Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines

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Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines

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Chaos in the Robot Factory

Survive Chaos Squad in the Robot Factory with at least 2300 Chaos.

Chaos in the Robot Factory0
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Achievement Guide for Chaos in the Robot Factory

  • Prince RolfPrince Rolf164,649
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    Hello internet
    This was my first guide if you downvote please let me know why so I can try to improve myself. I want to thank the people who supported with my first solution. Because of you people i made a bunch more and did my first review.

    This achievement can be pretty easy with a decent team. A group of 4-5 people is at least needed but i think it would be challenging with anyhing less than 6-7 people.

    Have the team generally vote for the highest chaos missions as is done with the other chaos achievements but it is not critical if you miss one. I advice avoiding the mission of collecting the points if possible, this mission becomes a bit unfair in the last round when you have to collect over 2000 points in less than 40 seconds, unless you and your team is feeling brave I would advice against choosing this mission.
    One failed mission equals a score lower than 2300 chaos so if you doubt your teams performance try to convince them to vote for the easier missions.

    Even if not all the highest chaos missions are chosen your team will most likely reach the 2300 chaos(i havent experienced one time i didnt make the 2300 with no failed missions).

    The night defence in this chaos squad mission is more challenging than the other chaos squad missions, but it is pretty doable if you have a decent team.
    Use explosive weapons like the hairspray bomb and AOE weapons like the acid sprinkler for massive kills in this chaos squad.

    There are three vats to defend and there are multiple entrances. Have people defend the gates properly by using the grinding lines and the stair case in the middle of the map. These lines and the staircase have an excellent central position. From these points all the entrances can be defended.

    In the later waves wingers will spawn, enough to make your life a living hell. The fire beams are the real problem with the wingers dodge these beams by switching paths allot. Also ignore the wingers as they seem immune for everything but freezing. use your radar to keep track of and avoid the wingers.

    If people pay attention to vats being attacked and use heavy weaponry then the night defence shouldnt be a huge problem.

    I have also experienced a bug in the game where your controller will go rampage by vibrating the triggers also the sound dissappears for a few seconds. I have heard of other people who experienced the same problem. This usually happened when the amount of OD was immense.

    This achievement was fixed some time ago. If you have completed it before that time the achievement should have unlocked by now. If you still experience problems with unlocking the achievement after you did meet the requirements please post it down here below.
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