Collateral Damage achievement in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Collateral Damage

Have a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.

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How to unlock the Collateral Damage achievement

  • King fiShiZKing fiShiZ265,331
    06 Apr 2015 06 Apr 2015 17 Jan 2016
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    A good Location to get the Collateral Damage Achievements is in Vorago Solituide. Search for a Group of enemies with a Lost Legion Ethernal, shot him below 50% HP and let him ascend. There are some versions, you need a Ethernal Magus. Now shoot the others enemies at low HP and stay close to them and let the Ethernal Magus kill them.

    It’s not easy to get, but if you are Level 26+, not on TVHM Difficult Setting it should be doable, took me about 30 minutes.

    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00
    An even easier section to get this is in Tychos Ribs, the first area you spawn in. Go through the second door and on the right, there is a spawning point for at least three LL Eternals, there will be 4-5 enemies plus a Turret. You may have to keep saving/quitting until you get a Magus to spawn, but basically you can do exactly whats posted in this video except its much quicker imo. I just got it today and the last kill was the Dahl turret.

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    BigTymer2047I used the Tychos Ribs method but I had to use the Eternal Magnus instead of the Instability. One guy would always hide behind a barrier and not get killed from the explosion. Took a little while longer but the Magnus would throw projectiles and after I softened them up a bit, I just stayed near them and eventually he took them out.
    Posted by BigTymer2047 on 31 Aug 19 at 14:09
    Danny BizzIn case anyone is still pursuing this, I wanted to add that I was dying very quickly in Tycho's Ribs with a Level 30 Wilhelm. I can confirm that dying does NOT void your chance for the achievement. I died probably 7x while the Magus killed the 3 enemies because I didn't want to kill anyone to get a 2nd wind. Each time I'd just run back in to the room and continue where I left off with the fight. This was expensive, but worth it for me to get the achievement.
    Posted by Danny Bizz on 28 Apr at 19:52
    Burburnator88This took me a while with most of the enemies wanting to hide every where so I just waited for them to throw turrets down and after killing 2 of those and one enemy, I finally got it to pop. I'm glad that is done with.
    Posted by Burburnator88 on 30 Apr at 05:44
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  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini343,334
    02 Nov 2015 03 Nov 2015 05 Feb 2016
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    This achievement is largely luck based, the trick is to make sure everything is set up for when you do get lucky. The best place to do this is Tycho's ribs. As well, the higher level you are the better, as you will need to sustain continuous fire from higher level 30+ enemies. I was level 48 when I did it, although anything past 42-43 is fine.

    Upon spawning into Tycho's ribs run through the first door and come to the second door. Go through the second door and you'll see a kind of shack to your right where a lost legion eternal will spawnhead over here making sure to shoot your gun into the air a few times on your way to make sure all enemies in the area are focused on you. To the right of this shack there is a small corner which you need to back yourself into. When you're in this area no enemies will be able to melee you, which was useful especially as claptrap who constantly was releasing noava blasts when meleed. The enemies will bunch up in front of you and one of them will be a lost legion eternal. Be careful to shoot just him until you have depleted 25% of his health, causing him to ascend. At this point he evolves into a number of forms, but only one will work for this achievement: etenral instability. Many people say that the eternal magus also works, which it does technically, but it does such a small amount of damage it is very difficult to kill anyone with it.

    Basically, if you happen to get an eternal instability you just sit there and hope he takes out 3 guys. Something of note, the lost legion soldiers are killed even when at full health by the explosion, but the guardian enemies (the alien looking ones) are left with a small amount of health, so just before the eternal evolves shoot each one of them a few times to make sure there health is lessened.

    If the eternal does not evolve into the instability, quicly kill it(making sure to keep the other enemies alive) and another one will immediately spawn, and simply repeat until you get one to.

    If all the eternals spawn or the other enemies die just save and quit and reload, repeating until you get it.
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    The GlobalizerThis is the superior solution if you have a character that puts out ability-based novas and such. The key is to get the enemies to bunch on your side of the tent, soften up the guardian, and trigger the instability eternal.

    I also advise getting rid of that stupid Dahl turret to avoid getting bounced around/killed if you need to use the roof for shelter. I did this at a fairly low level (30) so I couldn't just sit and tank the damage in the corner.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 18 Jan 16 at 16:51
    BigTymer2047I used this method but I had to use the Eternal Magnus instead of the Instability. One guy would always hide behind a barrier and not get killed. Took a little while longer but the Magnus would throw projectiles and after I softened them up a bit, I just stayed near them and eventually he took them out. Thanks for the tips though!
    Posted by BigTymer2047 on 31 Aug 19 at 14:07
    06 Sep 2015 10 Sep 2015
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    DcupsOfJusticeDefinitely don't spawn endlessly (only 3) and there are 5 modes they can turn into. However, this did help me find a good spot to stand to get the achievement. Took at least 10 minutes until I finally got the Instability as the other modes do little or no damage at all.
    Posted by DcupsOfJustice on 03 Mar 17 at 23:39
    xXOdessaXxPerfect spot. Took me a bit but fastest area to go.
    Posted by xXOdessaXx on 13 Sep 19 at 20:52
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