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Done That

Complete all Hammerlock's Hunt side missions

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How to unlock the Done That achievement

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    Hello internet. Below is a list of the quests needed to be done for the achievement done that. A few tips for the quest I like my monsters rare is below the quest list if you know any better better spots please by all means let me know in the comments and I will change it in the tips. If you downvote me please let me know why so I can update my list or add anything.

    Quests with a * are main missions

    *Savage Lands
    *Professor Nakayama, I Presume?
    *A-Hunting We Will Go
    *The Fall of Nakayama
    An Acquired Taste
    Egg on Your Face
    I Like My Monsters Rare
    Palling Around
    Still Just a Borak in a Cage
    Urine, You're Out
    Follow the Glow
    The Rakk Dahlia Murder
    Now You See It
    Ol' Pukey
    Big Feet
    Voracidous the Invincible

    All the missions are pretty simple except voracidous the invincible and I like my monsters rare.

    Voracidous the invincible is a pretty hard raid boss if youre his level but if you are lvl 50+ it is an incredibly easy boss on normal mode so i advice doing this with a high level character.

    A few tips for I like my monsters rare. You need to hunt a few rare beasts:
    -Pink boroks 8
    -Tailless scaylions 8
    -Two-legged drifters 6
    -Albino skags 5
    -Slagged spores 4

    The places I advice dont always spawn the desired creature and you may need multiple attempts of killing the beasts before actually finding one. I can advice you but cant battle the random spawning generator. I tried it once it didnt end well.

    pink boroks
    These beasts can be found in almost if not all area's of the DLC but a good place to hunt pink boroks are through the tunnel beneath the fast travel to hunters grotto. Fast travel to hunters grotto and hunt the packs of boroks through tunnels on your way to scylla's grove once youre near the travel point go to the main menu and start it up again and fight yourself back towards scylla's grove. rinse and repeat.

    Tailless scaylions
    Scaylions are also not very rare. these beasts reside in most area's of the DLC but an easy scaylion pack lives near the fast travel station of Ardorton station. You can actually do this one simultaniously with the slagged spores. To do this one well you guessed it teleport to the fast travel, kill the pack, go to the main menu, start up your game again and kill the beasts again. rinse and repeat.

    Two legged drifters
    Drifters are only found in Hunters grotto. An easy way to farm these is use the fast travel to the hunters grotto lodge and walk outside but dont jump down. To the west of the lodge one drifter spawns and to the north east ish two drifters spawn near the catch a boat station. kill them then main menu etc.

    Albino skags
    They spawn in Scylla's grove and are found in multiple packs. Secondone pointed out to me that while busy with the quest urine your out there are quite a few skags to kill here. After the quest you can come back and kill them again and again just make sure to use use a fast travel close to the location and close the game for them to respawn.

    Slagged spores
    These are supposed to be the most rare ones. They spawn in Hunters grotto, Candlerakk's Crag and Ardorton station. One spore that can possible be a slagged spore spawns in Ardorton station. This objective can be done simultaniously with the scaylions. Fast travel to Ardorton station and down the slope is a spore that can be a slagged spore. Kill it, go to the main menu start your game again and repeat.

    Thanks for reading i hope my guide helped!
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    SecondOneAlbino skags, if you go north from the southern most catch-a-boat they are in the area where you clean the urine off everything.
    Posted by SecondOne on 14 Jul 15 at 18:27
    Prince Rolfis there a fast travel close to it cuz that would help with farming it
    Posted by Prince Rolf on 14 Jul 15 at 20:31
    Phoenix C64i imported my lvl72 char to the xbox one, i had 100% completion on the xbox 360
    i unlocked all discovery and sidemission achievements inmediately, EXCEPT hammerlocks and piratebooty ones.
    was there a repeatable mission like some sort of arena in pirate booty and hammerlock, to try and trigger the achievement unlock?
    Posted by Phoenix C64 on 08 Apr 16 at 14:04
    Prince RolfPirate booty had no repeatable missions only defeating the final boss again but that one was necessary on your first play through. Also hammerlock had none.
    Posted by Prince Rolf on 08 Apr 16 at 16:53
    SergeantMajorAJThere is another Slagged spore spawn. Where you say to get the pink boraks (spelling?) one happened to spawn while I was hunting
    Posted by SergeantMajorAJ on 28 Apr 16 at 01:09
    cwella88I'd be cool if you wrote these main missions with their locations. cry
    Posted by cwella88 on 03 Nov 17 at 10:58
    UnstoppableKDI turned in the last one, Voracious the Invincible, and the achievement didn't pop, happen to anybody else?
    Posted by UnstoppableKD on 28 Aug 19 at 23:50
    Daemonic NZme too
    Posted by Daemonic NZ on 29 Aug 19 at 11:28
    Daemonic NZDo we need to kill the other raid boss?
    Posted by Daemonic NZ on 29 Aug 19 at 11:48
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