Menz in the Hood achievement in Battlefield Hardline

Menz in the Hood

Kill 25 enemies with a MAC-10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer

Menz in the Hood+2.0
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How to unlock the Menz in the Hood achievement

  • ColeCole#7335518,232
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    The hardest part of this achievement is going to be unlocking the weapons.

    For the MAC-10 you will need to complete the Professional Assignment 2.

    To unlock the assignment you will need to get to rank 7 as a professional and complete Professional Assignment 1 which involves getting 10 kills with snipers and 5 kills with the laser trip mines.

    Once you unlock Professional Assignment 2 you will need to complete it by getting 25 kills with snipers and 5 camera coins, which are 10 enemies killed while spotted with your camera.

    The easiest way to get the camera coins is to play Conquest Large on Dust Bowl. If your team has captured the "B" point then place cameras on the windows pointing outward towards A, C, D, and E. If you don't have B yet point them inward towards B. Most of the fighting seems to happen around B so if you stick with it you will eventually get the coins. It took me 3 games to get 5 camera coins.

    Now you just need to get 25 kills with your new MAC-10 which is considered a secondary weapon for the Professional class.

    For the Double-Barrel Shotgun it will take a considerable amount of work. To get the gun all you need is the Enforcer Syndicate Assignment. Easy right? Not so fast. To unlock the assignment you will need to complete Enforcer Assignment 2 which is the enforcer class' equivalent to the professional one needed to unlock the MAC-10. You will also need to unlock 10 enforcer weapons or gadgets, and get Enforcer Gold Service Star 1. All that is just to unlock the assignment to start working towards that.

    To actually complete the assignment and unlock the shotgun you will need to get 200 shotgun or Battle rifle kills, unlock the Enforcer's tier 4 reputation track in 10 different matches, earn 15 ammo resupply coins, and finally get 15 ballistic shield coins. OK! Finally after all that you will unlock the Double-Barrel Shotgun and now the 25 kills should be an absolute breeze after the hassle that unlocking it was.

    According to DJ KOOLAIDE if you know somebody that has these guns then they can drop them and you can get kills with them and they will count towards the achievement. Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for enemies using these guns as well. It would probably be quicker to kill them and take the guns.

    Good Luck!

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    hiltz77If anyone wants to help me out with this one message me on box gt:hiltz77 thanks!
    Posted by hiltz77 On 23 Aug 18 at 11:47
    Jet KlaatuThanks for the breakdown.
    Posted by Jet Klaatu On 28 Sep 18 at 22:52
    KimiHeBaStTSBSAnyone interested?
    Add me
    Posted by KimiHeBaStTSBS On 29 Jun 20 at 18:29
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  • Yozora No RyuuYozora No Ryuu589,251
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    The ways both my brother and I unlocked the guns.

    Double barrel shotgun:

    Unlocking Enforcer assignment 1

    Enforcer Bronze star 2 = Simply play using the set-up you prefer

    Enforcer assignment 1:

    10 Shotgun or Battle Rifle kills = Simply use a shotgun or battle rifle.
    Resupply 10 teammates = Simply place down ammo box next to snipers or simply teammates who need ammo.

    Unlocking Enforcer assignment 2

    Enforcer Assignment 1 = Shown above
    Enforcer Bronze star 7 = Simply play using the set-up you prefer

    Enforcer assignment 2:

    25 Shotgun or Battle Rifle kills = Same as above.
    250 Points of damage deflected with the Shield = Get a friend on enemy team to fire at your shield.

    Unlocking Enforcer Syndicate:

    Enforcer Assignment 2 = Shown above
    Unlock 10 enforcer weapons or gadgets = Simply unlock the cheapest options as gadgets(grenades may work and apply to all classes so most bang for buck if they count).
    Unlock Enforcer Gold Service Star 1 = Most time consuming part simply play the way of which you prefer.

    Enforcer Syndicate:

    200 shotgun or Battle rifle kills = I found battle rifle much easier.
    Earn 15 ammo resupply coins = simply get a friend to stand on your ammo box and get them to fire a shot or two and reload (can get in a match or two).
    Earn 15 ballistic shield coins = get a friend on enemy team and sit in a empty part of the map and get them to continually fire at your shield (the shield will break after a certain amount of damage).
    Earn tier 4 10 times = get your friend to be your teams hacker and simply get them to give you the squad upgrade when ever they are able to.

    Then simply get 25 kills with double barrel.

    Mac 10:

    Unlocking Professional assignment 1

    Professional Bronze star 2 = Simply play using the set-up you prefer

    Professional Assignment 1

    10 sniper kills = simply snipe or use a semi-automatic rifle with red dot.
    5 tripmine kills = place the mine where you think enemies would run past (helps to try to hide it).

    Unlocking Professional assignment 2

    Professional Assignment 1 = Shown above
    Professional Bronze star 7 = Simply play using the set-up you prefer

    Professional Assignment 2

    25 sniper kills = same as above.
    5 camera coins = I had 2 cameras facing the money pile in Blood Money and 1 facing my teams vault (you can place 3 cameras) place the cameras in a location where its hard to spot but can see the money pile/vault, I also helped my brother get this by him placing a camera and I stayed around it to get the kills of anyone it spotted. This has become so much easier due to the reduce of required spot kills for the coin

    Then simply get 25 kills with Mac 10.
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    FearTheCrabsSimple and right to the point. Great guide!
    Posted by FearTheCrabs On 13 May 15 at 03:51
    01 Apr 2015 27 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015
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    This is a guide purely for getting level 4 reputation. This has worked for me 5 times in a row with mostly no trouble

    Step 1: have either a 50% or 100% reputation boost (i've been using a 50% boost) (EDIT: Gearhead/vehicle and objective boosts DO NOT work)

    Step 2: join a Hotwire server with 2 or 3 people in it.

    Step 3: spawn in your team's helicopter. fly to the nearest car as quickly as you can. hop out and take the vehicle

    Step 4: drive around until you find a nice straight line that you can drive up and down (if you get the map Downtown, just drive around the map in circles)

    that's all there is to it. with the 50% boost it takes about 10 minutes to get to level 4, so with a 100% boost it should take half that time. once you get it you can quit out and find a new server.

    a few tips:

    1. if for some reason you dont make it to a vehicle in time, just redeploy and spawn in a car with your teammate. that way you dont even have to drive!

    2. if you're driving past enemies and they arent shooting at you, DONT SHOOT AT THEM. they are likely doing the same thing and just want to boost as well

    3. Downtown is where most of the people choose to boost
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    HEY ITS ELUGearhead and objective boosts don't work in helping you get to tier 4 you have to use reputation boosts only
    Posted by HEY ITS ELU On 28 Mar 15 at 09:37
    OOOHHH YEAAHHHok thanks for confirming.
    Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH On 28 Mar 15 at 17:03
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