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How to unlock the The Dark Sector achievement

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    To earn this achievement, you need to defeat mezner, the final boss.

    To do this, at the start of the battle, pick up any ammo needed from the right from the crates. Aim for the little light blue bulbs on the tentacle things sides, when you shoot the two off from one tentacle, equip your Glaive, throw it up to the lightning bar up top, then aim for the blue looking eye in the middle of the tentacles. Do this for this for all 3 tentacles.

    After that, Mezner will be revealed from his chamber thing. Using your Glaive, you MUST!!!! make a power throw, if you do not do a power throw, you will die instantly. (If you don't know how to, hold "RB" until the crosshair turns yellow then immediately let go.)

    Now Mezner will spawn two more tentacles. These are easier, just shoot the light blue orbs on their neck/body areas, (there is only one), then use the lightnining bar with the glaive, and throw the glaive at their eyes.

    Mezner will pop out again, power throw him.

    The final stage, mesner spawns about 5 tentacles, 3 in the front, 1 on each side of Hayden. Destroy the two on the sides first, as they have a tongue thing that can be very annoying. For these guys, you have to destroy the bulb on their neck/body, and on the back of their neck/body. (It's really easy to do), then use the lightning glaive on their eye part.

    After taking out all 5, Mezner will be revealed again. Power throw him one last time to kill him and unlock the achievement.
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    Tm5kGreat summary of the last fight, mlodoss! I think you only need to hit one "bulb" on each tentacle to get them to open up, though. I found a fun way to do this was to electrify the glaive and use the "exploding" ability (click the right stick) when it gets near the tentacle's bulbs. I even got two of the tentacles to open up at once by doing this. Just be sure to quickly electrify your glaive again to shock the center of the opened area(the exploding ability uses all of the element your glaive is charged with at once).
    Posted by Tm5k on 02 May 09 at 05:38
    N1NJA FWGGreat guide Mlodoss, really helped - as did the tip for using the exploding glaive ability - made the final boss fight a piece of cake :)

    Posted by N1NJA FWG on 16 Jul 09 at 10:19
    splicegraphThanks for the guide, but you should edit stage two of this boss battle, you forgot to mention the constant flow of zombies that can interrupt your attack on the tentacles.
    Posted by splicegraph on 22 Jul 09 at 16:41
    guamyankeeI think besides a power throw the Mezner's head you can also do an electrical throw that doesn't have to be power.
    Posted by guamyankee on 04 Aug 09 at 05:10
    Skill 2I was so getting insta-killed for not using the Power Throw and didn't know why. Thanks for the help.
    Posted by Skill 2 on 26 Jan 11 at 17:54
    STARWARZSh0ckTrooper is totally correct. I unloaded on Mezner with the upgraded Korbov every time, instead of using a power throw. It's a little safer because who wants to do it all again from the top just because you missed the power throw? Just shoot him and you're good. I caught a reload at a bad point once but that's about the only danger.
    Posted by STARWARZ on 01 Sep 11 at 05:06
    olde fortran 77On the right hand side of the area, there is a cylinder mounted about 3 meters off the floor. You can electrify your glaive and hit this cylinder to make it a second, constant source of electricity. It is closer, and the tentacles won't get in the way.
    I used a fully outfitted Protecta shotgun and Mezner still killed me the second time I had to shoot him. However, a fully outfitted Tekna pistol worked. I finished the boss fight using only the pistol on Mezner and not using the Power Throw at all.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 13 May 12 at 15:01
    Assassin CorvoGood guide-wish i'd read these comments first as using the Korbov over the power throw seems safer.
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 14 Jan 14 at 01:20
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