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The Squad Pack

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The Squad Pack

Task Force Expert achievement in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox 360)

Task Force Expert

Complete The Squad level with all Minikits unlocked

Task Force Expert0
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How to unlock the Task Force Expert achievement

  • TeddynavTeddynav
    14 Aug 2015 16 Nov 2018
    Credit to HappyThumbsGaming for the descriptive guide:

    There are 10 minikits for you to find in the level, the Adam West in Peril is not needed for this trophy, once you have collected them all save and quit and the trophy will unlock. Their locations are as follows:

    1) Minikit #1: Right above where you start is a camera with a green box thing (speaker box) below it, destroy the green box. (1/4) The second box is in the right cell after using the bat computer to release Harley Quinn. (2/4) The third one is after you head up to the second level, on the far left side is the box. (3/4) The last one is on the second floor on the far right, right next to the door you leave through. (4/4) *Attainable in Story Mode*

    2) Minikit #2: When you start the level in Free Play there will be an electricity panel to your right, use it and then head up to the second level. On the far left is another electricity panel for you to use, once you do it will make the minikit appear to your left. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    3) Minikit #3: At the start of the level you will have to use a giant Bat computer to open up some cell doors. The right cell door will have a wall that Harley Quinn can break, then use Captain Boomerang to blow up the silver LEGO pieces and grab the minikit. *Attainable in Story Mode*

    4) Minikit #4: Up on the second level above the stairs you walk up is a blue, white, red panel that Robin can use. Once you do the cell door will open revealing Magnetic LEGO pieces that Robin can also use. Build the new LEGO pieces and then jump on the ledge to grab the minikit. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    5) Minikit #5: When you head outside to the yard on the left will be some water you can freeze for a minikit. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    6) Minikit #6: Right next to where you freeze the water behind the fence is a guy that you can mind control with Martian the Manhunter, do so and use him to flip the switch at the end. Once the rocket comes down shoot it and the minikit will appear. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    7) Minikit #7: On the far right side of the yard is a light station for Robin, use it to build LEGO pieces in the top right corner. You will now have to put 50 pieces into the machine, the pieces are found in 5 boxes around the level, in each of the corners. Once you have all 50 put them into the machine and the minikit is yours. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    8) Minikit #8: In the yard fly up to the right and on top of the roof is a minikit for you to grab. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    9) Minikit #9: After gaining Deathstroke and disabling the electricity use Captain Boomerang to blow up the silver LEGO pieces on the guard station. Use Deadshot’s senses and activate the terminal, instead of picking the colors, hit the left arrow on the screen. Choose the three colors based on the painting on the left of your screen. If you chose correctly the picture will move and you can grab the minikit. *Attainable in Story Mode*

    10) Minikit #10: In the same area as above on the far right is a box that you can use Brainiac to shrink, inside is the minikit. *Only Attainable in Free Play*

    Here is a video of the minikit locations:
    Credit to Unhinged Gamer.
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