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Dang Girl You Ace At This Game

Win the most challenging round in Murderlin's Temple

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    09 May 2015 19 Jun 2015
    34 28 3
    This is a repeatable mission. If you imported a save when you had previously unlocked this, you can repeat this mission to unlock this achievement.

    If you have not imported such a character, you will need to complete all the quests in Flamerock Village, during the Tiny Tina DLC. After that, head down into the pit in the center of town to find the entrance to Murderlin's Temple. Murderlin will ask you to complete 6 area-style missions of increasing difficulty. The last one unlocks this achievement. Being overleveled is a huge help here.
  • lMad Max oo7lMad Max oo7336,735 336,735 GamerScore
    24 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016
    13 8 3
    Just to add completing roll insight will fix the glitch where you can't cash in the quest with Murderlin
  • Mr DopeGamingMr DopeGaming228,085
    02 Aug 2019 02 Aug 2019 02 Aug 2019
    4 0 0
    To Unlock this achievement you must find, then beat the Tiny Tina DLC Circle of Slaughter.

    This is a side quest given by Moxxie, it is called "Magic Slaughter". She is located in the Flamerock Refuge.

    I completed the DLC story before even attempting to beat these quests as the lowest level enemy in the slaughter is 34.
    (If someone could comment if they were able to attain the quest earlier that would be awesome)

    Once inside Murderlin's Temple, talk to Murderlin and get the quest.

    This events first 4 Rounds are 4 waves each. The 5th round is 5 waves, and the 6th round is 6 waves.

    There is a considerable amount of elemental damage, especially fire (be prepared). There are also a considerable amount of booby traps that open up throughout the challenge. Personally I failed the challenge twice because I fell into a trap door. (Pay attention to his verbal ques)

    The achievement is given after completing the final round "Magic Slaughter: Badass Round"

    Here is a list of enemies in case anyone needs this, there may be a few I missed

    Enchanted Skeleton Archers
    Skeleton Giants
    Fiery Skeleton
    Skeleton Midgets
    Armored Skeleton
    Brittle Skeleton
    Suicide Skeleton
    Badass Skeleton
    Skeleton Seer
    Badass Fire Archer
    Immortal Skeleton
    Fire Mage (Summons: Flaming Phoenix)
    Badass Wizard
    Dwarf Miner
    Badass Dwarf
    Badass Knight
    Storm Knight
    Arc Warrior
    Orc Grunt
    Badass Orc Warlord

    *NOTE* As IMad Max oo7 has said, completing the "Roll Insight" side quest has fixed the glitch where you cannot turn in the quest with Murderlin
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