Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines

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Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines

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Reroute the power inside the factory in the weirdest way possible.

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    This achievement is DLC story-related and cannot be missed, but it certainly can be a pain... If you came here to see if you were doing it right, well, most likely you are, you just need to be faster.

    You are inside an energy ball and have to cover it with 1000 nanos before the 3-minute timer gets to zero. To get your nanos, you have to kill the reddish, regular-size sniper bots (you get 50 nanos for each of these) and the giant security bots (you get 200 nanos for each of these). There are only 3 giant bots, so that's 600 out of the 1000 nanos you need. The remaining 400 you'll have to get 25 at a time from the smaller bots (so that's 16 of those) (thanks SweetArkhane for pointing out the typo!).

    To kill both the smaller and the larger bots, you need to head to the purple areas. If you press RT you can dash and travel faster, but it will probably take a few attempts until you find where the large robots are and what the best (most populated) areas to kill the smaller ones are. Spawns are always the same.

    To kill the smaller security bots, you can just press RT and roll over them, but to kill the larger ones for 200 nanos (you will need them to make it in time), you have to be charged and press A and then B near them for a super-charged bounce. It'll take 2-3 of these bounces to take out one of these large security bots. You can also use this A, B bounce with the smaller bots, but for it to be effective you need to have your ball charged.

    To charge your ball, you need to press RT on the blue electrical railings or while bouncing on the round, blue, electrical platforms.

    All in all it's not a difficult achievement, but it can be rather annoying...
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