Dark Future achievement in Mortal Kombat X

Dark Future

Perform 50 Brutalities

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How to unlock the Dark Future achievement

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    I discovered a relatively quick way to boost this achievement easily with a 2nd controller.

    Change your gameplay options to 1 Round to Win in the Main Menu. You can also take off the match timer, but it's not necessary.

    Then play 2 player, 1v1, and choose Liu Kang as your fighter, and Kotal Kahn as the dummy player.

    When the match starts, use Liu to kick Kotal's butt down to a sliver of health.

    Once he's almost dead, grab your 2nd controller and input the button combination for his sacrifice move (Toward, Down, Back, cn_B) which takes away a bit of his health in return for a damage buff.

    Kotal will kill himself and it will count as a brutality for Liu Kang.

    Select "Rematch" and repeat 50 times.

    Enjoy smile

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    TNelson1995easier to just do an easy brutality with the brutality modifier on in kustom kombat eg shinooks matches last 2 secoonds plus 15 second loading times
    Posted by TNelson1995 on 16 Apr 15 at 05:10
    Wu RenegadesThanks so mucho, work perfect!!
    Posted by Wu Renegades on 16 Oct 17 at 03:24
    Glad I could be of assistance!
    Posted on 16 Oct 17 at 05:02
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  • Guru HolmesGuru Holmes126,141
    17 Apr 2015 17 Apr 2015 23 Apr 2015
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    The best way I've found is to go into Kustom Kombat with a second controller active, set either players stipulations to Brutality Modification (no brutality requirements) and the other to 1% health (can't remember the exact name) as far as I'm aware these are unlocked from the start so no need to go fumbling round the Krypt to find them.

    Then as player 1 select Kenshi, player 2 any one really, when it kicks off all you need to do with Kenshi is press LB (Grab.) then select Restart with same stipulation and players and straight away hit LB, rinse and repeat.

    It took me 25 mins including load time to go from 10 brutalities to the 50 required.

    *EDIT* Rightly pointed out in the comments "Danger" that is required for 1% health is not unlocked from the beginning and needs to be found in the Krypt, this can be found in the frozen graves at coordinates 2, 10 and should cost you 1,260 coins
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    CTM AudiRS6Restarted the game and the progress jumped. Must be a new bug.
    Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 20 May 15 at 23:56
    Speak79My progress stopped at 32% WTF angry
    Posted by Speak79 on 06 Nov 17 at 08:22
    HoxBWasnt getting the brutality, what you have to do with kenshi is hold down then hold lb
    Posted by HoxB on 20 Dec 20 at 14:14
  • o0ArA0oo0ArA0o411,585
    16 Apr 2015 16 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015
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    Fastest way I stumbled upon while doing my Luck be a Lady achievement
    (1 second per match + reloading time)

    Play Test your luck (if you have only 1 Controller) or Kustom Kombat (with 2nd Controller) as Kenshi

    1) Restart Test your Luck until you get the Brutality Modification (best chances with 7 Modifications rolling).
    Kenshi has a pretty easy Brutality, you only have to perform a throw ( cn_LB ) and with the modification 1 throw is all you need to do to win the match.

    2) If you´re not like me and you own a second Controller and have it unlocked - just start Kustom Combat, choose the Brutality Modification (Brutal Fighting) and there you go. Same as above without the need for restarting.


    If you dont like good ol´Kenshi - here is a List with all Brutalities and where to find them in the Krypt to pick your favourite wink

    Additional Info
    If you have xp-boosting or Koin giving skins/backrounds and borders you can level pretty quick Faction / Player XP or Koins too. Match lasts a second, you get Flawless Victory, First Hit and Brutality and through this, Progression Awards.
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    BakerBoyz540Thanks a lot easier
    Posted by BakerBoyz540 on 17 Apr 15 at 10:51
    count023I tried this several times with the "Brutality combat" modifier, he does nothing, just throws his opponent. I don't get it. DO I hold RT or something too?
    Posted by count023 on 30 Jun 16 at 04:43
    AxtricaFor clarification, you must hold down after initiating the throw with kenshi for it to perform the brutality
    Posted by Axtrica on 01 Mar 19 at 06:25
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