Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty achievement in Dark Sector

Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty

Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty.

Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty0
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How to unlock the Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty achievement

  • dwu1983dwu1983This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    20 Sep 2008
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    Brutal difficulty will unlock once you have finished playing the game on normal difficulty.

    The only difference when playing on brutal difficulty is that you die quicker and enemies take longer to kill. Here are a few tips to help you get through it:

    * Use your glaive whenever you can, but do not rely on it. Use your guns whenever the situation demands it.
    * Always use cover. Being out in the open while fighting will guarantee a quick death.
    * Always aim for the head. Especially with those annoying monsters that jump around and fire coloured bolts at you. A headshot (with a glaive or gun) is the only thing that will kill them in one shot.
    * Save all of your cash. Then buy the Korbov TK6 when it becomes available in chapter 7. Equip it with the following upgrades - Accuracy, Enferon Shells, Fire Power, Puncture. This will be enough to take down most enemies with just a few bullets. Equip your Tekna 9mm with the following upgrades - Fire Power, Accuracy, Puncture.
    * Whenever you come across a section in which you can use a mounted machine gun, DON'T use it because i) you leave yourself open to attack from behind, ii) the gun itself is useless at killing things. Just hang back and pick off your enemies with your glaive or the Korbov TK6 if you have it.
    * If you want to conserve your ammo, pick up enemy guns. You won't have long before it explodes, but in that time you can spray as many bullets as you like because the enemy guns don't use your ammo supply.

    NOTE: There is a bug that sometimes reverts the game back to normal difficulty around chapter 5. It doesn't always happen, but I recommend that whenever you start a new chapter, quit to the menu, go to load game and make sure that the setting is still on brutal. If it is, go back and click continue. If it ISN'T then you will have to replay the previous chapter.

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    Mobius EvalonStupidest bug ever. I was going for Master Researcher and brutal completion at the same time (cause I figured if I ever needed the upgrades, it would be on brutal) and I was struck with the random "now you're on normal difficulty" bug sometime during chapter 5. I decided Master Researcher was the bigger pain in the ass and completed that, now I have to replay chapters 5-9 again for brutal. Ugh.

    For anyone following dwu1983's suggestions for upgrades, all of the upgrades that are outlined can be acquired before the start of chapter six. The very last upgrade you'll need is chapter five's upgrade slot up the stairs during the escape. In addition, the Korbov costs 40000 rubles, so you can stop looking for cash after that point.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 12 Oct 11 at 21:59
    JesticulatorThe glitch has happened to me too, Chapters 1-5 say Brutal underneath them but 6-10 do not. What do I have to do now? If I just load up Chapter 6 again will it be on Brutal? I cannot see anywhere that I can change the difficulty, it only gives me the option of "New game Brutal".
    Posted by Jesticulator on 24 Oct 12 at 18:39
    The game was pretty easy on this setting but i've +1'd you for the warning about the glitch, thanks :)
    Posted on 03 Oct 14 at 04:04
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  • Blind 0neBlind 0ne166,975
    06 Apr 2011 06 Apr 2011 06 Apr 2011
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    dwu1983's Guide is pretty much all you need, however I feel a few tips have been omitted. I walked through this difficulty with no problem with the starting handgun and the Korbov TK6, I killed almost all of the Alien enemies with one bullet from my handgun, the Enferon Shells have a permanent damage over time effect on them, even the melee aliens can be simply shot once then just leave them to die. The aliens which turn invisible seem to cancel the damage over time effect once they reappear. As well the handgun with accuracy hits the backpacks of the heavy enemies real easy, I saved a majority of my Korbov TK6 ammo for levels 9 and 10 and breezed through. In level 10 it is important to know that the Y button fires flares from the walker which prevents RPG hits. I got to the final boss with 500 rounds in my Korbov TK6 and 300 in my hand gun and steamrolled him.
  • AS IbanezantAS Ibanezant43,986
    14 Feb 2009 14 Feb 2009
    13 10 2
    Same as what Dwu1983 says. Use cover allot more and dont use the mounted machine guns as the are total cack also there is a part on the game whee you find yourself on a roof top with one of the guns that usually is carried by a robot guard dont use it its rubbish stik to the glave elctrifying it and using the dead guards rifles.


    I reccommend for completion on Brutal purchasing the bigger shotgun and the mini uzi.
    First buy the bigger shotgun 3900 rubles i think max that up with upgrades like accuracy stopping power puncture and efron.
    Only upgrade your handgun with accuracy as you will sell it and you will loose these upgrades. Then buy the mini uzi and max it out with any upgrades.


    Use power throws on your glave as much as possible and always stay back and glave pick up enemy rifles and shottys, remember you only have about 30 secons use of these weapons so keep firing keep the lead flying as its best to get rounds down and hope to hit something than throwing away a full mag!
    Also use your special abilities as much as possible use your sheild often and take cover to let it recharge.
    When you get the ability to explode glave elements then use it often! Do this by lobbing your glave through ice fire or electric and in mid flight push down on the right thumb stick you will take out bulk baddies.
    And lastly when you get the ability to go invisable use that bad boy as often as possible especially for the enemies that fire the coloured shotgun like rounds at you, activate the power leg it behind or up to them and perform a finisher this will dispatch these hard baddies fast. Also use the same on the sheilded humans, although these guys are easy to kill if you let them get close roll as they go to slash you and finish them from behind ( lol )!

    So there you have it, I completed the game in an afternoon on Brutal and it was more fun than playing on normal. so load her up and get you G that you deserve!!!!!!!!
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    Tm5kI actually carried the big minigun with me as far as I could when it was available. It's got infinite ammo and makes downing the two Elite Guards with miniguns of their own (after they shoot the bridge out from under you) a lot easier. Just keep in mind that you're much slower with it so you have to make sure everyone is dead before you venture out from behind cover.
    Posted by Tm5k on 02 May 09 at 05:25
    PrimeBigTimeDude, spelling and grammar.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 24 Dec 12 at 07:19
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