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Dark Future

Perform 50 Brutalities

Dark Future0
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Achievement Guide for Dark Future

  • ClaytThaGreatClaytThaGreat476,310
    14 Apr 2015 14 Apr 2015 14 Apr 2015
    33 1 4
    I discovered a relatively quick way to boost this achievement easily with a 2nd controller.

    Change your gameplay options to 1 Round to Win in the Main Menu. You can also take off the match timer, but it's not necessary.

    Then play 2 player, 1v1, and choose Liu Kang as your fighter, and Kotal Kahn as the dummy player.

    When the match starts, use Liu to kick Kotal's butt down to a sliver of health.

    Once he's almost dead, grab your 2nd controller and input the button combination for his sacrifice move (Toward, Down, Back, cn_B) which takes away a bit of his health in return for a damage buff.

    Kotal will kill himself and it will count as a brutality for Liu Kang.

    Select "Rematch" and repeat 50 times.

    Enjoy smile
  • o0ArA0oo0ArA0o390,345
    16 Apr 2015 16 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015
    13 1 3
    Fastest way I stumbled upon while doing my Luck be a Lady achievement
    (1 second per match + reloading time)

    Play Test your luck (if you have only 1 Controller) or Kustom Kombat (with 2nd Controller) as Kenshi

    1) Restart Test your Luck until you get the Brutality Modification (best chances with 7 Modifications rolling).
    Kenshi has a pretty easy Brutality, you only have to perform a throw ( cn_LB ) and with the modification 1 throw is all you need to do to win the match.

    2) If you´re not like me and you own a second Controller and have it unlocked - just start Kustom Combat, choose the Brutality Modification (Brutal Fighting) and there you go. Same as above without the need for restarting.


    If you dont like good ol´Kenshi - here is a List with all Brutalities and where to find them in the Krypt to pick your favourite wink

    Additional Info
    If you have xp-boosting or Koin giving skins/backrounds and borders you can level pretty quick Faction / Player XP or Koins too. Match lasts a second, you get Flawless Victory, First Hit and Brutality and through this, Progression Awards.
  • Guru HolmesGuru Holmes120,149
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015 23 Apr 2015
    12 0 6
    The best way I've found is to go into Kustom Kombat with a second controller active, set either players stipulations to Brutality Modification (no brutality requirements) and the other to 1% health (can't remember the exact name) as far as I'm aware these are unlocked from the start so no need to go fumbling round the Krypt to find them.

    Then as player 1 select Kenshi, player 2 any one really, when it kicks off all you need to do with Kenshi is press LB (Grab.) then select Restart with same stipulation and players and straight away hit LB, rinse and repeat.

    It took me 25 mins including load time to go from 10 brutalities to the 50 required.

    *EDIT* Rightly pointed out in the comments "Danger" that is required for 1% health is not unlocked from the beginning and needs to be found in the Krypt, this can be found in the frozen graves at coordinates 2, 10 and should cost you 1,260 coins
  • Clutch RinoClutch Rino746,158
    22 Apr 2015 19 Apr 2015 09 Oct 2017
    6 0 0
    You can do this with a second controller or with the CPU set to very easy.

    I found that Raiden has one of the easier brutalities to do. When your opponent is low on health use the cn_downcn_rightcn_Y move and during the sequence while your opponent is getting shocked quickly hit cn_Ycn_Ycn_Y. You will then perform the brutality.

    Erron Black also has a very easy brutality. When your enemy is low on health use the throw button cn_LB or cn_Xcn_A and hold cn_right during the sequence and you should perform it successfully

    Kung Lao has a simple on too. Grab your opponent when he's low on life withcn_LB and hit cn_X 15 times and you should see the screen get dark and you will have done it successfully

    You can also set the rounds to 1 if you like

    This site has a list of all the brutalities in the game and tell you which variations go with each one. They have it in PS4 controls so remember that Triangle is Y, Sqaure is X, Circle is B, X is A and L1 is LT and R2 is RT
  • gussguss449,053
    23 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015
    4 0 0
    I think I don't have seen it here, but I found a easy and fast way to do it. I didn't complete it yet, but you can do it in less than 30min.

    Just plug a 2nd controller or just set a single fight in very easy.
    Set time of the round to 30sec.
    Set time of rounds to 01.

    Choose Raiden in your 1st controller against any character.
    To do the Brutality, you will need to do at least in the round cn_down cn_right cn_Y and keep hitting cn_Y.
    It has to be the final move as well, and keep hitting cn_Y to get the Brutality done.

    After this, just choose Revenge and do it again about 50 times.
  • UnrehearsedUnrehearsed632,365
    13 Nov 2016 10 Nov 2016
    3 0 1
    Might not be new but I've not seen it above. If you own the Kombat Pack 2 use Triborg.
    His Brutality is really easy as it is just his X-Ray, performing it when the opponent is low and the throw of his head animation will defeat the opponent. No further requirements and no additional button inputs. This can be done in every fight and is very reliable.
    If done right Triborg will throw his head bit instead of crushing against the opponents head it'll rip off the opponents head and Triborg takes over the body of the opponent, resulting in a Brutality.
    Hope this helps getting to the 50 fast in normal play and without mindless grinding.
  • BigWiIIieStyIeBigWiIIieStyIe380,524
    04 May 2019 21 Oct 2017
    2 0 0
    I found that Erron Black's X-Ray counts as a Brutality. Easy way to get this is to turn on "Brutality Combat" and "Infinite Super Meter" in Kustom Kombat mode with a 2nd Controller. Just prest cn_LT+cn_RT and your done. Have the match restart with same characters and modifiers 50 times (or however many you need to finish off the achievement).

    Note: I'm not sure if these are both available but should be obtained through normal playthrough and using this as a cleanup achievement. If somebody can confirm in the comments.
  • ShaunMichaels83ShaunMichaels8376,854 76,854 GamerScore
    20 Jan 2019 20 Jan 2019 20 Jan 2019
    0 0 0
    Worked on this doing 1 v 1 Kustom Combat using Cassie Cage.

    Modifier: Danger
    Simply move back a few steps & perform her "Single Shot" move (cn_leftcn_rightcn_X).
    Rinse and repeat to 50.
  • SwoleOctopus34SwoleOctopus34164,295
    30 Dec 2016 30 Dec 2016
    0 0 0
    I unlocked this achievement pretty quickly by using Kenshi's "Used Up" Brutality. I set the number of rounds to win to 1, set the difficulty to very easy and went to town. When your opponent is near death, activate a throw using cn_LB or cn_X+cn_A. Make sure to hold cn_down during the final hit for the Brutality to work. Rinse and repeat until the achievement pops.
  • Polished Turd69Polished Turd69851,156
    23 Apr 2015 23 Apr 2015 23 Apr 2015
    0 0 0
    I have found one of the easiest ways that requires minimal effort to achieve.

    Go to Main menu, go to options, gameplay, rounds 1 (time doesn't matter)

    Now back out and go to one player, single fight and choose Johnny Cage (I choose A-List for the variation) and for a laugh I chose Cassie Cage (any character will work)

    Put on very easy, once in match make sure you perform his move Eye Popper with cn_leftcn_downcn_A at least 3 times in the match, when char is at low health 10-15% use Eye popper again (for the fourth time) cn_leftcn_downcn_A and he will hit the head off for a Brutality.

    This is quick and easy and just retry on when match ends

    Also even easier method if you have two controllers is to go to two player, Kustom Modifier and choose Brutality combat.

    With this on just use cn_leftcn_downcn_A and it will end the match with a brutality, retry and rinse and repeat smile
  • BaddestGJBaddestGJ414,225
    19 Apr 2015 15 Apr 2015 16 Apr 2015
    2 3 2
    I found that one of Kotal Kahn's brutalities very easy to do compared to other fighters.

    Some brutalities demand some requirements such as "the opponent must be blocking" or "you must use a particular variation" and so on....

    However this Brutality doesn't and can be done with ANY variation and with NO particular requirements.

    When your opponent is near death. Perform the 'God Ray' move: (Looking right)
    Perform this at a sweeping distance and this can be done with or without RT.

    Different Brutalities can be found on each character's move list under: Finishing Moves tab.

    NOTE: Brualities must be performed BEFORE the 'FINISH HIM' screen. Perform brutalities when the opponent is on very low health.

    PS: There may be easier/quicker methods/ brutalities. I am only sharing my opinion/ thoughts on this.

    Hope this helps :-)
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