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Aganos Chosen One achievement in Killer Instinct

Aganos Chosen One

Complete 200 matches as Aganos

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How to unlock the Aganos Chosen One achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One670,992
    08 Jun 2016 06 Jun 2016
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    This is a solution for all 200 matches played for Killer Instinct, not that its absolutely needed but I would like to have the best way of doing this for all the solutions and tips for doing it.

    1) Each character will take about 3-4 hours of to hit 200 matches in total.

    2) When setting it up go into Player VS CPU and hit cn_Y changing the difficulty to KYLE difficulty.

    3) Choose the character you want and put your opponent as Spinal (According to DARK X STEVE Spinal kills the fastest on average after running some tests. I would agree after using him my self seems to be quite fast.

    4) If you keep the game running visually hit cn_A 2 times every time the matches ends.

    5) Your wins are shown below the enemies health bar, if you do back out or turn your xbox off you can see how many wins you have by hitting the start/menu button>Fight Archive>Fight Challenges>Character you are working on and scroll to Versus matches doing it this way only shows up to 100. If you want to keep track past 100 just write it down somewhere like Notepad if you have to get off in the middle of doing a character.

    6) If you want to keep this going and you walk away from your Xbox OR if you change the screen but still have the game running on a different input you can double hit the cn_A button every once and a while, or keep hitting it which will probably slow down your wins per hour but its better then forgetting about pushing the button. If you have more than 1 TV you can keep the game running and watch TV or play 360 while hitting the A button when needed. OR if you have a Laptop you can keep the game running while on the internet or playing videos/TV shows/Movies on the laptop (my method) keeping the game in view and hitting A when needed.

    7) If you want to go above and beyond and expect to get more achievements on this game you can hit cn_RSu up on the right analog stick when instinct mode is active which will help towards the Fight Challenges achievements.

    If you have anything to contribute to these solutions please comment or send me a message, thanks!

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    lfcjohnNice and detail solution.

    Two notes which could automate the solution (for my setting)

    1. Require a 360 turbo controller, play with streaming, keep the A button pressed with auto fire.

    2. Suitable for all, change the button config of A button to "not use", in this way no worry the character will through light kick while you could still keep pressing manually / automatically without damage your opponent.
    Posted by lfcjohn on 08 Jun 16 at 03:50
    Strategy OneGot a good turbo controller in mind? How can a 360 turbo controller work?
    Posted by Strategy One on 08 Jun 16 at 03:53
    lfcjohnHori pad ex2 is out of stock now and you can streaming xbox to windows 10 then using the 360 controller to play. :)
    Posted by lfcjohn on 08 Jun 16 at 11:47
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    19 Jan 2016
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    The quickest way I found doing this achievement was to play a local match on the KYLE difficulty and at the end of the match just click rematch and keep re matching until you complete 200 games.

    If you want to keep track of how many games you have played with your character there is marker under the opponents health bar telling you how many games you have played in that session. If you plan to do this over multiple sessions I would make take a note down of how many games you plaid as there is no other place in the game that will give you that stat.

    I would recommend fighting against Spinal as on average I found that he won the match the quickest as on average he took 20.4 seconds per match. I would also recommend to not choose Hisako as your opponent as she took on average 31.6 seconds to win.

    Below I have included all of the average match times worked out over 5 matches against Jago on the KYLE difficulty. I have also included a video if anybody would like to see this guide in visuals.

    Spinal 20.4
    TJ Combo: 26
    Kan Ra: 30.8
    Riptor 23.2
    Omen: 23
    Arganos: 29
    Aria 24
    Hsako 31.6

  • EffordEfford704,443
    06 Feb 2018 08 Feb 2018
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    If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, I highly recommend buying a PXN-0082 fight stick. It can be found for very cheap on eBay. This is compatible with both xbox one and xbox 360

    With one of these you are able to idle the 200 fight achievements by using the turbo button. I would turbo the cn_A and remap the controls to either bumper or trigger.

    Use a rubber band to make the joystick go the right. By doing this and putting the difficulty to beginner, it will also grind some fight challenges.

    If you’re only interested in the 200 matches, put the difficulty to KYLE, Turbo and hold the cn_A and remap the cn_A to perform a taunt. This is the quickest, painless way.

    Just a recommendation!
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