games XI hate these challenges had 10 mins left 2 warchief to kill and they killed me and 7 of my captains
    Posted by IRL Games X on 02 Dec 20 at 16:47
    Lost 7 how the fk ?!
    Posted on 29 Dec 20 at 18:25
  • Roose91Roose91990,468
    25 Feb 2015 26 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015
    22 2 1
    I seem to be the odd one out here and although it probably didn't take me as long to get this one compared to Test of the Wild, I certainly found it more frustrating.

    My second successful run.

    Once again, we need to complete ALL objectives (both Primary and Secondary) in one playthrough to attain this one. These are as follows.

    Primary Objective:

    Kill 5 War Chiefs and 12 Captains

    Secondary Objectives:

    Brand 50 Grunts (Generic Uruks/Defenders/Archers etc.)

    Have 8 Captains or War Chiefs Branded (At the same time, if one dies you must brand another).

    Complete the trial in less than 60 minutes.

    Now, I tried a few different strategies for this and came a cropper each time and eventually decided to think it through and do my own thing. You have to be quite sure of what you are doing on this one and messing up can cost you big time. I thought I was going to do it on the one I streamed on Twitch but buggered it up due to the order I had killed the enemies.

    You will notice that there are 20 Captains and 5 War Chiefs (what's new?). The problem is though that these will be the ONLY Captains and War Chiefs in the game. Unlike in the main game, Uruks will not periodically be promoted from grunts to Captaincies (even if using the forward time ability at a tower) UNLESS you allow a generic Uruk to kill you and be promoted. Essentially what this means is that should you end up in a position like me in the video where you do not have enough unbranded Captains to make the quota (and killing branded captains would reduce your goal of having 8 branded) due to some being promoted to War Chief (and thus counting towards the 'War Chiefs killed' tally and not the 'Captains killed' one), you are essentially buggered as you will have to play out more War Chief missions (some of which are rather lengthy i.e 20 enemies killed without being hit) and constantly be stressing yourself out planning how you are going to get enough captains to complete it now that you're behind the curve and allowing yourself to be killed to generate more.

    To mitigate for this we are going to hit all 20 Captains first, brand them if possible as you go but don't do anything too risky whilst trying to do so as we do have 20 attempts. So start off, start moving around dominating Uruks for information on Captains, if you find any intel or Worms use them to uncover the information on the War Chiefs until you have all 5, then use them on the Captains as it may make your life slightly easier.The enemies are much higher levels than in TotW and depending on your luck of the drawer, many captains may have frankly ridiculous perk sets (I commonly had Captains with invulnerabilities to Combat Finishers & Ranged Damage, who you couldn't jump over yet would have shields and have hatreds that would always seem to manifest just as I got them to low health as Carragors or Ghuls would conveniently show up, giving the Captain a fully restored health bar just by stamping his feet a bit in hatred of whatever it was he hated). This is unfortunate but you just have to work with it. Our ace in the hole however, is Celebrimbor's special ability 'The One Ring' which combines all 3 of Talion's abilities and, most importantly, negates all enemy strengths and immunities. This means if you do come up against a particularly hard bastard, use the One Ring and repeatedly use combat finishers on him until he drops. You get a reasonable amount of time in The One Ring mode which is good because you will often find yourself in situations with multiple Captains and/or dozens of Uruk Grunts. In these situations if you have the One Ring bar full you should have enough time to kill two Captains before the bar depletes and can also repeatedly use the AoE Brand attack (A+X) to brand large groups of enemies to both fight for you and contribute to the secondary objective. You should be using this ability a lot and if you see lone Uruks, be sure to brand them so that you are always going into a big fight against a Captain with a fully charged, or at least nearly charged, One Ring bar.

    So that's your focus at the start, uncovering Captains whilst also branding them whenever possible. Once you have 8 branded Captains, do NOT brand anymore, just kill any other Captains from then on. I would also suggest not summoning Uruks if one or more of the summons is going to be a branded Captain (you'll know if they are as there will be a blue skull with a number of how many Captains will come in the bottom left corner where the summon bar is) as you run the risk of them dying and cocking things up for you.

    Once you have the 8 branded and 12 dead captains, start doing War Chief missions. I had about 20 minutes left at this point I think. Most of the missions are reasonably simple, aside from the afore-mentioned 20 kills without being hit which is a pain if you have in come up in certain parts of the map as you can easily get swamped and it by far takes the longest even on a successful run. Seeing as all the Captains are dead, the War Chiefs will have no bodyguards and we should have already completed all the other objectives at this point. The War Chiefs themselves are all rather easy, especially compared to many of the Captains and you shouldn't have a hard time killing them, use the One Ring ability if necessary but don't muck about as you might be cutting it a bit more finely than you think or be set back unexpectedly. when you kill the last War Chief the trial will end and the achievement will pop.

    In Short:

    1.) Dominate Uruks to find locations of Captains.
    2.) Move around killing Captains whilst branding them if possible whilst continuing with step 1 until all Uruks are revealed, 8 Captains are branded and the remainder dead.
    3.) Start doing War Chief missions until they are all dead.
    4.) Give yourself a pat on the back.

    First stream (failed attempt but a few lessons learned).

    Rune set ups to follow shortly.
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    SenythGreat strategy, worked on my first try! One thing I discovered while going for the Silver Fist, however, is that the epic dagger rune Forge of War (restores 4 elf shot on a drain or brand) triggers off of shadow brand... so you spend 3 to instantly brand an uruk from any distance and then immediately recoup the cost plus an extra arrow on top!

    I found infinitely chaining shadow brand to be extremely useful for charging up the One Ring for quick Captain/War Chief kills. It's also good for changing the tide of battle of you're getting overwhelmed, especially if you have a rune that heals you on a brand.

    It's probably also worth mentioning that if a captain turns green while you have the Ring active, you can grab and dominate him without worrying about any of the uruks around you. No one can stop you!
    Posted by Senyth on 11 Mar 15 at 17:55
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