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Block Break 1,000,000

Mission: Destroy the maximum amount of Soft Blocks!

Block Break 1,000,000+0.8
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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • ModernTwist329ModernTwist329233,058
    02 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014
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    The first 10 rounds are slow and a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. I'll list here how you can get all power-ups in the first 8 rounds. Although, there is some luck involved and this guide won't fully guarantee in getting them in the first 8, but it's best to know how to approach each one.

    Round 1:

    There is 2 Speed up's, 2 Fire up's, 3 Bomb up's, and 1 Life up when you destroy all blocks. Don't worry about the A.I. collecting 1 or 2 of them. The A.I. is kinda stupid here so be careful where you place your bombs.

    Round 2:

    This round is very important because of the Penetration bomb power-up. If there is 2 A.I. and 1 of them gets it, kill him ASAP and get the power up. If the other 1 gets it or it gets accidentally destroyed, you might as well start over.

    Round 3:

    You should now start focusing on getting Fire-up's. Be careful of where you place your bombs since your bombs can penetrate through blocks and could destroy a power-up or the A.I. thus finishing the match early.

    Round 4:

    This is another important round because of the Line bomb power-up. If it gets destroyed or picked up by the lone A.I., you can still manage the rest of the rounds.

    Round 5:

    A very important and annoying round. This A.I. has the penetrating bomb power-up and lays up to 3. He also collects any power-up's that he can get and he's fast, too. The 2 important power-up's are Infinity bomb and Bomb-Through. This is where Fire-up and penetration bomb comes handy. You're going to need to lay as much as possible to destroy all the blocks that are in the way. Infinity bomb is the most important. If you can't get bomb through, the next round has another one.

    Round 6:

    There are 2 life-ups if you're short on extra lives, but pick them up anyway.

    Round 7:

    Bomb-through appears again in this stage.

    Round 8:

    Very important round containing block-through. 2-3 AI appear here so carefully plan where to plant your bombs so you don't accidentally blow it up.

    Regarding the Penetration bomb on stage 2, if you miss it, you could wait until round 5 to get it again. But the 1 A.I. will have that power-up and will blow through the whole stage getting most power-ups. You could continue if you want, but your progress will be very slow.

    Infinity bomb shows up again on round 10 and 15.

    All the other power-ups like speed, fire, life, and bomb should come naturally to you're blowing up blocks and power-ups appear. But this is to let you know where important power-ups are and how to approach a few of them.

    There are plenty of life-ups in stages 20, 40, 60, and 80. I had over 100 lives a few times.

    DO NOT get the remote power-up. It will not penetrate through blocks and will just slow you down. In a case where you get it accidentally, if you have enough lives, you can go through some explosions hoping the power-up will drop. It does not replace your Penetration bomb.


    Some tips on how to kill enemies faster. The L-bomb technique is used to trap enemies. The T-bomb technique is useful against multiple A.I. The smaller you make the letters on the map, the more effective it is. Sometimes the enemy will have planted their own bomb inside your trap. This will create a dead-zone where your bomb can't reach because of their bomb canceling your explosion thus using this dead-zone to be safe.

    This can also be applied at destroying blocks, but be careful not to trap the enemy (happens alot to me). To make room for the technique, place a few bombs in the middle of the map so you have more control at where you lay them. Of course, having maximum fire-up helps.

    You can find your own technique at how to tackle this achievement. Using this guide, i can complete 1 set of 99 in about 2 and a half hours. My average "Survival Time" is around 50-60 minutes (shown in game (not actual real-time timer)).
  • Ben no SenseiBen no Sensei63,483
    12 Jul 2010 12 Jul 2010
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    I'm not 100% sure which achievement this is, but I guess it's the most tiring one: Destroying 1.000.000 Blocks.

    This will definitely be your last achievement, so don't boost it until you complted all of the other achievements.

    This is the ugly truth calculated by Fighterspledge from

    Every round has an average of 70 blocks, and at 100 rounds (for the sake of an even number), that’s estimated 7000 soft blocks every 2-3 hours. To reach 1,000,000 soft blocks, you must play at least 143 99-round single player games. The down side is that only blocks that you destroyed count, so your actual progress will be much lower per game since the AI does it's part in destroying the soft blocks in every level.

    143 games at 3 hours a game equals 429 hours or 17.8 days of game time minimum. Hope you really love Bomberman.

    That's the reason why this achievements is still secret (because way too less tracked gamers have it).
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