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Title Update 3

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Title Update 3

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Find all 12 of Ainsley’s drawings scribbled on city walls.

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Achievement Guide for D’awwwwww

  • DRF PatchDRF Patch920,003
    13 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015
    424 20 18
    Really simple collectible achievement.

    I used the video below, all credit goes to the owner.

  • Chameleon1977Chameleon1977228,336
    14 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015 08 Jun 2015
    236 4 16
    For those who would rather have a map of the twelve locations than a video, there's this one (click for full size):
    External image

    The drawings are all the same, and look like this:
    External image

    Simply stand in front of each drawing and press cn_Y when prompted. Most, but not all, are on ground level. For those interested, the drawings are the product of Sunset Overdrive Game Director Drew Murray's 4-year old daughter Ainsley. D’awwwwww!

    I have also confirmed that there is no map for these available for purchase in-game from Jack.
    Map and drawing image both courtesy of the Developer.

    Edit: Per Dylan XBA, if you have an issue whereby not all drawings register (tracker showing 83% despite having found all 12 drawings), you can go offline, delete local save data, start a new game and get all the drawings before going back online, getting the achievement and then deleting the local save data again before syncing with the cloud data.
  • Maka91Maka91988,122
    13 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015
    79 15 4
    This is a collectible achievement released on Friday, February 13, 2015 via Title Update to celebrate Valentine's day.

    It requires you to find 12 collectibles which are Ainsley's drawings scribbled on the walls. Upon finding them all, the achievement will unlock. You can see a map and video below, and make to take advantage of fast travel.

    Map: (Click to enlarge)
    External image

    Video Guide:

    Note: If you found all 12 prior to this update, it will automatically unlock once you log in.
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