Fearless achievement in Slender: The Arrival


Beat the game on 'Hardcore' difficulty

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How to unlock the Fearless achievement

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    This is how I made it through Hardcore on Slender The Arrival.

    First off DO NOT use Chapter Selection, it has to be done in 1 run. Of course you can pause but backing out to the main menu will cost you the Achievement.

    *Having read some of the comments it appears it can be done in Chapter Select, I'm just speaking from personal experience. It didnt pop for me using stage select.*

    Select Hardcore from the Options in the Menu and then Start New Game.

    Prologue - This level can be blasted through by avoiding all collectables simply grab the flashlight from downstairs and run upstairs for the key open the door and then leave the house.
    Run straight for Oakside and grab the collectable on the desk to end the chapter.

    Eight Pages - Slender isnt that hard to avoid but make sure you conserve your flashlight by turning it off when your in a lit area.
    You dont have to be super quick to find the 8 pages so take your time and if you see Slender go far around him.

    Into The Abyss - Go straight for the Mine to conserve Stamina and here's the key to doing what for me is the hardest chapter on Hardcore GRAB THE GAS CANS FIRST, reason being is that you wont be attacked while your not touching the Generators.
    Use your flashlight sparingly after turning on the first Generator and keep an eye out for the other Generators and try to remember where you saw them. By the time I'd grabbed the 6th Can I knew where all the Generators were and had plenty of flashlight left to survive to the Elevator. You can take maybe 2-3 hits before death.

    Flashback - Easiest Level and no enemies.

    Homestead - Just stick to the objectives and dont hang around any longer in the Cellar then you need, in other words grab the Gas Can and leave ASAP.
    When you have the key make your way through the wooded cabin and cut diagonally right through the corn to the left of the rocks and aim for the gate.

    Escape - Easy enough just avoid Slender while shutting doors and windows and if you see a warning sign telling you to hide bolt for your room shut the door and the level ends.

    The Arrival - The only hard part of this Chapter is the forest fire. Its easy enough to avoid (unlike the P.C Version facepalm) and if you see Slender give him wide birth which is easy enough just keep looking for the tower and run for it.

    All in all this isnt the hardest Achievement but I would imagine most will struggle on Into The Abyss.

    Good luck! smile
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    JORAXI keep getting stuck in chapter 2 - I simply cannot find a note in the brick building with bathrooms. I know one has to be there because the boat doesn't have one and is quite simple to search. Does anyone know the possibly spawn locations in that brick building? I also get stuck with no flashlight yet Slender won't kill me for some reason, so I have no alternative to going to main menu and chapter selecting. Twice now, really annoying.
    Posted by JORAX on 06 Jul 17 at 07:46
    JORAXAs with many annoying achievements, posting a comment leads to immediately unlocking it with rather friendly RNG. Now onto the "joy" of The Abyss...
    Posted by JORAX on 06 Jul 17 at 07:55
    CRO5573YFinally after 6 play throughs. I got it! For anyone who cannot unlock this at all no matter what you do and done everything possible to get it. Try my method. Save to hard drive. Delete completely from xbox including profile progress. Redownload it. Go to xbox settings. Select Go Offline. Play the game. Complete on any difficulty then unlock Hardcore. Change difficulty in options to Hardcore. Complete the game in one sitting like I did. Watch all credits. When you get to the main menu again... Load up the xbox side bar. Connect to xbox live. BLING! Fearless!
    Posted by CRO5573Y on 28 Jul 17 at 18:56
    I can confirm that chapter select on hardcore works for this achievment, just got it using this method
    Posted on 28 Apr 19 at 16:43
    kugelblitz22I Started a new game on hardcore and quit in chapter 3,and continued the next day via Chapter selection in Chapter 3.still got the Hardcore achievement
    Posted by kugelblitz22 on 25 Jul 19 at 12:24
    DarkDragonEye7Using stage select worked fine, did all missions in their respective order, not sure if that matters tho.
    Posted by DarkDragonEye7 on 17 Dec 19 at 21:55
    Silver SalvoJudging from the comments I'd say you can use chapter select. I did it all in one run, however. Fuck 8 pages and Into the Abyss.
    Posted by Silver Salvo on 15 Jan 20 at 16:05
    thanatos8285Just did this yesterday, and for Into the Abyss, I'm going to add my vote to the canisters-first-then-generators camp. Also, I'm shocked no one has discovered or at least pointed this out yet, but there's one more generator than you need. You need 5 generators (not including the very first one), but there are 6 spread around the level. So if you hold off on starting any up until you grab your canisters, you can map out all 6, and then plot the quickest path through the 5 remaining generators since you can skip one. I only needed 3 or 4 tries to get through the level when I utilized this, and even then, the failed attempts were only because I was stupid with my flashlight and let myself die once I had to run around blind with no battery.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 14 Apr 20 at 01:55
    AchievedSinsI uhhh I got all pages and on my last collected page I died instantly I mean there’s no sound I’m looking around no slender man and then boom dead are they fucking serious that ain’t right...
    Posted by AchievedSins on 06 Jan 21 at 22:02
    iTz Canada EhhI'd just like to mention you don't need to do these in order, and they can be done via chapter select. I completed all the levels except for the 8 pages on hardcore. Went back and did it again and it popped when it loaded into chapter 3.

    The reason I had to do 8 pages again is because when I'd collect the 8th page, a kind of cutscene would start, and you start running away. I don't remember having to do anything on Normal, but on Hardcore, you actually need to turn and avoid running into Slender/obstacles for a short period of time. If he catches you here, you'll die and have to start over.
    Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 19 Feb 21 at 16:52
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