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No Loyalty

Reach level 50 in all factions

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Achievement Guide for No Loyalty

  • o0ArA0oo0ArA0o390,345
    20 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015 04 May 2015
    76 4 27
    If you want to boost this:

    Step 1
    Go to your Kombat Card and equip a Backround / Icon and Border that gives the most FXP (Faction XP). Preferably focus on FXP per win or FXP per Brutality, obviously the higher the better. While you grind, check every now and then for new and higher modifiers for your Kombat Card that you unlock on the way (new backround for every 5 Faction Levels).
    For Icon I suggest Hanzo (hit every QTE in Story Mode with Scorpion)
    For Border you will get one with your favourite fighter after 25 and 50 wins.

    Step 2
    Create a Kustom Game with a second Controller, pick Brutal Kombat for instant Brutalities and if you want Rapid Combat for even faster movement (spares some seconds - thanks to Dr. Lipschitz for pointing that out!).

    Choose your favourite Fighter with an easy Brutality and start fighting. If you choose Kenshi for example, you just need to do 1 Throw and the Brutality will kick off.
    1 second per match + loading time for rematch and an average of 600-800FXP per fight.

    Here is a list with all Brutalities, what you need to do to pull them off and where to find them in the Krypt by IGN to pick your favourite one wink

    As a last info:
    Be aware that you loose all (!!!) Progress in a faction if you decide to switch to another. If you switch, all XP is gone forever, every Faction specific Backround will be gone and if you switch before lvl50 you will have to start over again.

    #Edit 04.05.15:
    Markyshizzle has made an awesome Video on YouTube, explaining every step of this solution. So if you want something more visual to understand how this works click here:

  • Dr LipschitzDr Lipschitz278,457
    18 Apr 2015 16 Apr 2015 18 Apr 2015
    36 0 3
    !!! One controller solution !!!
    (Use the other solution if you have access to a second controller, it's easier.)

    This achievement speaks for itself; you simply join each faction and reach level 50, then switch to a new one. Do this 5 times over for each individual faction. It takes approximately 128,500 FXP to reach faction level 50 once. With this method you'll be earning roughly 100,000 FXP an hour depending on your match bonuses.
    Here's the breakdown for bonuses:

    +50 FXP (per win)
    +10 FXP (per loss)
    +1-100 FXP (health remaining)
    +25 FXP (X-ray)
    +50 FXP (on flawless victory)
    +200ish FXP (on double flawless victory, doesn't stack with single)
    +250 FXP Brutality
    +100 FXP Fatality
    +100 FXP Faction Kill
    +0 FXP no finisher
    +??? FXP Kombat Kard bonus

    The kombat kard contributes significant points so you should set it up to be as efficient as possible. I recommend the following:

    Background: Perfectionist (Complete all story mode QTE sequences perfectly)
    +100 Koins per match win

    Unfortunately, if you are at level 1 in a faction there's not a good option for +FXP that involves winning a match or brutalities here. However, this is great for farming koins while you grind out the 200+ matches it will require for each faction.

    Icon: Hanzo (Complete the Scorpion QTE perfectly)
    +75 FXP per brutality performed

    This will become obvious after reading the actual solution.

    Border: Stance Name (Win 25 matches with [the same stance and character])
    +75 FXP per win with specific character

    If you don't already have a character in mind for grinding this I recommend Kenshi. Otherwise pick whatever you want to use with an easy brutality, win 25 matches with a specific stance and use that for the best results. (Each stance's kard bonuses are exactly the same by the way.)

    In general, unless you stack several bonuses for experience gain on fatalities or faction kills (+150 per or more) always aim for brutalities as they also give much more profile XP. If you're not abusing the CPU it's safer to plan on spamming faction/fatalities instead of risking attempts for brutalities.

    As for abusing the CPU, normally this would take at least 12 hours or so of normal play but you can abuse the "Test Your Luck" mode. !!! If you have a second controller read the other solution as it will be faster. !!! I eventually found out about this by accident, I was wrong about my old solution, there is definitely a trick:
    From the main menu:

    Test Your Luck
    Pick any character with a one command brutality
    (I recommend Kenshi, simply land a grab)
    Very Easy CPU (difficulty bonus doesn't apply)
    Select at least 3 modifiers
    (Because the game pulls from a pool of your "cheat" collection, the more random modifiers you've picked up the more annoying it will be for you to find the correct modifiers)
    Once in the game, look out for the modifier "Brutality Kombat"
    Start ---> Restart Match if it doesn't show up
    Once you get the modifier spam your brutality for an easy 500-900 FXP
    (It will always be the second option from the top so don't mash after the fight.)

    Important things to note:

    In addition to the achievement you get the Dragon King kombat kard set. Not only does it look pretty neat, it also grants you +250 koins per match win when wearing the complete set, +150 koins per faction kill for wearing the icon, +800 koins (not a typo) per faction kill for using the background and finally +500 koins per match win for using the border. In total this means in a match where you pull off a faction kill you will earn 1,700 koins. Every match. Even if you don't bother with the faction kill it's still 750 Koins with the border and set bonus. (It's pretty fucking good.) Because this set is not tied to any specific faction you can switch at will and retain it.

    After you switch factions you will lose access to all associated borders, icons and backgrounds for your kombat kard. Some of these parts do give very significant boosts so make sure you have a decent backup piece. Also, if you choose to switch back to a faction which you had already earned level 50 in you will be reset to level 1 anyway, having to unlock all the rewards again. (With this in mind, it would be wise to save the actual faction you want to join for last.)
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