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Decked Out

Have Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot

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Achievement Guide for Decked Out

  • GoGoActionTeamGoGoActionTeam302,024
    09 Apr 2015 01 Apr 2015 24 Apr 2015
    41 1 5
    For this you'll need a purple item in all possible equip slots:
    (this will require you to have all of the weapon slots unlocked. Also, purple items are not to be confused with PINK E-Tech items.)

    - 4 Weapons
    - Relic
    - Shield
    - Grenade mod
    - Class mod

    It doesn't matter what level the items are. Some general tips are to stash any purple item you find until you have all those required and to farm the BNK-3R boss as he will usually drop a few purples. The rarest one to get is usually the relic but with persistence, it shouldn't take too long to get one. If you have a friend who has some (or all) items your missing, you can trade them back and forth.
    (It should also be noted that bringing over a saved character from your 360 file with enough purples to fill each slot would be the quickest and most simple way. If it doesn't pop right away just remove one of them and re-equip it.)
  • TinSigmund666TinSigmund666551,577
    11 Nov 2015 11 Nov 2015
    14 0 0
    The easiest way possible without having to farm Nisha for the Sheriff's badge: At the final quest in the game (Talon of God) you have the option to visit every NPC to help you (Marcus, Scooter, Moxxi, Hammerlock, Tannis, Dr Zed) before traveling to Eridium Blight.
    Everybody will give you something of a weapon, except for Tannis, who gives you a relic. After she is done doing her speech, she gets a relic at total random. Most relics are either blue, while there are purple relics in the loot pool. When she gives you a blue relic, quit, reload your save. She will do her dialogue again and offer you a relic. Save and reload until she gives you a purple relic. (Mine was a 20.9% quicker shield refill)

    If you can wait and have the patience and time: You can also wait for your Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode playthrough. Legendary Loot Midgets seem to carry E-tech relics since relics are more important in this mode.
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