Blue Eagle achievement in Battlefield Hardline

Blue Eagle

Complete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty

Blue Eagle+0.9
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How to unlock the Blue Eagle achievement

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    *Spoiler below*

    Hello and welcome to my guide. First off the other two guides here are very good and contain valuable information. In my guide I will touch on some very good shortcuts that will make this hard line play through a breeze!!!

    First as you may know you must play at least "officer" difficulty to unlock "hardline" difficulty. During this play through I highly recommend that you obtain all evidence and arrest all suspects with warrants!! If you do this you can breeze through the hardline play through because you can kill or skip enemies and you will not need to search for evidence in enemy populated areas!

    Now once you played through and unlocked "hardline" difficulty select the prologue and play it....then select "hardline" difficulty.

    Now for the shortcuts I mentioned earlier.

    Always carry a grappling hook when you can!! This will allow you to shoot it on rooftops and avoid enemies on certain levels! More on that below! Also make sure all your weapons have a silencer on them ( I used the m16)

    On episode 3 when you reach the stadium, you can use the grapple hook on the far left hand side of the stadium and skip all the enemies by avoiding them.

    On episode 4 when you reach the warehouse you can run all the way to the left side of the map on the road and shoot the grappling hook up to the rooftop....kill the enemy near where you climb up and jump off the roof and on to the staircase....then open the just avoided 90% of the enemies outside!

    Click for a video guide
    Battlefield hardline episode 4 shortcut !!:

    On episode 9 you should equip c4 and the gas mask....when you start drilling the vault you can drop the c4 near the desks and retreat to the balcony. Remember the windows are bulletproof!!! Use that to your advantage and hide behind them. Because you have the gas mask you will not be hurt by the gas grenades and I found that when equipped the enemies will NOT toss fire grenades.

    When the enemies approach your c4 trigger will need to shoot at one enemy to get them to that area.

    Also you can lay down and crouch behind the glass on the balcony if you get hurt bad....Kai will toss health as well.

    This next trick is by far my greatest tip in this guide!!!!

    In episode 10 you will approach the beach and 2 enemies...kill them or arrest them... Walk to the left where the shoreline is and you will see one enemy on the dock, kill jump into the water and swim all the way around the water bungelows and keep swimming until you see a wood dock....walk up the path and look for the two enemies near the side of the cliff..... This is referred to as the cliff shortcut!

    You will kill them and then use the grapple hook twice, once at the top kill the enemy and then walk to the left...hop into the waterfall and over the rocks....line up the enemy through the glass and shoot.... Next walk up to the door and you will cutscene kill Dawes! YOU JUST BEAT THE LAST LEVEL IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES ON HARDLINE!

    Below is a video I made for you in case you find it easier to watch the method for episode 10.
    Episode 10 Shortcut battlefield hardline !!!:

    Please feel free to leave feedback, questions, or comments below, thank you and good luck!

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    BacavoitThe C4, gas mask and bulletproof glass is a great tip!
    Posted by Bacavoit On 29 Jun 16 at 20:46
    Posted on 01 Jul 16 at 11:48
    KingTone122Perfect guide. Thanks! Also you should update your op Ruth comment #5.
    Posted by KingTone122 On 25 Aug 17 at 00:28
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    This isn't so much as a guide as it is a warning: If you happen to select the "restart campaign" option by pressing the cn_Y button, you will lose ALL progress you have made in the campaign episodes. This includes your current expert level, all case file progress, and most importantly, any and all weapons/accessories you have unlocked.

    While you can still unlock all items in the way you usually could, it's a bit of a hassle and will put you at a disadvantage when you are forced into a firefight.

    Once again, this is just a heads-up to those who would like to make Hardline difficulty as quick and painless as possible.
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    KanchanaburiI almost did this. Luckily I wasn't tired and realized it would only make it harder. A lot harder.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi On 15 Nov 15 at 00:11
    KillersquirelzI'm confused. Are you saying you can get this achievement by individually replaying all the levels on Hardline difficulty and completing them instead of restarting the whole campaign? Some of the other solutions say you HAVE to restart the whole campaign.
    Posted by Killersquirelz On 08 Jan 18 at 10:07
    xCROSSWINDSxNo need to restart Campaign...just finished it today, and started replaying all Episodes from the start (Prologue to Episode 10), and once done with Episode 10, it unlocked no problem. The difficulty is really a joke...not hard at all, and especially since you keep all your weapons / upgrades it makes it even easier to complete.
    Posted by xCROSSWINDSx On 14 Apr 18 at 03:47
  • MustangNightsMustangNights444,865
    26 Sep 2018 26 Sep 2018
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    There is a trick not yet listed here. On each chapter you can get to the last area on any difficulty then exit out. When you're back on the selection screen hit x to select the difficulty (hardline) and then back to go back. It will switch the difficulty but keep your progress in that chapter, finish the last part of each chapter this way and ta da achievement unlocked.

    The funniest part i ran chapters 6-10 this way and then went and did chapters prologue through 5 on hardline and had little difficulty with the cew being the main weap almost running up to the enemies. I used a BR with silencer and m1911 silenced as my other weaps and kept the armored insert.
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    Tys XIIIHow exactly do you do this? I'm not seeing the options that you say are there.
    Posted by Tys XIII On 07 Oct 18 at 20:11
    MustangNightsYou click for restart chapter change the difficulty then hit b instead of restarting chapter. Then you go back in to where you were on the chapter but it will show hardline difficulty.
    Posted by MustangNights On 08 Oct 18 at 08:37
    the enskiIs it similar to Modern Warfare's veteran trick?
    Posted by the enski On 02 Aug 21 at 17:50
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