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GTA Online: Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.

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    Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.

    Not so much a guide but I thought for the benefit of the people just starting out.

    These two Heists are the 1st and 5th heists out of the total of five Heists.
    The 1st being Fleeca job and the 5th being Pacific Standard job.

    Here is a list of all 5 Heist and the order in which they are playable:

    1- Fleeca Job
    2- Prison Break
    3- Humane Labs Raid
    4- Series A Funding
    5- Pacific Standard Job

    Here is a lowdown of the Pacific Standard heist set ups and the finale:


    Main article: Pacific Standard - Vans
    "Get hold of a Post OP van fitted with a transponder that can be programmed to disable the Pacific Standard dye packs. You'll have to photograph a few vans in the field to identify the right one." — Instructions ? Signal

    Main article: Pacific Standard - Signal
    "Bring the transponder to Avi Schwartzman, a signal expert, so he can tune it to the right frequency for the Pacific Standard dye packs. Avi's a fugitive hiding out in North Chumash." — Instruction ? Hack

    Main article: Pacific Standard - Hack
    "Borrow a hacking rig from a rival high-end heist crew in Vinewood. Take out the guards, swap the setup of their van and into ours, distract the crew, and bring it to Paige." — Instruction ? Convoy

    Main article: Pacific Standard - Convoy
    "Hijack a Merryweather convoy in Blaine County to get thermal charges to use on the security doors at the Pacific Standard." — Instruction ? Bikes

    Main article: Pacific Standard - Bikes
    "Source the getaway vehicles for the Pacific Standard job. Take four state-of-the-art sports bikes from The Lost MC Clubhouse in East Los Santos and store them near the bank." — Instruction
    ? The Pacific Standard Job

    Main article: The Pacific Standard Job
    "Clear out the flagship branch of the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Blvd. Bust into the bank, control the crowd, crack the vault, pull out what you can, and make a getaway on the bikes." — Instructions
    Elite Challenges
    ?Complete in under 10:15 minutes
    ?NOOSE not called
    ?Nobody gets wasted

    Here is a lowdown of the finale in more detail:

    The players have arrived at the final part of the final heist, the heist must be taken seriously, and requires extremely good drivers, since it takes a considerable amount of time. First, the players must drive to the entrance of the bank, they should take care and not gain a wanted level. Once arrived, depending on what role the player plays, they must:


    The hacker must enter the bank, and take the guards out, and begin to control the crowd. They must wait for the Demolition to break way through the first and second security gates. Once done, they must hack the keypad next to the vault door, and gain entry via a Brute Force app also featured in multiple GTA Online missions. Once entered, they work with the Demolition player to collect all the cash inside the vault.


    The Demolition must enter the bank and plant thermite detonators on the security gates. They will burn their way through the gate's lock device, gaining entry and loosening the gate. Once both gates are opened, security guards will enter the vault area with pistols, they give more damage than normal security guards, so they should be killed quickly, effectively with a Shotgun. The player must then collect the money with the Hacker.

    Crowd Control

    Crowd Control have a relatively easy job, they must enter the bank and keep all bankers and customers in the bank, and must keep them alive. To do this, they must keep the intimidation up, by firing rounds near the customers, and pointing head-on at them. The bigger/deadlier the weapon, the more they are intimidated. Once the money is collected by the other two roles, the players must meet at the entrance of the bank.

    The fight is on between the LSPD and the players, and all the roles are combined. A large amount of LSPD cars will swarm to the scene, and, if a player killed a hostage in the bank, two Police Riot vans will arrive, and several NOOSE members will burst out of the rear, armed with Carbine Rifles. The online protagonist will open the door before a bullet hits the door, showing the LSPD's brutality.

    After the Robbery

    The team must now exit the bank, killing the LSPD. The best way to do this is not by using the given Special Carbines, but using heavy fire-rate weapons like the Minigun, MG or explosives like the Rocket Launcher. It is also important to note that the players who are playing as the Demolition and the Hacker will lose a considerable amount of take if they take damage, so its best that the players playing as the Crowd Control to charge ahead first so the Demolition and Hacker team will take the least amount of damage possible. Once the several police teams are destroyed outside the bank, the team must progress towards a alleyway near the bank. A helicopter will arrive, it will attempt to deliver 4 NOOSE officers, however, it will strangely glitch upon gunfire, and the officers will be flung into the air.

    Police will spawn on the walkways outside the bank, and opposite the bank, so care must be taken when shooting down the alleyway, towards officers responding in FIB Grangers and Police Riots. A few officers will spawn behind the team once they enter the alleyway, so its best for someone to check the team's back. Once the officers have been taken out en route to the first checkpoint, a roadblock will be set out on the next road by more Police Riot, followed by a Police Maverick, which will attempt to drop more officers off. A Police Cruiser will arrive next to the GoPostal building and attempt to kill the players before they make their final on-foot moves.

    The players will now take a long journey on the Lectros, using them to navigate through small roadblocks, and escape. A ramp will be set next to the first roadblock, but there is usually a car right after the jump, right in-line with the jump, so the player mustn't jump straight. If only 2 bikes are used (2 players on each), then more officers and a lot more FIB Grangers will attempt to shoot the players and run them down. Falling off the bike is lethal, as officers will commonly exit their vehicles and shoot the player with Pump Shotguns. To dodge gun fire from roadblocks, players must know where the road blocks are beforehand, and brake many times before they come close with the block, and use the KERS Feature to boost through the blocks and dodge gun fire.

    Once the player has arrived at the canyon, they must navigate to the bridge, where they parachute to the Dinghy, and escape via the river. Once the player reaches the bridge, the heist will end.

    One tip is when escaping on the bikes, when you get to the first road block get in one of the cop cars, then turn around and take the route you would take for the Fleeca job and up to the bridge where you get lifted out at the end of Fleeca.
    There you should find the boat that you normally would have to parachute into from the mountain.
    By taking this route you not only have a better chance of survival being in the cop car but there is a much less police presence on the way rather than taking the regular much longer route on bikes up the mountain.

    You can join at the start of the finale heist and still be eligible for the achievement even though you didn't take part in any of the set-ups.
    This can be handy to know if you are trying to convince a friend or a stranger to join your heist at the final stage of it.

    The 2nd Heist The Prison Break Heist has its own separate achievement.

    The 3rd and 4th Heists are connected in a similar way that the two Heists for this achievement are, in which you cannot get the achievement unless you have completed them both.
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