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Duel of Fates

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Duel of Fates

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Madness in March

Play seven multiplayer games on Barbarous

Madness in March0
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  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,139,114
    22 Mar 2015 22 Mar 2015 22 Mar 2015
    61 0 1
    Chances are, if you went for 1750G on this game, is that you only played this map once.
    For it to count towards the achievement you must actually finish the map not just play it.

    First of all you need the Duel of Fates Pack to be able to play this map in solo (saves time having to wait for it to come up in an arena). However if you don't own it but you know somebody who does then start an arena that includes the map. Barbarous itself will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

    It starts off with two waves of enemies. You'll then go through a tunnel climb up and face a couple of enemies before climbing up the scaffolding. Kick the stone off and jump down where you'll face one wave of enemies, then a dual wield champion.

    Next open the gate and kill the small amount of enemies, now walk over the two pads to lower the catapults. You can now kick over the oil cauldrons, once this ends you'll have one wave of regular enemies and finally a wave of champions.

    Repeat this 7 times and there's your 100G.
    21 Mar 2015 21 Mar 2015
    85 37 32
    First map in solo mode. You must finish the entire map 7 times even though it says play not comoletecomplete simply starting and dying right away doesn't work.
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,018,664
    30 Aug 2015 01 Sep 2015 01 Sep 2015
    19 1 3
    In order to complete this achievement YOU MUST COMPLETE Barbarous 7 times. You can do this SOLO or in COOP. However, I found SOLO to be easier with the info below. This is a complete list of tips with the BOLD ones not being listed at time of writing.

    Much faster than the video solution.

    A full list of tips to make this much faster.

    Best to use Jupitar. Stunning the few you need to works best.

    In the second battle, use the mortars to take out some while you are playing. However, it is better to build up your Focus.

    AFter you get to the town, there will be two enemies. LET THEM JUMP DOWN. And kill them WITHOUT GOING UP. After they are dead, climb up.

    Get on the arrow machine and wait. The stone (colored in yellow will fall by itself). Aim just above a little post and wait. Enemies will come up. If you aimed high enough, you can kill them all with the arrows. DON"T WASTE SHOTS!!!

    Missed a few? Get off and kill those you didn't hit. Focus stun helps here. Kill them and get back on. A duel sword enemy climbs the ladder. Kill him.

    Jump down. Kill the enemies through the fence with the arrow machine. Open the game. Get back on the arrow machine and wait. Kill the harder enemies with the arrow machine.

    Run in. Step on left then right, climb up and tip over right then left urn.

    NOW! here's the easy part. Immediately RUN RUN RUN back to the arrow machine on the platform. RUN.

    The enemies will follow you. and you can kill them with the arrow machine. EVEN THE LEADERS. If some make it through, JUpiter will help here again.

    5-6 minutes.
  • II 4G Jacket IIII 4G Jacket II265,756
    01 Apr 2015 02 Apr 2015
    18 5 0
    Couple of tips for completing this a bit quicker.
    First bit is straight forward, just half a dozen enemies, nothing to worry about. Second wave is the same only this time there'll be a catapault firing at you. Try to tease the enemies into staying in the circle, make the catapault do the work if you can.

    After running through the tunnel and up the scafolding, kill the two enemies, one normal the other with a sheild. Then hop on the crossbow thingy and try to kill the next lot as they come up the ladder directly in front of you. Hop off when they get to close and finish them off. You'll then get a 'champion spawn'. He'll be one of the duel sword people who can be a lil bit of a pain. Simply hop back on the crossbow to kill him as he comes up the ladder.

    Then you'll hop down and have to open the gate. Once its open quickly run behind you and use another crossbow to kill as many as you can as they come through the gate. Same as before when they get too close, hop off and finish them.
    Now this is where you can seriously shave some time off. You'll have to destroy a pair of catapaults. Run to the left button and step on it and then run to the second button. Then climb up to the left catapault and kick the cauldron to destroy it, then sprint to avoid a fight (click down on the left stick) and destory the right one BUT STAY ON THE PLATFORM. Just simply keep using the B button to dodge all the enemies until they're all on the platform with you. When they're all up simply sprint off of the platform and keep running from it. The platform will collapse to change the scenery taking all most all of the enemies with it!! (On occasion one or two tend to make it off)

    The last bit will have a mixture of enemies with sheild, duel hammers and the big guys with big hammers. Simply use RB to slow time down (i recommend using Apollo for the health regen) to slaughter them all quickly by spamming the X button.

    Have fun!!
    01 Apr 2017 01 Apr 2017
    13 1 0

    Less than 8 Minutes. Thought I would put this up since the other video was taken down.
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