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Fat Stacks, Yo

Earn $1,000,000 in multiplayer games modes within the first 30 days of launch

12 Mar 2015 until 17 Apr 2015

Fat Stacks, Yo
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Challenge Guide for Fat Stacks, Yo

  • RcgueLeaderRcgueLeader94,227 94,227 GamerScore
    25 Mar 2015 22 Mar 2015
    73 7 10
    There are two games that have been found to gain money easier: Blood money and Hotwire. In Hotwire you gain $50 for every vehicle objective you capture. While Hotwired, you earn an additional $15 for every second that you have the vehicle captured..DO NOT SLOW DOWN! The higher amount of tickets in a server, the better.

    You can also gain for this achievement by selling various items you earn from Battlepacks, for example, if you have 10 200% boosts, sell them, Paint jobs can also earn you $5,000 and more. Gather your friends and have a marathon to get that sweet $1,000,000.
  • MISahnovMISahnov240,592
    23 Mar 2015 24 Mar 2015
    26 3 4
    The best and fastest way for every type of gamer is to play Hotwire. You get $50 for achieving the objective (Get in one of the marked cars with a letter then just drive until the blue meter is full, or just be in the car while someone else is driving) and you get $15 for every second the blue bar is full. If you slow down the timer stops until it's full again. (You should get the achievements in 5-10 days for a casual gamers and 2-3 days for a 8-10 hour game sessions.) Feel free to spend your money as you like, you do not need to save it until you hit the $1 million mark.

    A quick tip: use your Mechanic class with the repair tool, so that you can fix the car if it needs it while your teammate is driving. Have fun driving!!!
  • De L0ng Sh4nkDe L0ng Sh4nk86,130
    26 Mar 2015 04 Apr 2015
    13 0 0
    Find a Hotwire server with 4 people on it..
    Less people = more driving time, less people to blow you up and shoot you for your car.
    Use a Gearhead booster is you want.
    Grind it out.. This will also help you get Rep lvl 4 without a hacker.
    i've made 100k-200k in an hour or two like this.

    Riptide, and Everglades have the driving distances..
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