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Keep it Secret

Find a secret fight in the Living Towers

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Achievement Guide for Keep it Secret

  • PingyPingy582,882
    21 Apr 2015 21 Apr 2015 21 Apr 2015
    145 39 75
    Get to Opponent 6 in the Premier Tower. You must get a flawless victory in round 1 and finish the fight with a Fatality. If you take damage in round 1 just pause the game, go to player select and try again.

    I found it easiest to get a Flawless Victory with Scorpion by continuously using the same combo over and over. That combo is cn_leftcn_rightcn_X,cn_rightcn_Y,cn_downcn_Y

  • mDoolin14mDoolin14285,642
    21 Aug 2018 22 Aug 2018 22 Aug 2018
    12 0 1
    I found this on psnprofiles and all credit goes to Sergen for compiling this ( I thought I would share the requirements here since there isn't one full solution for multiple MK towers. This list may not be comprehensive and I can update if there are any additional ones or corrections needed, just leave me a comment.

    A secret fight can only be found in the weekly premiere tower under living towers. These rotate weekly and therefore the requirements for a secret fight change weekly as well. Also, some weekly towers do not have secret fights that we know of.

    MORTAL KOMBAT I (Fight Reptile)

    Reach the 6th opponent
    Get a Flawless Victory (Round 1 or 2)
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality. Alternatively, you can also win with an X-Ray Move (:l2: + :r2:) in this tower, but you must perform it after the words "Finish Him/Her" appear on the screen.

    MORTAL KOMBAT II (Fight Kitana)

    Reach the 8th opponent
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality.

    MORTAL KOMBAT III (Fight Mileena 3rd opponent/Fight Ermac 8th opponent)

    Reach the 3rd or 8th opponent, your choice
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality

    MORTAL KOMBAT IV (Fight Goro)

    Reach the 7th opponent
    Get one flawless victory in a round before or on the 7th opponent *(my edit-this is how I unlocked)
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality


    Reach the 4th opponent
    Get a Flawless Victory (No Damage Taken) in Round 1
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality


    Reach the 7th opponent
    Get a Flawless Victory (No Damage Taken) in Round 1
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality. Alternatively, you can also win with an X-Ray Move (:l2: + :r2:) in this tower, but you must perform it after the words "Finish Him/Her" appear on the screen.


    Reach the 9th opponent
    Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality.
  • PHIL25PHIL25This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    05 May 2015 05 May 2015
    19 12 14
    I played MK2 Premier Tower with Scorpion. I don`t skip any fights!

    On Battle 6 Rayden I won first Round with Flawless Victory and second Round with Fatality ... no Hidden Fight.

    Than I play Battle 7 Kung Lao normally. Battle 8 was Mileena and I won first round, second Round for Mileena and third I won with Fatality. No Flawless Victorys!

    Than I have become the Hidden Fight with Kitana.

    Don`t know thats is the normally way but its the way I have become it. Good Luck

    Edit: I don`t loose any rounds or fights only the one against Mileena. I was going to choose Character for the Flawless Victory Round with Rayden two times!
    16 May 2018 16 May 2018
    5 0 0
    MK 2 Premier Tower is curently up till May 21.
    I played as Sektor, didnt got any flawless but performed an Brutality to every opponent. I didnt lost a single round. After the eight fight i got the "found an secret fight" note and got the Achievement.

    Sorry for bad english.
    Hope it helps :)
  • Jurik360Jurik360243,417
    07 May 2015 06 May 2015
    13 8 3
    To get the cheevo best is search for it on youtube.

    This week you need to get a whole flawless victory in the MKII tower BEFORE 8th opponent and take down Raiden (8th opponet) with a fatality. This triggers the secret Kitana fight.
    I'll do that later ^___^
  • l Concetto18 ll Concetto18 l323,399
    11 Jun 2019 11 Jun 2019 11 Jun 2019
    4 0 2
    JUNE 11, 2019. The predator living tower is active this week (Trophy Hunter).

    To unlock thi tower secret fight you must have to do these requeriments:
    *Reach the 4th fighter.
    *In the first round you MUST win with a FLAWLESS VICTORY (you can't be hit by the opponent)
    *In the secound round you MUST do a FATALITY or BRUTALITY.

    Here is a video (not mine) where a player show a good combo to spam (i did the same combo and work for me)

    Here is a tip to know which living tower is coming next week, when you are at the main menu, you can see the squares at the top of the screen, one said faction, another about DLC characters and the last one (right) it show which living tower is active per week, but sometimes when you press the faction option on the menu, faction war page and see member profile and back to the main menu, you can see (sometimes) which is the next premier living tower next week, for example, the last week was active the Tanya premier living tower, and when i check my EXP and back to the main menu i see in the square of the living towers the predator character and a text saying "Coming Soon"

    Here is a picture to show what im saying:
  • Rowdawg88Rowdawg88715,721
    16 Jan 2017 16 Jan 2017 16 Jan 2017
    6 2 4
    Just unlocked this today (1-16-2017) during the MK III premiere tower.

    Only need to finish the first 3 matches with Brutalities and then the fight appears!!!

    (All credit for video goes to Mortal Kombat Secrets - MKSecrets.Net)

    As for easy brutalities to help ensure unlocking the secret fight, I used Raiden's Electrocute combo (cn_down, cn_right, cn_Y). For this move to be a brutality, you have to start the move when the enemy's health is low enough that it kills them. Once they are dead but still in your grasp, keep tapping cn_Y to actually make it a brutality.

    Sorry if this solution is redundant, others were helpful for the MKI and MKII premiere towers. I did not see anything for MKIII here on TA so I thought this might be helpful.
  • MatadorBIDMatadorBID74,442
    27 Mar 2019 20 Feb 2019
  • Deidarasenpai75Deidarasenpai7547,087
    20 Feb 2017 20 Feb 2017
    3 2 0
    Valentine's Day 2017:

    In battle 7 get a flawless victory and make a fatality or brutality in round 2. You will face Millena. You will get achievement before Millena's battle.
  • Gbenga OlogunGbenga Ologun531,956
    13 Jan 2016 13 Jan 2016 13 Jan 2016
    6 6 0
    Today 2016-01-13
    I did Mortal Kombat I Tower challenge

    After numerous try this is how I get it :

    Advanced to the 6th fighter (Mine was Sub-Zero after countless try against Johnny Cage) Try to do a Flawless victory in the first round or the second , if u missed it in the first round just hit the start button and choose select fighter and continue the fight until you get it right.

    No finish is needed at the second round once you have beaten him the first round with a Flawless

    So in short one flawless is needed that is all

    Good Luck
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