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No stone unturned

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How to unlock the No stone unturned achievement

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,395,843
    18 Mar 2015 16 Mar 2015 22 Mar 2016
    96 4 100

    Video of glitch fix/secret exploit.

    There is some misconception surrounding this achievement. This achievement only applies to the SECRET areas (aka false walls that you can enter) in the game. According to the TA tracker, there are 43 of these in total. This makes sense because I unlocked the 50% achievement after 21 secret areas had registered.

    Key points:

    1. You only have to enter each secret area to get credit. If there's a collectible item like an energy ball or something inside you don't have to get the item for it to register.

    2. SAVE before you enter each secret area! If it doesn't register, reset your XB1 and reload a save prior to getting the secret area. You can only know for sure if it registered if your achievement % increases, so this is easiest for those on a fresh gamertag with the app snapped.

    3. There are 43 of these secret areas. Some ARE inside the dungeons, so they ARE missible, which will lock you out of the achievement.

    4. There is currently an exploit to get extra credit for a secret area. Credit to WhiterValkyrie and to Krazie X360A for expanding on it. Video of this demonstrated is above.

    1) Create a backup save (Don't think it matters when or where)
    2) Find an undiscovered hidden area, enter it and create a soul link
    3) Exit game, load backup save
    4) Create a new soul link on the backup file somewhere
    5) Exit game, load main save (should get credit for another secret)
    6) Rekindle the soul link on the main save
    7) Exit game, load main save, rekindle soul link again.
    8) Repat step 7 until it unlocks. The video shows the old way of going back and forth between main and backup, but you only have to do that the first time. After that just reloading the main save and rekindling should work. If it doesn't, try going back and forth between the two saves and rekindling.

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    HLITIFreezed at 30%, this method works after reseting my xbox.
    Posted by HLITI on 01 Mar at 23:49
    Bubba0796I can confirm this works in the definitive edition.
    Posted by Bubba0796 on 20 Mar at 17:15
    DanXcelYou are an absolute life saver. Worked for me!
    Posted by DanXcel on 25 Mar at 02:15
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  • ErutaercErutaerc725,966
    20 Mar 2015 21 Mar 2015
    16 0 1

    All 43 Secret areas.

    The ones in Ginso Tree, Misty Woods and Forlorn Ruins are all missable.

    The areas are shown in the order they can be obtained in the game, however some were missed first time round, hense the amount of life/energy cells not being consistent.

    There are reports of the tracker glitching. If this happens to you, check out LifeExpectancy's guide for a possible fix.
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    Mystical DragonThanks it's a good video.
    Posted by Mystical Dragon on 11 Jan 17 at 18:07
  • NE0182NE0182197,750
    22 Mar 2015 23 Mar 2015 23 Mar 2015
    13 0 0

    Secrets only refer to the areas that are hidden behind the walls that become invisible once you walk up to them. You don't have to pick up the items that are inside to get credit.

    Snap your achievement app and look if you get credit for the secret you are entering. If not, reload the game and enter it until you do.

    If you already have some untracked secrets and don't know which ones you missed, LifeExpectancy has a great solution for this problem in his guide.

    1 - 00:14
    2 - 00:34
    3 - 00:50
    4 - 01:03
    5 - 01:17

    6 - 01:29
    7 - 01:45
    8 - 02:01
    9 - 02:27
    10 - 02:37
    11 - 02:53
    12 - 03:03
    13 - 03:30

    14 - 03:56
    15 - 04:24

    16 - 04:42
    17 - 05:15
    18 - 05:49

    GINSO TREE (Missable)
    19 - 06:10
    20 - 06:35
    21 - 07:07
    22 - 07:29

    MISTY WOODS (Missable)
    23 - 07:54
    24 - 08:12
    25 - 08:33
    26 - 09:05

    27 - 09:30
    28 - 09:43

    FORLORN RUINS (Missable)
    29 - 09:57
    30 - 10:20
    31 - 10:39

    32 - 11:04
    33 - 11:26
    34 - 11:44
    35 - 12:01
    36 - 12:25
    37 - 12:48

    38 - 13:06
    39 - 13:31
    40 - 13:43
    41 - 14:00
    42 - 14:21
    43 - 14:45
  • mattifanfalubazmattifanfalubaz68,378
    02 Jul 2020 04 Jul 2020 04 Jul 2020
    0 0 0 New
    For this achievements you need to find 43 locations of secret areas hidden on the map. It is known to be glitchy and it sometimes doesn't want to work, but i think i found a solution. It can be harsh if you have 90% and doesnt know which locations you missed.

    I need to add that for this guide I HAVEN'T played this game on DEFINITIVE EDITION and I dont know if it works in this version. I know that in original Ori and the blind forest worked fine.

    To do this achievement you need to delete your save files on xbox (I played on xbox one) of Ori and the blind forest, and after that make sure to cancel the synchronization. You need to play fresh game of Ori where you havent finished game even once (at least I think that completing the game is the main issue when after that you cannot unlock this achievement). After that you need to look up on the guide where are all of the secrets and visit every single one (I dont know if you need to visit every one but i personally recomend to be absolutely sure). I personally recomend to use Erutaerc's guide because he shows those location in order that you can acquire them (at least the most). If you are good at this game you can easily complete it in 2-4 hours of playing.

    I hope I helped and remember to complete other runs if you're trying for different achievement before deleting save data.
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