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Mastermind achievement in GTA 5


GTA Online: Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales.

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How to unlock the Mastermind achievement

  • LordFightALotLordFightALot350,588
    17 Mar 2015 11 Mar 2015 19 Aug 2020
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    This achievement can be unlocked pretty easily in the Fleeca Job Heist because it's a 2 player job and only a Gold and Platinum medal will be awarded, but the Platinum medal in this Heist will always be given to the Driver, no matter what happens. It is not influenced by headshots, accuracy or damage taken like the game tells you (this is only the case for this Heist though, almost all the other medals you can get during the next 4 Heist Finales and 19 Setups are based on player performance).

    But generally the person who completed the objective (deliver this, do that, destroy this etc.) gets the Platinum medal.

    To track your progress you want to go to Stats in the pause menu, Awards, and go over to the Heists tab. There should be an Award called "Decorated", that's the one that keeps track of your Platinum medals.

    Anyway, back to the Fleeca Job Heist:
    -During "Scope Out" (Setup) the Driver will always get the Platinum medal (the Driver is the person who gets in the driver seat first and drives around town).
    -During "Kuruma" (Setup) the Driver will always get the Platinum medal (person who delivers the Kuruma to Lester).
    -During the Heist Finale the Driver will once again always get the Platinum medal.

    Of course you don't need to play the Fleeca Job Heist, you can unlock the achievement over time, but if you feel like grinding a bit this is the go to Heist!

    If you complete the entire Fleeca Job Heist as a Leader you will have the ability to replay this Heist, just replay this Heist until you earn 25 Platinum medals in total! If you don't have this Heist completed as a Leader you can join the Setups of other people or join your friends. But having that replay option as a Leader is really helpful!

    You do have to wait some time before you can replay a Heist. It is about 30 to 45 minutes. What you can also do if you don't like waiting so long is to cancel the Heist you are currently on and replay it instantly. You for example play the two Setup missions "Scope Out" and "Kuruma" and back out to Free Roam and call Lester to cancel the current Heist. After that you can call Lester again and the Replay Heist option will instantly be available! Playing the two Setup missions, cancelling the Heist and quickly replaying is faster compared to completing both the Setup missions and the Finale and waiting such a long time for the replay option to become available again. (Thanks to "TheBlackDragonX" for the awesome tip and "spacedvest2" for telling me to add this to the solution)

    Note that Platinum medals are not Awards! You only need to get 25 medals (the ones that you earn at the end of a Setup or Heist). You do not have to get 25 Platinum Awards.

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    ZwaveldioxideThe driver does not a!ways get the platinum medal.
    Posted by Zwaveldioxide on 22 Aug 19 at 14:40
    Catatonic NaliI'm starting to really hate doing the Fleeca job. I've hosted this about 10 times now and done the scope out part in as many ways as I can think of: easy and normal difficulties, both driving and being the passenger, driving poorly and not hitting a single thing. No matter what I do I can't get the platinum on it. I've driven perfectly and received gold and I've also been the passenger while the driver took forever and crashed a dozen times and I still got gold. The only conclusion it's lead me to is that the host player always gets gold on this mission.

    Fortunately the other two parts seem to be pretty much guaranteed. I've always received platinum on the Kuruma setup up part when I've been the person to drive the Kuruma from the rooftop to the hideout and I've always received platinum for being the driver during the finale. The main problem I've found with this (aside from having to wait an hour before you can restart the heist) is that playing with randoms can be extremely hit and miss. I've sat outside the bank for 15 minutes waiting for some idiot to complete the hacking minigame on more than one occasion.
    Posted by Catatonic Nali on 18 Aug 20 at 13:03
    MetalliFANSI'm available for online achievements, message me!
    Posted by MetalliFANS on 02 May at 22:49
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  • VeiRoN v2VeiRoN v2341,438
    14 Mar 2015 12 Mar 2015 14 Jul 2015
    34 6 29
    Please note: Due to recent updates there's a possibility that the driver won't get the platinum everytime.

    Easiest and quickest way to do this.

    -Load up the "Fleeca Bank" heist job.
    -There will be 2 setups mission and the Finale.
    -To make it quicker DO NOT complete the Finale (read below for more info)
    -If you want the Platinum you MUST drive,this pretty much gives you a 100% chance to get the Platinum medal.
    -1st set up drive both the blue and the SUV vehicle
    -2nd set up drive the armored vehicle

    The reason for completing the first 2 setups but not the finale is that if you do the "Replay" option will be unavailable for around 50 minutes real time.

    When the 2 setups mission are complete do as written below and you can start again from the beginning with no waiting time.

    -Complete the first 2 set up missions
    -Call Lester and ask to cancel the Heist
    -You'll loose 11.500 dollars but the "The Fleeca Job" should now be available to play again from the beginning with no waiting time.

    Keep doing this until you get 25 medals and the achievement pops.

    The person driving will always get a platinum no matter what,try of course to stay within a reasonable number of damage to both health and vehicle which won't be hard at all since the missions are very easy and short.

    You can check how many heist's medal you got by: Press Start --> Stats --> Awards --> Heists --> Decorated. (Thanks to Spaceman JDog for letting me know this)

    What are medals?

    Medals are earned at the end of every "Set Up" or "Heist" mission,they are earned based on how well you have played during the mission,even though they're not well balanced so you can end up not getting a Platinum medal even if you had the most kills and less deaths for instance.
    In 2 players missions you'll only get a Gold or Platinum medal,instead in the 4 player co-op you'll get Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum.

    McGubbalo also noted in the comments: "With the latest updates, you get more credit for kills, headshots, and accuracy, so Platinums go to the guys who perform best."

    I can confirm this 100% works,I got my last Platinum by replaying one of the Fleeca job mission and the achievement unlocked at the end.
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    VeiRoN v2From what I remember yes,you have to wait a certain amount of time tough
    Posted by VeiRoN v2 on 20 Jun 16 at 17:31
    CortanaramaIf I got the 25 medals on Xbox One, do I just need to get another platinum while playing 360? Was hoping they just popped when I signed onto 360, but this and the spend $8M didn’t pop.
    Posted by Cortanarama on 28 Jan 18 at 06:12
    VeiRoN v2As far as I'm aware only single player achievements pop with the xbox one.
    Posted by VeiRoN v2 on 28 Jan 18 at 17:34
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