Generational achievement in Neverwinter


Reach level 60 with 2 characters

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How to unlock the Generational achievement

  • QozulQozul184,461
    26 Apr 2015 29 Apr 2015 01 May 2015
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    This achievement is a bit of a grind, so strap in.

    The easiest way I found to level up is to speedrun the main mission quests because they give a high amount of experience. Generally, I avoided fighting enemies whenever possible, just to speed the process up (individuals give relatively little experience).

    The Trickster Rogue is probably the best character for doing this quickly, as proven by the fact that in dungeons I (and other TRs if they were there) would have insanely high damage in the scoreboards at the end (e.g. me at 4mil against the next best at 1.5mil).

    The main thing to beware when doing this is that there is a chance that you will be slightly under levelled going to the next area, however the areas are not as difficult as you may expect.

    If you get to a level high enough to move to the next area even if you haven't finished the current one then just skip ahead because the missions there will give more exp. Then, if you need some extra exp from somewhere just go back to the ones you skipped.

    Invoke after every couple of hours for bonus exp.

    Azure enchantments give experience boost in utility slot (4% at rank 3).

    Sometimes Arc will hold a double exp weekend event (such as on 24/4/15) which speeds this up massively, I got my second character to level 60 in a day doing this method on double exp.

    Once you have your first character to level 60 you can refine azure enchantments with your high wealth for the maximum experience boost. You can also purchase a second horse, a companion (or use your upgraded companion) and lots of health potions/injury kits. You can also have other enchantments to speed up your second playthrough (off and def slots). Once you have these items, go to a mailbox in Protector's Enclave and compose a mail including your items and send it to @[Your Gamertag]. This will send the items to all of your characters (not duplicated, all characters can open this message and receive the items).

    Go to your second character, take the items and equip the companion. Then play through by the same method for the first character. Once you hit level 60 the achievement will pop.

    As pointed out by InconSteveable; "two important zones to complete are the Blacklake District and Neverdeath Graveyard. The final quests in these areas provide bags as rewards."

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    Breadly WeaponJust got my third character to 60 and got the achievement. My guess is somewhere in the code is set to all characters instead of 2.
    Posted by Breadly Weapon on 22 Aug 16 at 00:37
    HerzeleidWill this work if I make a pre made lvl 70 character. I seriously cannot be fucked going through the game again. I have made a second character that is lvl 20 but the game is sooo fucking laggy for me because my internet is poo, I’m playing on PS4 btw.
    Posted by Herzeleid on 02 Dec 18 at 16:10
    MelchidaI just premade a lvl 70 and only got the achievement for the lvl 70. It could be that I need to physically level them up once though
    Posted by Melchida on 21 May 20 at 15:51
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  • PoiaPoia438,688
    24 Nov 2016 01 Dec 2016
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    I think What say PalmettoBling is correct.
    I had one character then drop the game at level 4 or 5.
    after almost a year I decide to restart the game and since I forgot how to play I delate my first character and made another one to get the tutorial.
    (I never delete the save game or disinstall the game, I just delete my character and built one identical)
    Now I have only one slot character.
    This week I reach level 60 thinking to unlock only one achievement instead I got both.

    I think the achievement is bug, or the description of the achievement it's not correct.

    I think they program the achievement to only check if you reach level 60 with the second character you created.

    Anyone else can confirm?
  • PalmettoBlingPalmettoBling1,055,166
    19 Jul 2016 06 Aug 2016
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    There may be a time-saving glitch here! My second character (the one in my second character slot) reached 60 before my first character did and both the achievement for a Level 60 AND 2 Level 60s popped at once. So try making two characters, then leveling the second lot one first. Maybe someone else can confirm?
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    Jervistechdoesn't work leveled my second character to 60 and only got achievement for leveling on character.
    Posted by Jervistech on 26 Nov 17 at 21:29
    firehazardcsMy first character I got to level 60, but I had also played a second character to level 21. Once I hit level 60 on my first character, both achievements popped. I earned level 60 while playing in a skirmish. I don't know if that had an effect on them both unlocking at the same time or what.
    Posted by firehazardcs on 03 Feb 18 at 04:35
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