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  • QozulQozul183,251
    03 Apr 2015 02 Apr 2015 02 Apr 2015
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    Vendrick is found in the Undead Crypt, mid-way through the game. You will find him in the same room as the King's Ring (after the area boss), where he will roam the room. He starts off as non-hostile, but once you deal enough damage to him he will fight back.

    Your damage on him is based on the amount of Souls of Giants in your inventory. In order to defeat him (without spending an hour) you must collect some Souls of Giants, five of them returns damage dealt to him to normal.

    These can be found at the end of each of the Giant Memories (Orro, Vammar, and Jeigh) which are accessed by using the giant trees in the Forest of Fallen Giants. To enter them you need the Ashen Mist Heart.

    Another one can be found in Black Gulch. Drop down further below the door to Darkdiver Grandahl (which is at a drop next to the giant worms), and then kill the Giants. The last one is obtained by defeating the Ancient Dragon in the Dragon Shrine.

    Once you have the souls go back to Vendrick and attack him. Her has very easy, slow attacks, however they deal enormous damage. To easily beat him just stay behind him and stab him until he dies. If you die then when you go back he will be hostile.

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    QozulJust tested this, and can confirm that you cannot bonfire ascetic to get another giant soul. The giants respawn, but they do not drop the soul.
    Posted by Qozul on 07 Jul 15 at 05:55
    DarkVirgil89Aww, ok was just curious if they took it out or not..
    Posted by DarkVirgil89 on 07 Jul 15 at 14:38
    TalesFromHothJust FYI if anyone is having any problems with this fight - Gower's Ring of Protection basically helped me defeat him as he can no longer one hit you when dodging.
    Posted by TalesFromHoth on 30 Nov 15 at 15:04
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  • cooper101183cooper101183752,227
    22 Sep 2016 22 Sep 2016 26 Jul 2018
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    Vendrick is one of the most frustrating bosses in the entire game due to the fact that while he is indeed slow and his movements predictable, one wrong move and a single hit will send you to your demise. Vendrick is also protected by 5 Souls of Giants which massively increase his defence bonus.The key is to collect these souls. Having none in your inventory will give King Vendrick 32x his normal defenses. Having 1 gives him 16x his defenses. Having 2 gives him 8x def, 3 gives 4x def, 4 gives him 2x and having 5 results in him having normal defense stats.

    Preparation on this battle is more important than any other. If you want to stand a chance you must get rid of his defence bonus. The guide above details how to get them.

    Do not attempt this without at least 4 of the Giant souls, if you can also defeat the ancient dragon and collect his soul then Vendricks loses ALL of his defence bonus. Defeating the Ancient Dragon is a piece of cake, all you have to do is have a fire resistance of 900 this will null his fire attacks. The spell Flash Sweat adds 300 fire resistance so then just upgrade the smelter demon or or chaos sets.

    Customise your attributes to this specific battle. I would recommend visiting the witches at the Things Betwixt bonfire and reallocating your stats. Raise your health and endurance to 50 or as close as you can. The high health means you will survive his strongest attacks and the extra stamina is important to utilise every opportunity to attack or avoid danger.

    I really recommend raising your Health and Endurance as high as possible. I further bolstered these with the life ring 3 and Third Dragon ring and his attcks only took around half my health meaning I wasnt panicking.

    Having a fast high damage weapon is also important I tried literally everything and found that a maxed out Red Iron Twinblade infused with lightning was amazing and was taking 600-700 health per hit and I could do 2000 damage in a combo. This weapon scales with strength so I raised strength as much as I could while keeping dexterity as low as possible. As I infused with lightning which scales with faith. I also raised faith while keeping intel at a minimum.

    The Battle

    There is a very simple trick to defeat Vendrick and that is to You need to stay behind him, hugging his left leg. Get in as close as to the leg as possible. If you keep yourself as close as you can to his left leg then he can never hit you. While your behind him don't attack, just wait, Keep hugging that left leg eventually he will do a three part move with two side slashes and then slamming his weapon into the ground. This is your chance, At this point attack, get at least two to three hits in. Don't expend all your stamina and make sure that when he recovers you keep hugging his left leg. Now just rinse and repeat, remain patient, don't try and get to cocky, hug the leg, wait for his 3 piece move set, then attack.

    After each attack, Breathe, Retain your composure, be patient, time your rolling and aim for the left leg..


    Remove his defence bonus
    Customise your stats
    hug the left leg
    attack 2/3times when he slams his weapon.
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